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Full report & details of Iranian regime's terrorist plot to attack the 2028 Free Iran gathering

Mike Pompeo condemns Iran regime violation of Human Rights, Terrorism and attempt to bomb an Iranian opposition convention in Paris
In his Remarks at supporting Iranian voices at Reagan Library in Los Angeles on Sunday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemned the violation of human rights in Iran, clausal stealing by the Iranian authorities, exporting terrorism and an attempt to bomb an Iranian opposition gathering in France.
The followings are excerpts from his speech at the Reagan Library.

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Iranian regime’s escaping forward and measures following the defeat of the terrorist plot
July 19, 2018 - Following the Grand Gathering of the Iranian Resistance in Paris and the failure of the mullahs' terrorist plot and the arrest of regime’s agents, including a terrorist diplomat, the regime’s Supreme National Security Council held a meeting upon Khamenei’s order and commissioned the relevant bodies such as the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Intelligence, the Quds Force, the Revolutionary Guards intelligence, and the state-run media to work to minimize the consequences of this big scandal.
The government apparatuses and authorities were obliged to pin the blame on the PMOI to cover this scandal. This is a well-known trick of escaping forward by which they attempt to portrait the arrest of the terrorists in Belgium and France and the arrest of a terrorist diplomat in Germany as a stage-setting to frame the regime on the verge of Rouhani’s visit to Europe, claiming that the PMOI had trapped that terrorist diplomat.
Following the release of the statement by Belgium Prosecutor and Federal Security Agency, the regime’s foreign minister said: "Just at the time the president's visit to Europe begins, an Iranian operation is disclosed and its “perpetrators” are arrested." He added that he is ready to cooperate with relevant authorities to clarify what is “just a deceptive operation to give a false address."
Mohsen Rezai, the former commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the secretary of the regime’s Expediency Council, in order to implement the same directive, made a cock and bull story to promote the two arrested terrorists in Belgium to high-ranking members of the PMOI. He wrote shamelessly that the two "contacted the diplomat and talked about their readiness to cooperate with Iran ..." and that's why "these two people met with our diplomat in a place where a package was exchanged which was recorded by closed-circuit cameras or by the Monafeqin [the term used of the PMOI by the regime]”. “These two members of the Monafeqin made themselves subject to the arrest, and confessed to such a plot led by the Iranian diplomat," said the former stupid commander of IRGC.
The regime’s scenario, which was revealed by the Belgian authorities, clarifies further absurd comments fabricated by the mullahs’ Supreme Security Council. A Belgian police official said: "In Luxembourg, there was a meeting that was under control, and all together (security services from different countries) quickly worked to discover the bomb and arrest Assadi. The regime seems to have hoped that the bombing would be seen as a PMOI’s internal issue, which was a theory that could have been credible, but when we arrested their people during the act, the situation changed. "( BuzzFeed website- July 11, 2018)
At the same time, the Ministry of Intelligence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs commissioned some in Europe and the US who support the regime, including those interested in appeasing the regime, to pretend as if some elements in the regime arbitrarily planned for this terrorist crime. Daniel Benjamin, the counterterrorism coordinator at the US Department of State in Obama's administration, who exhausted all his efforts and up to the last minute to prevent implementation of the court’s verdict to delist the PMOI, and whose hysteric hostility towards the PMOI has clear motives, said in this regard that he  can't eliminate the possibility that this could be a rogue operation planned by Iranian security services — or by radical elements within the Iranian security services — aimed at embarrassing the Rouhani government and perhaps even putting them in charge of an embattled Iran.
Extraterritorial units of the Quds Force and the Ministry of Intelligence stations outside the country were once again required to focus on the use and recruitment of indigenous elements in Albania, Bosnia, Serbia and Kosovo in order to implement terrorist plans against the PMOI in Albania through them. The radio and TV overseas directorate of the mullahs was also obliged to prepare fake films and reports against the PMOI in these countries in order to set the stage for criminal acts.

The IRGC was mandated to expand the scope of its intelligence and espionage activities for obtaining information from within the PMOI.

The Iranian regime’s leaders were involved in the recent terrorist plot in Europ
Khamenei, Rouhani Ordered Bomb Attach Against Free Iran 2018 Gathering in Paris
Iranian regime's offices in Europe should be shut down, and its intelligence and Quds Force agents should be expelled
The German Federal Prosecutor announced in its statement on July 11 that German judiciary had ordered the arrest of Assadollah Assadi, a mullahs’ terrorist diplomat, on charges of espionage and collaboration for murder.
He had previously been arrested on July 1 based on a European arrest warrant. According to the statement, Assadi had commissioned a couple residing in Antwerp in March 2018 to carry out an assault using explosives on the Iranian’s annual grand gathering in France on June 30, 2018, and gave them 500 grams of the explosive TATP in Luxemburg in late June. The statement added, Assadi was a member of the "Ministry of Intelligence and Security," whose tasks "primarily include the intensive observation and combatting of opposition groups inside and outside of Iran." It added that the German’s judiciary warrant would not hinder Belgium’s extradition request for the suspect.
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Iranian Terror Plot Motivated by Threat of Regime Change
Modern diplomacy-by Prof. Ivan Sascha Sheehan
Last month, Belgian authorities arrested a married couple of Iranian origin after it was discovered that they were in possession of 500 grams of the explosive TATP, which they intended to carry to Paris to inflict mass causalities at a gathering of Iranian dissidents held on June 30. The couple presented themselves as supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), the principal constituent group in the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), but were actually Iranian intelligence operatives bent on attacking or undermining the Resistance
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Town hall-Ken Blackwell-
Terror Plot Reveals Iran Is Afraid Of Democratic Opposition But Not European Policy
On June 30, several European authorities thwarted an attack on the annual Free Iran rally organized by supporters of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). Considering that Assadollah Assadi, the intelligence station chief at the Iranian embassy in Vienna, was arrested along with two would-be bombers, it is abundantly clear that the plot was masterminded in Tehran.
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Terrified of opposition, Iran’s regime enjoys European appeasement

