Thursday, September 24, 2015

Iran deal won't be potential game changer for inducing change in Tehran

Those who see the July 14 Iran nuclear deal as a potential game changer for inducing a fundamental transformation in Tehran have got it seriously wrong, a prominent expert on Iranian affairs says.

Mohammad Amin, a senior research fellow for the Paris-based Fondation d'Etudes pour le Moyen-Orient, FEMO, (Foundation for the Study of the Middle East), wrote on Wednesday in

Will the Iran nuclear deal jump-start a wider rapprochement with the West? Some capitals have placed their bets on the strengthening of economic ties as a means to lure the theocracy into respecting international norms. With the expansion of commerce and trade, the theory goes, Tehran will gradually acquiesce to the prevalent international order, moderately changing its behavior and permanently abandoning old destructive habits, including its insistence on nuclear armament. But this overly optimistic assessment is vitally flawed.

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