Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Iran-women;s catastrophic conditions under Rouhani

Iranian girls wedded off at early age

Iran: around 1,000 girls married in Ghazvin under the age of 14!

Ghazvin census director said 920 girls under the age 14, and one girl under the age of 10 were married off last year.
“Of course, during this period the marriage of a girl under the age of 10 has also been registered,” Mohammad Sadra said.
“Currently the highest number of marriages amongst girls in Ghazvin is between the age group of 15 to 19, and last year 3,487 girls in this age group were married,” he added.
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Street vendors in Iran

Story of college graduate girls resorting to street peddling in Iran

The state-run Tabnak website wrote a piece about street vendors in Iran:
Prior to this it was imagined that street vendors are resorting to such measures due to economic problems or unemployment issues. Currently, a large number of women are seen doing street peddling in the metros and they are citing financial issues, family problems and a shortage in supplies.
A number of these women are actually college graduates and they have resorted to running street shops despite all its problems
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These are considered some of the lucky women in Iran

Women’s unemployment rates in Iran

Unemployment in Iran reached 10.8% in the spring of 2015 and these numbers varied between 7.8% and 15.6% in the country’s border provinces, according to a report issued by the Statistics Center.
Unemployment among st young women, both across the country and in border areas, was worse than all other groups. Unemployment amongst men between the ages of 15 to 24 was reported at 20.9% across the country, and yet 43.1% percent amongst women in this age group.
Unemployment amongst women in Mazandaran Province (northern Iran) was reported at a whopping 65.6%.
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Actresses in Iran under repression

Iran: 9 actresses banned from performing

Nine famous actresses in Iran have been banned from acting due to “improper veiling and breaking the norms”, according to a recent statement issued by a government body supervising over the TV & Radio Organization in
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Now women are the worst enemies of the inhumane Iran regime's they are the changing force Toward democracy

Teachers protesting in Iran

Teachers protesting in Iran

A large number of teachers, including many women, rallied last Wednesday, September 6th at Pastur Square outside the president office in Tehran, incoming reports indicate. These teachers expressed their outrage over the apprehension of a number of their colleagues, low wages for teachers, their poor insurance conditions and the fact that their demands stated last year were not responded to.

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