Friday, September 18, 2015

Iran-Poverty,oppression and inequality Rouhani 's gift for Iranian People

Shocking sale of unborn infants reported

A newly-released heinous report on the sale of unborn infants of Iranian women who sleep in cardboard boxes on the streets, has been a great shock.
Poverty, oppression and inequality have become common place under the inhuman rule of the mullahs to the extent that in recent days the state-run media have published the remarks of a university professor on the painful situation of women sleeping in cardboard boxes on the streets.
The report has also touched on the perilous conditions of 18 million Iranians living in shanty towns.
Tens of millions of Iranians, particularly those from the very low-income families, have become victims of policies that allocate the lion’s share

Schools built of mud-bricks in SE Iran province

Conditions of schools in Sistan & Baluchistan Province

A regime official in the education department of Sistan & Baluchistan Province (southeastern Iran) said in a session held in the town of Nikshahr that 285 schools in this province are built of mud-bricks and 47 are literally made of branches of trees.

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