World Tribune-U.S. officials ‘certain’ Iranian regime approved bomb plot against opposition rally in Paris
A terrorist plot to blow up a rally in Paris sponsored by an Iranian opposition group was approved by Iran’s ruling mullahs, U.S. officials and the sponsor of the June 30 rally said.
Belgian authorities foiled the plot when when they detained a couple with ties to Iran who had been given explosives by an Iranian diplomat based in Austria.
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Iran’s terror plot centers on Europe

The aftermath of the Iranian regime’s failed terrorist plot
July 14, 2018 - In the aftermath of the Iranian regime’s failed terrorist attack against the great Iranian opposition convention in Paris, European law enforcement in Germany, France and Belgium are in the process of trying the Iranian regime’s terrorists in court for their involvement in the foiled plot. Meanwhile, the Iranian regime’s officials and state-run media are lamenting at the arrest of their operatives, especially their main agent, Assadollah Assadi, a diplomat in the regime’s mission to Austria, and they’re blaming the PMOI/MEK for their misfortunes.
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Terror plots in Europe and winds of change in Iran
 Al Arabiya,18 July 2018
Last month, Iran’s main opposition the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) held its biggest rally in suburban Paris. The colorful event was in many ways different from preceding years as Iran continues to boil in dissent and protests spreading in far corners of the nation.
Maryam Rajavi, President of the NCRI in her address said: “A passionate generation thirsty for freedom has risen to take over the entire country and take back Iran from the occupiers. This is the Iranian nation’s fight. The regime’s overthrow is inevitable.”
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What should be done about the Iran’s government-sponsored terrorism
On June 30, as thousands of Iranians and political figures from five continents convened at Paris for the annual Iranian opposition Free Iran rally, the Belgian police arrested a group of terrorists in Brussels. At the same time, the German police arrested Assadollah Assadi, an Iranian regime diplomat. Other undisclosed arrests took place in neighboring European countries, all linked to a complicated terror plot against the Iranian opposition gathering in Paris.
This is part of a broader confrontation between the Iranian opposition and the regime and has now assumed a much larger context.
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Prosecution of Iranian regime terrorists in Germany & Belgium
The Iranian regime’s plot to bomb the Iranian opposition convention – “Free Iran 2018” – in Paris was foiled two weeks ago. And yet the subject continues to gain international coverage and growing attention.
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EU appeasers continue to feed the Iranian tiger
By Struan Stevenson  |  July 13, 2018
On June 30, German police arrested Assadollah Assadi, a diplomat from the Iranian Embassy in Vienna, and charged him with terrorist offenses. On the same day, Belgian police arrested an Iranian couple from Antwerp after 500 grams of high explosives and a detonator were found in their car. They admitted Assadi had given them the bomb and instructed them to detonate it at the Iranian democratic opposition, PMOI (MEK) rally being held in Villepinte, near Paris, that weekend.
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Trump prods Europe to get tough on Iran
Washington uses foiled Paris bomb plot blamed on Tehran to change EU approach.
The U.S. is raising pressure on European allies to isolate Iran in the wake of a foiled terrorist attack in France last month that Washington believes targeted American citizens, including former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.
Administration officials are citing the failed bombing in their effort to push European governments to choke off Iran’s access to everything from their airspace to cash deposits, arguing that Tehran’s involvement in terrorist plots obligate America’s allies to take a much harder line with the Islamic Republic. It was a message President Donald Trump delivered behind the scenes at this week’s NATO summit in Brussels, according to people familiar with the meetings.
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Pompeo accuses Iran of using embassies for terror plots
by MATTHEW LEE and JON GAMBRELL, Associated Press
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday accused Iran of using its embassies to plot terrorist attacks in Europe and warned Tehran that its actions have "a real high cost" after it threatened to disrupt Mideast oil supplies.
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U.S., Allies Must Respond Decisively to State-Sponsored Terror Plot Against Iranian Opposition

Security services in Europe thwarted a terror plot orchestrated by the Iranian regime, against the “Free Iran 2018 – the Alternative” gathering in France.
The free world must demonstrate resolve in responding to this serious and ruthless behavior, irrefutably perpetrated by Iranian regime officials, including Assadi.”— OIAC
WASHINGTON, DC, USA, July 11, 2018 / -- Last week, Belgian, German and French security services thwarted a sophisticated terror plot orchestrated by the Iranian regime, against the “Free Iran 2018 – the Alternative” gathering in Paris, France. On Saturday, June 30, 2018, thousands of Iranian Americans joined nearly a hundred thousand Iranians, former and current senior U.S. government officials, as well as parliamentarians and political personalities from five continents to call for regime change by the Iranian people.
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Suspect in ‘plot’ to bomb Iran opposition in Paris handed to Belgium 
A French court on Wednesday gave the green light for a suspect in an alleged bomb plot against an Iranian opposition rally to be handed over to Belgium
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The Washington Times-Iran's highest leaders approved Paris rally bomb plot, opposition group claims
By Rowan Scarborough
The Europe-based opposition to Iran’s ruling mullahs charged on Thursday that the plot to bomb its annual resistance rally near Paris on June 30 was approved by Iran’s highest leaders.
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Iran opposition NCRI: Senior regime figures approved Paris rally bomb plot
The terror plot intending to bomb the annual Iranian opposition convention in Paris on June 30th was approved at the highest level of the Iranian regime leadership, according to the opposition coalition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).
The Paris-based NCRI cited its intelligence sources inside Iran to say the regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani both approved the terror plot.
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Report of Demos across Europe protesting Iranian regime terror plot

Iranian Resistance supporters in Europe & Canada demand prosecution of Tehran’s diplomat terrorist
European Taxpayers Should Understand Iran Regime’s-Sponsored Terrorism in Their Countries

