Wednesday, September 2, 2015


The following is an article written by Joseph Puder in the Front Page Magazine on August 31st, 2015:

The Iranian opposition is the only guarantee that the Islamic Republic won’t become a nuclear menace.
In the debate over the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran, the prospect of regime change in Iran has been dodged. Nothing but a regime change will insure that Iran does not become a nuclear power. Arguably, the Islamic Republic of Iran, led by a fanatical mullah who believes that he knows the will of God, and his praetorian guard, the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps) can only survive by their guns and violence, and not through the ballot box. The regime’s IRGC spreads terror worldwide, while the Basij-e (a paramilitary volunteer militia) terrorizes and intimidates ordinary Iranians who seek a measure of freedom. This is not a regime one can trust, nor is it a regime that the world can live with. It is a regime that a large portion of the Iranian people can no longer tolerate.
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