Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Iran-NCRI-Rouhani’s projections against the PMOI in fear of domestic and international reception of the Iranian Resistance

I think trusting the #Iran Regime is a Delusion  now is the time to intensify pressures on the #Iran's regime  Join #NewYorkRally say #No2Rouhi #IranDeal & #call4HumanRights in #iran
 this is what i truly belive now read NCRI Statement do agree with  me?

False accusations repeated by the President of a regime commonly known as the Godfather of ISIS
Hassan Rouhani , President of the religious fascism ruling Iran, commonly known among Iranian people as Abu-Daesh, or the Godfather of ISIS, on Monday August 31 showed his compulsion against the PMOI and the Iranian Resistance and, with a series of lies, attributed the inhuman crimes of the regime to the PMOI and the opponents of the clerical regime.
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