Prosecution of Iranian regime terrorists in Germany & Belgium
 The Iranian regime’s plot to bomb the Iranian opposition convention – “Free Iran 2018” – in Paris was foiled two weeks ago. And yet the subject continues to gain international coverage and growing attention.
Liberation in France cited Agence France Presse on July 11th saying the French government will be extraditing one suspect to Belgium soon, adding an Iranian diplomat is in detention in Germany after a failed plot against the Iranian opposition. This dossier is now entering the new phase and yet specifics in this regard remain very vague.
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Call for expelling Iran regime’s diplomat-terrorists from Europe
Exposing the failed and coordinated terrorist plot aimed at attacking the Free Iran Rally in Villepinte, was a litmus test to demonstrate that the NCRI is the only viable alternative to the cleric regime of Iran and a great source of concern for the crises stroked Mullahs in Tehran. The terrorist gang in Belgium and France was preparing the attack on the peaceful gathering of the Iranian resistance with more than 100.000 attendees.
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US State Dept: “Iran uses embassies as cover to plot terrorist attacks”
July 11, 2018 - Less than two weeks after the Iranian opposition convention in Paris where a massive crowd and a large number of international dignitaries joined to express their support for the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) coalition as the alternative for the mullahs’ regime ruling Iran, and the following foiling of a terror plot blueprinted by Tehran involving the arrest of an Iranian diplomat and five other individuals in Belgium, Germany and France, the U.S. State Department held a briefing on Tuesday specifically saying the Iranian regime is using its embassies “as cover to plot terrorist attacks.”
This briefing also covered meetings between State Department officials and their counterparts abroad.
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Pompeo: An Iran-backed terror plot was foiled last week in Paris:
July 11, 2018 -  During his visit to the United Arab Emirates, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo referred to the Iranian regime’s terror plot against the Iranian opposition convention in Paris.
The Europeans understand the threat posed by the Iranian regime, he said, adding Iranians arrested last week in Europe were ready to carry out a terror bombing in Paris.
The United States has seen these devious measures in Europe and are well aware of Tehran’s threats, he said.
Iran’s regime has brought suffering & death to the world & its own people. Just in Europe, Iran-sponsored assassinations, bombings & other terrorist attacks have scarred countless lives. Hope the Europeans raised this with Rouhani & Zarif on their European tour.
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Detained Iranian regime diplomat stands accused by Germany
July 11, 2018 - Germany is raising charges against an Iranian diplomat for his involvement in a bomb plot targeting the Iranian opposition convention in Paris on June 30th.
German prosecutors on Wednesday accused Assadollah Assadi with activity as a foreign operative and conspiracy to commit murder. Based in Vienna, Assadi is suspected of hiring an Iranian-Belgian couple in the northeast European country to stage an attack at the annual convention held by the Iranian Diaspora expressing their support for the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and its pillar member, the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).
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AP-Germany charges Iranian diplomat detained in bomb plot
Failed Belgium Terror Plot Unmasks Rouhani’s Moderation Sham
As stunning as it may seem, the simple fact that the Iranian regime has to resort to diplomatic means in order to facilitate an act of terrorism just before an important visit to Europe by its president Rouhani , shows the deadlock that the clerical regime has found itself to be in facing its political alternative, the NCR
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Here is the link of Michael R. Pompeo Secretary of State Interview with Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates July 10, 2018

Iranian regime’s terrorist plot to attack Iranian Resistance Grand Gathering in Paris was foiled
The conspiracy of the terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran to attack the Grand Gathering of the Iranian Resistance in Villepinte, Paris was foiled. The mullahs’ regime’s terrorists in Belgium, helped by the regime’s diplomat terrorists, had designed for the attack.
A woman and a man involved in this terrorist act were arrested by the Belgian police. The woman had come from Iran to Belgium in 2009. In this regard, an Iranian regime’s diplomat has been arrested in Germany.
Iranian Resistance had repeatedly warned before about the terrorist preparations by the so-called "diplomats" of the regime and the mercenaries of the Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) and the Quds Force in various European countries.

Wilrijks Couple Was Sleeping Cell For Iran
According to the security services, the Wilrijk couple who wanted to make an attack in Paris were sent to Europe as spies by the Iranian regime.
Amir S. (38) and his wife Nasimeh N. (33) were required to apply for asylum and to keep quiet for years as a ‘sleeping cell’. That they were threatened and put under pressure by the Iranian regime is no longer believed by the security services.
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Contemplating the Iranian regime’s recent terror plot
June 7, 2018 - The authorities of Belgium, France, and Germany were recently involved in foiling a new plot blueprinted by the Iranian regime and intended to target an Iranian opposition convention held in Paris on Saturday in support of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) coalition. Investigations continue reportedly.
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Asdollah Assadi, Iran’s diplomat in Austria

Asdollah Assadi, Iran’s diplomat in Austria who ordered the terror attack, was arrested in Germany

A terrorist diplomat of the clerical regime by the name of Asdollah Assadi, who was the main planner of the terrorist plot against the great gathering of Iranians in Paris, was arrested in Germany. The terrorist diplomat, who is the station chief of the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) in Vienna, has been stationed in Austria since August 2014.
The two arrested terrorists are Amir Sadoni and Nassim Nomeni and are residents of Antwerp.
Prior to Asadollah Assadi, an individual by the name of Mostafa Roudaki was the MOIS station chief in the regime’s embassy in Austria. Roudaki was transferred to Tehran and was subsequently dispatched to Albania in 2017 as the MOIS station chief there to plot against the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran.
The Iranian Resistance once again reiterates the need to shut down the Iranian regime’s embassies and representative offices in Europe as centers of espionage and terrorism and expel the agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and the terrorist Quds Force from European countries.

