Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Don't fund Iran's regime- Report shows Iran spending billions on salaries for terrorists

American companies who do business with the theocratic regime in Iran would inevitably contribute funds to the Revolutionary Guards Quds Force which is responsible for spreading terrorism globally, Iranian exiles in the U.S. have told New smax.

“Americans who develop a business in Iran will find that not a penny they pay in fees to the government will go to help the poor, the 70 percent-plus of Iranians in their teens and 20s who are unemployed, or the teachers who haven’t been paid in six months,” said Allen Tasslimi, New Jersey venture capitalist and president of the Association of Iranian-Americans of New Jersey, whose younger brother was executed by the clerical regime in the 1980s

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Report shows Iran spending billions on salaries for terrorists

Iran training terrorists
A private U.S. government report ordered by Sen. Mark Kirk has learned Iran has been sending billions of dollars to fill the pockets of terrorist fighters across the Middle East, including in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, The Washington Times reported on Saturday, September 5th.
Iran’s defense budget ranges anywhere between $14 billion to $30 billion a year and much of that money goes to fund terrorist groups and rebel fighters throughout the region, according to the Congressional Research Service report conducted at the request of Mr. Kirk, an Illinois Republican.

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