Iranian diplomat to be stripped of immunity over Belgium terrorism plot
An Iranian diplomat identified as Asdollah Assadi will see his diplomatic immunity lifted by Austria following his suspected involvement in a terrorist plot in Belgium that planned to target the annual Iranian opposition convention held Saturday near Paris, according to various outlets.
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Iranian diplomat arrested in Germany will be sent to Belgium
 The Iranian diplomat arrested in the German state of Bavaria will be transferred to Belgium, according to Deutsche Welle Persian citing the prosecutor’s office in Germany’s Bamberg state. This entity is not permitted to provide more information on this developing subject, according to the Bamberg prosecutor’s office public relations desk.

isj committee-Condemnation of Iran Terror Plot in Europe
Call for Expulsion of Iranian Diplomat

Rudy Giuliani Issued a Statement on the Iranian Regime Terrorist Plot Against #FreeIran2018

Romanian MPs condemn Iranian regime terror plot in Europe

REVEALED: Iranian held in Germany over bomb plot is intelligence chief in Vienna
By Shahin Gobadi Special to Al Arabiya English

Fox News-
Belgian couple arrested in plot to bomb Iranian opposition event attended by Giuliani, Gingrich

Al Arabiya English- Iran threatens to retaliate after Dutch expel two diplomats


Earlier this month, two Iranian suspects and an Iranian diplomat were arrested for their participation in the plotting of a terrorist attack in France against the main Iranian opposition. They were planning to let a bomb off at the National Council of Resistance of Iran’s (NCRI) annual Free Iran rally.
Prosecutors in Belgium say that when the couple was arrested in Belgium, they were in possession of TAPT – a homemade explosive that is often used by terrorists. They were also in possession of a detonation device.
A few days after this news broke from Belgium, the Netherlands announced that two of its Iranian diplomats were being expelled from the embassy in The Hague
In November last year it was reported that Iranian man Ahwazi Ahmad Mola Nissi, a 52-year-old political activist, was shot dead in the Netherlands. At around the same time, further details about the death of Mohammad-Reza Kolahi were revealed.
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Iran & the AMIA terror bombing in Buenos Aires

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

What happened on the eve of the 2018 Free Iran the annual resistance grand Gathering ?


Friday, June 29, 2018 – Maryam Rajavi met this evening with Rudy Giuliani, attorney to the President of the United States. The meeting took place at the office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran in Paris on the eve of the Iranian Resistance’s annual grand gathering.
They discussed the latest developments in Iran including the expansion of popular protests against the clerical regime in Tehran and other Iranian cities as well as the regime’s fragile condition.
Maryam Rajavi reiterated that the protests have continued despite a massive wave of arrests and suppression. This indicates ripe circumstances and the volatile state of the society. At the same time, it vindicates the Iranian Resistance’s strategy and the undeniable roles of resistance units.
There is no going back, Mrs. Rajavi added. The regime’s overthrow at the hands of the Iranian people and Resistance is certain, and the regime has no way out.
Mayor Giuliani said the U.S. Administration has announced that the mullahs’ regime has usurped the sovereignty of the Iranian people. Mr. Giuliani pointed out, as the U.S. President and Secretary of State have repeatedly declared, this is a corrupt regime and the people of Iran have been its longest suffering victims.
Rudy Giuliani is among the signatories of the statement signed by 33 U.S. dignitaries addressed to the Iranians’ rally, Free Iran – The Alternative, in support of the National Council of Resistance of Iran and the ten-point plan of the NCRI President-elect.
He said that a firm policy on the regime, sought for many years, is only a first step. The next step is standing by the people of Iran and the democratic alternative, the National Council of Resistance of Iran, who struggle for a republic based on the separation of religion and state.
He added, “My Strong opinion is that the alternative is the National Council of Resistance of Iran under the leadership of Maryam Rajavi.”
Former Portuguese MEP: Europe Must End Lunatic Appeasement of Iran

Former Portuguese MEP Paulo Casaca told the Free Iran gathering in Paris in late June that Europe should come together with the US to tackle the Iranian Regime and support the people’s call for regime change.
He began by praising US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for his 12 conditions for a new nuclear deal with Iran, following the US withdrawal from the 2015 accord in May. He said that these 12 conditions are the minimum of normal relations in the Council of Nations and advised that they could well be adopted by Europe as well.
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Expert panel discusses the threats posed by the Revolutionary Guards
Paris, June 29, 2018 -On the eve of the Free Iran Gathering,a panel of politicians, military experts and analysts  from U.S., Canada, France and Algeria, discussed the issue of the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards and the threats posed by the regime to the region and across the world. Walid Phares, an expert on global terrorism and Middle Eastern affairs, who moderated the panel, said, “[The Iranian regime] always had the ambition to control the region.”
And its main implement to achieve this goal has been the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), which was founded shortly after the 1979 revolution.
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Panel of experts discusses policy on Iran

On the eve of the Free Iran Gathering, a panel of experts discussed the current policy of the U.S. and Europe toward the Iranian regime and policy recommendations to support the cause of freedom and democracy in Iran.
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#Iranprotests-reports& #news on July 2018

I will post live in this page

Mass protests of retirees in front of Majlis; chants of “Imprisoned teachers must be freed”

July 22, a large crowd of retired educators and other retirees who came from different cities to Tehran rallied in front of the regime's parliament to protest not meeting their demands. In addition to retirees, educators from the Literacy Movement attended this gathering to protest their low salaries and dire livelihood status. Hundreds of agricultural insurance experts who are barred from employment after 14 years of service were also among the protesters.
The protesters chanted: Leave Syria, think about us; Imprisoned teachers must be freed; We shall not give up until we get our rights; We have no food on our table, no more injustice and suppression; Our salaries in rial, but expenditures in dollar; No nation has suffered such an injustice;  With a less embezzlement, our problems will be solved;
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People of Borazjan protest against power failure and lack of drinking water
July 22, 2018 -The brave people of Borazjan (southern Iran) protested against lack of drinking water and clashed with the repressive forces that were trying to disperse them. They expressed their protest by lighting fire on the Borazjan-Bushehr road.
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Protests targeting corrupt regime’s policies
July 18, 2018 - Reports from cities across Iran indicate an increasing number of protest rallies as angry demonstrators are seen voicing major dissent and abhorrence regarding corrupt policies of the ruling mullahs’ regime.
A large number of teachers in Tehran, Mazandaran, Eslamabad Gharb, Shairar, Rasht and a number of other cities and provinces, in solidarity with other teachers across the country, are joining the campaign of torching or tearing apart their paychecks to express their abhorrence regarding the fact that authorities are refusing to increase their paychecks and that the mullahs’ regime is literally stealing their money.
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New protests held in Tehran & Rasht
Retired bank employees, Kian Tire workers, credit firm clients seeking their savings returned are staging new protests in Tehran & Rasht
Hundreds of retired bank employees in Tehran are staging protests and demanding answers to their requests. These rallies continued on Tuesday and were held outside the Retired Employees Fund.
The protesters were chanting:
“We will return until we get what we deserve”
“We don’t want hollow promises”
“Directors must answer to us”
“Incompetent directors, resign, resign”
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Iran demonstrations & senior officials’ concerns over 

July 16, 2018 - Demonstrations and strikes are continuing across Iran. Protesters are raising their voice over severe water and electricity shortages, and credit firm clients seeing their investments stolen by state-run outlets. Workers and teachers aren’t being paid, while prices are skyrocketing throughout the country, mainly due to severe ups and downs in the country’s currency value.
The people’s demonstrations are now being linked to the PMOI/MEK’s network of members and supporters inside Iran, and this is making senior regime officials extremely concerned over this organization’s growing influence across the country.
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Iranian Government’s Slow Response to Undrinkable Water in Khuzestan Sparks Protests

Full report of Uprising of brave people and youths of Borazjan
July 8, 2018-A large crowd of people from Borazjan (Bushehr province in southern Iran) protested on Sunday, July 8th for the second day in a row with the slogan "Death to the dictator."
The demonstration is taking place near the Mellat Bank and the Hospital Square.
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Protest against shortage of water with the slogan 'Death to the Dictator'
On Saturday evening July 7th, brave people, and youths of Borazjan (Bushehr province, southern Iran) protested against the lack of drinking water for four days and the neglect of the regime's corrupt and oppressive officials about the disastrous situation of livelihoods in the city.
The demonstration, which started from the hospital's square, continued until the very last hours of the night. The people chanted: Death to the dictator; the enemy is right here, they are lying it is the United States; let go of Syria, think about us; We do not want incompetent government; Don’t be scared, don’t be scared, we are all together; Neither Gaza nor Lebanon, my life for Iran; With a less embezzlement our problems would be solved; We shall die, but do not tolerate humiliation; With a less theft, our problems will be solved.
By giving hollow promises, the Iranian regime’s authorities tried to disperse the people and quell their anger. But the people booed them and chanted: it is a lie, it is a lie. Khamenei's representative and the criminal Friday prayer imam of the city escaped the scene in fear of the people’s uprising.
Due to the traitorous and devastating policies of the mullahs, many of the cities are in terrible conditions in the very hot weather of the summer due to lack of water.  Last week, Khorramshahr and other cities in Khuzestan launched massive demonstrations in protest of being deprived of drinking water.
According to Shahin Pakrooh, one of the deputies of water and wastewater engineering company of the regime, 334 cities are facing the shortage of water this summer, out of which 107 cities are in the red situation.  It is expected that Isfahan, Kerman, Fars, Khorasan, and Sistan-Baluchistan provinces will face a more severe crisis (Tasnim, the IRGC news agency, April 24)
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 8, 201
Locals of another southern city protesting water shortages
July 7, 2018 - People in the city of Borazjan in southern Iran poured into the streets on Saturday, protesting the recent severe water shortage crisis.
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Iranian regime forces arrest dozens in Babak Fort, East Azerbaijan

While we approach the yearly ceremony at Babak Fort, a monument of ancient Persian history, the agents of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) have proceeded with arresting and imprisoning dozens of people from the cities of Urumiyeh, Ahar, and Moqan. According to some sources, the number of arrested is as high as 50.
The fort is located in the mountains near the city of Kalibar in Eastern Azerbaijan, northwest of Iran. It is the stronghold of Babak Khurramdin, a historic Persian figure who fought against the foreign invasion of the country. Every year, Iranians gather at the fort to commemorate and celebrate the legacy and memory of Khurramdin. This is a tradition that has gained popularity in the past decades, and many tourists attend the ceremony every year.
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Full report of  Khorramshahr uprising:
In short:
on Jun 29th in Khorramshahr people portests for extremely poor water conditions and  were killed by the Revolutionary Guards and the riot guard for their demands.
then the protests spread to all KHoseztan province in southern Iran.

Khorramshahr protest elevates standards

With protests in Tehran escalating – being a major turning point in the ongoing uprising across Iran – reports from cities across
Khuzestan Province in the southwest, especially Abadan and Khorramshahr where locals were protesting severe water shortage, began making noise.
People were chanting:
“Stupid officials, the water is salty”
“Rouhani, shame on you, let go of the country,” in reference to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.
“Death to Khamenei,” in reference to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.
The demonstration escalated in downtown districts as riot police began using tear gas and pellet guns to quell the protests. Brave youths were scene putting up a strong stance and resisting their measures.
Many reports indicated hit and run skirmishes in numerous areas of the city. Videos on social media showed the youth erecting numerous bastions, throwing back tear gas canisters at the security forces and defending themselves with whatever means possible, including hurling rocks.
Sunday night cities and towns across Khuzestan Province, including Ahvaz, Mahshahr, Sarbandar and others were scenes of locals demonstrating in support of the Khorramshahr protests.
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Iranians protest in southern cities, clash with repressive security forces
On Sunday, July 1, families of detainees gathered in front of the police headquarters and called for the release of their children and relatives.
During the night, people and youths in Ahwaz, Abadan, Mahshahr, Karoon, and Khormoussa rallied in support of the Khorramshahr uprising. The youth of Ahwaz began their demonstrations on Naderi Street chanting the slogans: "Death to the dictator"; “My life for the sake of Karoon (river); “The people of Khorramshahr are thirsty”; “Yes, yes to the revolution”.
In Khormoussa, despite the intensive presence of the police agents, the people rallied with the slogan "My life for the sake of Khorramshahr".
In Abadan, people's demonstrations in the Selich district turned into clashes. The repressive police force have surrounded this part of Abadan. The anti-riot guards are tightly deployed on the city's bridge and have closed the roads and do not allow people to commute.
The gathering of the brave youth of Khorramshahr was attacked by the Revolutionary Guards and the riot guard on Saturday night. Despite the intensive presence of all kinds of repressive forces, the brave youth confronted them by chanting the slogans “Death to Khamenei; “Death to “the Islamic Republic”; “Death to Rouhani”; “Cannon, tank, firecracker, the mullahs must get lost”; “Do not be scared; do not be scared; we are all together”; “Sludge water, salty water, because of stupid authorities”. The mercenaries’ attack on furious young people led to street clashes. A number of people were injured and some were harmed due to direct shootings and firing tear gas. The protesters confronted the repressive forces with no weapons and burned some trash bins and tires in order to block the path of mercenaries, and threw back the tear gas thrown by the mercenaries. Shooting bullets could be heard across the city for many hours. The agents of the repressive forces ruined the new bridge of Khorramshahr and destroyed the shops and the people’s belongings in order to pave the way for subsequent repressions. A vehicle of the special anti-riot unit was set to fire by the furious youth.
Intelligence agents and plainclothes agents of the regime arbitrarily arrested dozens of people on Saturday night and Sunday morning in an assault on people’s houses in various neighborhoods of the city.
Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, saluted the people and the youth of Khorramshahr and other cities of Khuzestan province, and described the shooting against defenseless people of Khorramshahr and suppressing their just demonstrations as an example of the crime against humanity and called for immediate action by the UN Security Council. She called on the Iranian people, especially the brave youth of Khuzestan province, to support the uprising of Khorramshahr.
The water crisis in Iran

Saturday, June 30, 2018

#Iranian #resistance-Full report of Grand #Gathering of #FreeIran2018 –The #Alternative in Paris Jun 30

PMOI/MEK networks in Iran voice support for opposition gathering in Paris

PMOI/MEK supporters and activists inside Iran are expressing their solidarity with thousands of their compatriots who will be attending the Free Iran Gathering by writing slogans and posting posters on walls in different Iranian cities Scheduled for June 30, the Free Iran Gathering will be focused on introducing the alternative to the tyrannical rule of the Iranian regime and a vision for a free and democratic Iran.
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The magnificent annual grand gathering of Iranians and supporters of the Iranian Resistance was held in Paris on Friday, June 30, 2018. “Free Iran” featured Maryam Rajavi, and hundreds of top politicians and statesmen from five continents.
Five video reports on the extensive campaigns in various parts of Tehran and cities across the country waged by Iranian youth and supporters of the PMOI and the Iranian Resistance, declaring support for the Free Iran gathering, were among the most inspiring aspects of the rally, enthusiastically applauded by the audience.
The prominent personalities who addressed the grand rally included Rudy Giuliani, U.S. presidential hopeful and the former Mayor of New York; Newt Gingrich, U.S. presidential candidate and former Speaker of the House of Representatives; Governor Bill Richardson; Michael Mukasey, former Attorney General; Louis Freeh, former Director of the FBI; and Gen. George Casey, former U.S. Army Chief of Staff, from the United States; Stephen Harper and John Baird, former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Canada; Bernard Kouchner and Philippe Douste-Blazy, former Foreign Ministers and RamaYade former Minister of Human Rights of France; Ambassador Giulio Terzi, former Foreign Minister of Italy; Eduard Lintner, former German Deputy Interior Minister; Rt Hon. Theresa Villiers, former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland; Michele de Vaucouleurs and Philippe Gosselin, French parliamentarians; Senator Roberto Rampi, representing the Italian delegation; Anna Fotyga, former Foreign Minister of Poland and Member of the European Parliament; Pandeli Majko, Minister of State and former Prime Minister of Albania; Ben-Oni Ardelean, Vice-chairman of the Chamber of Deputies of Romania; Saleh al-Qalab, former Publicity Minister of Jordan; and Nazir Hakim, General Director of the Syrian opposition coalition.
Delegation from United Kingdom Presented a plaque to Mrs. Rajavi bearing, expressing their support for the Iranian Resistance under her leadership and her ten-point plan for a free Iran.
Dozens of declarations of support by prominent personalities and politicians, European parliamentary delegations, and senior religious leaders from various countries were presented to Mrs. Rajavi, in support of the Iran uprising and the organized resistance, and the democratic alternative, the National Council of Resistance of Iran.
In addition to the American dignitaries attending the gathering, a bipartisan statement was signed by 33 prominent American personalities, including Senator Joseph Lieberman, former candidate for Vice President; General James Jones, National Security Advisor to President Obama and former Commander of NATO; Edward Rendell, former DNC chairman and Governor of Pennsylvania; and Tom Ridge, former Secretary of Homeland Security and former Governor of Pennsylvania. The statement reads in part, “We believe that democratic change in Iran would do more than any other single event to enable stability and calm the fires of extremism in the region... The resistance movement has demonstrated its widespread roots within Iranian society, its resilience in the face of unimaginably difficult circumstances, its impressive organizational prowess, and its ability to expose secrets that Tehran is determined to keep from the Iranian people and the world at large.”
Over 50 bishops in England, Scotland and Wales, including two-thirds of the religious leaders in the British House of Lords that oversees thousands of churches across the U.K., and 78 Church leaders in the U.S., joined the Right Reverend and Right Honorable Dr. Rowan Williams, the Arch Bishop of Canterbury, in his declaration condemning the flagrant abuses of human rights in Iran, especially the rights of religious minorities and their painful situation. The signatories urged the international community to base any improvement of relations with Iran on a cessation of oppression of minorities and on a halt to executions in Iran.
Jean-Francois Legaret, Mayor of 1st district of Paris, was accompanied by 100 French mayors and elected representatives, in the Free Iran gathering where they announced the support of thousands of their colleagues in solidarity with the Iranian people’s resistance and uprising against the mullahs’ dictatorship.
The secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 30, 2018

Speech by Maryam Rajavi, At the Resistance’s Grand Gathering in Paris, June 30, 2018

Rudy Giuliani Issued a Statement on the Iranian Regime Terrorist Plot Against #FreeIran2018

Trump Ally Giuliani Says End is Near for Iran's Rulers

 Speech by Newt Gingrich

Speech by Michael Mukasey

Former Canadian Prime Minister Condemns Regime in Speech at Free Iran Rally

Canadian Officials Support The Iranian People’s Fight For Regime Change

Speech by Roger Godsiff, UK parliament MP

Speech by Ingrid Betancourt, former Colombian Senator and Presidential Candidate

Speech By Ben-Oni Ardelean

A short report of Grand Gathering of the Iranian opposition in Paris, 2018

2018 Iranian opposition convention in the media

dailycaller -07/17/2018
Bob Blackman | Conservative Member, U.K. House of 

Since taking office last year, President Trump has taken a series of positive steps toward changing the status quo with regard to U.S. Iran policy.
He has, for instance, shown more political courage than all of his predecessors by designating the entirety of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a global terrorist entity, instead of just its foreign expeditionary wing, the Quds Force.
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The Iranian Diaspora’s massive rally yesterday in Paris on Saturday is receiving widespread media coverage from outlets across the globe
here is some of it:

Fox NewsEric Shawn: Calls for freedom for Iran

Fox News: change will be coming to Iran

THE HERALD REPORT-Maryam Rajavi And The Resistance’s Grand Gathering In Paris, June 30, 2018

 By L. Todd Wood - The Washington Times 
Free Iran Gathering highlights alleged Iranian corruption of European officials


Iranian opposition convention represents a nation’s hope

Free Iran Gathering highlights alleged Iranian corruption of European officials
By L. Todd Wood - The Washington Times - Friday, June 29, 2018

Iran Focus-Iran Mullahs See MEK as Threat to Their Rule
What do we know about free Iran rally?
By Jubin Katiraie

Free Iran Rally In Arab’s Media

Elaph: Rajavi: We’re seeing the first sparks of the flames that will topple the Iranian regime

Al Arabiya reporting from inside Saturday’s ‘Free Iran’ conference in Paris

Al Arabiya-ANALYSIS: As countdown to Paris protest begins, is ‘Free Iran’ the only alternative

Al Arabiya English-Maryam Rajavi: Regime overthrow is certain, Iran will be free

All voices confirm Iranian regime’s alternative
Looking at the news and various pieces wrote about Iran, we come to this conclusion that all reports, remarks and positions taken by senior Iranian regime officials, discussions around Iran and talks published in international media regarding the Iranian opposition confirm the fact that the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), and its pivotal member, the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), comprise the alternative to Tehran’s mullahs.
This goes against the Iranian regime’s claims of the PMOI/MEK being nothing but a small group and only proves how Tehran is very worried about their potential.
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Iranian officials express fear over mass protes

Friday, June 1, 2018

#Iranstrikes& #protests-reports& #news on Jun 2018

Iran protests: An intensifying wave of social and political dissent

The report of Day 5 of Bazaar merchants' strike and demonstration in Tehran

Uprising of the people of Tehran with the slogans: 
Death to Khamenei; Death to the principle of Velayat-e Faqih; Beware of the day we get armed
Uprising has spread to various cities such as Bandar Abbas, Shahriar, Karaj, Kashan, Qeshm, Shiraz, Kermanshah, and Mashhad

The Capital City Of Iran Has Become The Stage For Massive Protests Which Was Only Witnessed Previously In Other Cities

Night Rallies in Tehran With Slogans of Death to the Dictator
In the final hours of Monday, June 25, the brave people and youth of TehranPars and Khak-e-Sefid in northeastern Capital city Tehran, took to the streets and protested against the clerical regime and its plundering and oppressive policies. They chanted slogans such as “Death to the dictator, Iran has become Palestine, one less embezzlement, our problem is solved.”
The youth were confronting the repressive forces by blocking the streets and setting up fire and preventing them from entering the demonstrations’ areas.
On 2nd day, a large part of the Tehran Bazaar went on strike. Marketers and shopkeepers, including those in the markets of goldsmiths, fabric stores bazaar, Saray-e Pachenar, Saray-e Moshir, shoemakers in Big Charsough, the large bazaar at Small Charsough, the Kuwaitis’ Bazaar, Sabze Meydan, Saray-e Melli, the carpet market in Saray-e Bou Ali and 15th Khordad and the Shah Mosque, Bain al-Haramain Bazaar, the sewing machine marketers in Khayyam Ave., coppersmiths’ Bazaar at Nasser Khosrow, and the marketers at the Parsian passage have joined this massive strike. They are protesting against the currency crisis and the rise in the price of the dollar as high a 9,000 tomans, and the plundering policies of the Iranian regime and its corrupt
leaders. Read more

Protest Gatherings of People Against Unprecedented Rise of Dollars Rate
On Sunday, June 24, 2018, the people of Tehran protested against the unprecedented and disproportionate rise in the dollar's rate.
Protesters in the bazaar at Charsotrahan and the Aladdin shopping center (Major Mobile Sales Center), as well as the Istanbul Crossroads and Ferdowsi streets, under the Saadi street, the intersection of the Republic, staged these demonstrations.
They were chanting: Leave Syria, think about us, No Fear, No fear, we are together, Strike, strike will be contiued every day, "Dollar (ten thousand tomans rate), we do not want do not want".
The protesters also called for a total strike by chanting "strike strike
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Maryam Rajavi called all shopkeepers, tradesmen and merchants to support protesters

Ahvaz workers continue protests, colleagues released
With employees of the Ahvaz National Steel Group continuing their protests, Iranian regime authorities have been forced to succumb to their demands and release their arrested colleagues.
As these employees and their families rallied outside the judiciary for numerous days, the Ahvaz judiciary issued a letter on June 21st informing them of the release of the remaining five jailed employees.
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Protests increase on the verge of major convention in Paris
As protests are increasing in numbers across Iran, new reports indicate they have returned to the capital, Tehran, in a significant scale.
In addition to voicing a variety of demands, numerous protest reports on Monday showed people also voicing their support for the upcoming Iranian opposition convention scheduled for June 30th in Paris.
Tehran’s bazaar became the scene of a major demonstration and remarks heard from the people in their slogans indicate they find the Iranian regime completely responsible for their daily dilemmas.
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June 19, 2018 
New protests report from numerous cities across Iran
Shoemakers’ strike and protests by workers, academics, students and lawyers
On Monday, June 18, hundreds of shoe manufacturers and their workers in Tehran closed their shops in protest of the regime's devastating policies and rallied on Bagh-e Sepahsalar Ave. They objected to the cost of the needed materials and the employment of non-Iranian workers in this industry, which has caused unemployment and a dire livelihood for thousands of them. The protesters chanted: "Death to unemployment; death to high costs; our enemy is right here, but they falsely claim it is the United States; Incompetent government, inefficient authorities, unsupported production.”
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Iran Protests: Reports from Tehran, Borujerd & other cities

June 17, 2018 - A variety of incoming reports from different areas of Iran indicate popular protests continue with people actively voicing their demands.

College students in Tehran protested heavy jail sentences issued by the mullahs’ so-called judiciary against their classmates. Social School students rallied on Sunday and demanded these sentences be revoked. The students forced exam cancellations and protested on campus. They were seen holding placards calling on their professors to take a stance and raise their voice.
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Ahvaz National Steel employees continue protests on 16th day

despite the intensive presence of repressive forces for the third week with the slogan "Detained workers must be freed". They protested against the arrest of workers, as well as the failure to pay months of salaries and bonuses and end-of-year rewards (not paid since 2011).
The workers who are living in a dire livelihood situation chanted: “The worker dies; he does not accept humiliation; Let go of Syria, think about us; Our enemy is here, they falsely say it is America; Noble citizen, support, support; Death to the oppressor, salute to the worker”. They also protest the uncertainty of ownership of the company and the lack of factory production lines.
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Iran Truck Drivers’ nationwide gain further support
Fearing further protests and the international political balance of power tilting against the mullahs’ regime, senior officials and those considered close to regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei are seen warning of another uprising spark across the country.
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A land of escalating of protests
Iran, June 7, 2018 - According to reports issued by the Iranian opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), protests and strikes by workers and people from other walks of life continue across the country.
In Bandar Abbas, shipping yard workers protesting not receiving their paychecks for the past few months demonstrated outside the company building.
As truck drivers continue their nationwide strike, gas stations across the country, such as Nasimshahr in Tehran Province, faced fuel shortage for the third consecutive day. Drivers in the cities of Isfahan, Ahvaz, Bandar Abbas, Kerman, Sanandaj, Chahbahar, Shiraz and others are refusing to deliver any goods.
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June 3, 2018
13th day of truck driver strike 
These protests have now engulfed 281 cities and towns throughout all 31 provinces 

Tens of thousands of truck drivers across Iran continued a nationwide strike on Monday, marking its 13th consecutive day.
Strike of truck and heavy vehicles’ drivers has affected many other sectors of the economy and has put the regime in serious trouble. In particular, more than 90% of goods and passengers are transported by road transport vehicles. The anti-popular policies of the mullahs regime that destroyed the economy of the country have a double burden on drivers of trucks and heavy vehicles. In addition to increasing costs and inflation, these drivers suffer from an increase in extortion of the regime under the excuse of commissions, tariffs, etc.
People from all walks of life, alongside a variety of entities throughout Iran, are voicing their support for the tens of thousands of truck drivers on strike in this very restive country.
ehran’s Bus Drivers Union issued a statement supporting the truckers’ protests.
“We consider this strike as completely just and the drivers’ right to continue their protests. We also condemn any acts of aggression against the protesting truck drivers.”
This union is calling for urgent measures in response to the demands raised by these truckers and taxi drivers and calls on the International Transport Workers' Federation to support these strikes.
A group of road and construction engineers in Tehran issued statement in this regard emphasizing:
Day 10 of nationwide strike by Iran's truckers. These truck drivers are refusing to deliver loads as Iran Protests persist. Workers are often not paid for months. They now realize there's more to be gained by striking. (Footage from Kavar, May 31 via MEK activists)
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Report shows numerous protests in different cities

Credit firm clients demanding their savings returned Reports from inside Iran indicate a continuing day of protests on Sunday in cities across the country and by people from all walks of life.
More than 500 employees of the Ahwaz National Steel Company staged a march towards the governor's office. These workers are demanding their paychecks that have been delayed for the past several months.
Clients of the Caspian Credit Co., associated to the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards, protested today in Rasht, northern Iran, and demanded their savings returned.

Employees of the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Company in the city of Shush, southwest Iran, went on strike today protesting three months of delayed paychecks.
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