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 Angry locals in Andimeshk clash with state policeMarch 21, 2019 - Tensions began flaring in the two cities of Dezful and Andimeshk of Khuzestan Province, southwest Iran, as locals were seen clashing Wednesday afternoon with state police and members of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Basij paramilitary forces, only hours before the beginning of the Iranian calendar new year. Reports show a number of regime agents were beaten by the protesters.
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At least four cities in Iran reporting new protests
March 17, 2019 - As we inch closer to Nowruz, the Iranian calendar New Year, people from all sectors of the Iranian society are holding protest rallies demanding delayed paychecks to at least provide a portion of their families’ necessities.

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Strikes, protests continuing in cities across Iran
March 15, 2018 - As the regime in Tehran continues to destroy Iran’s economy for 40 years and counting, more people from all walks of life are holding protest rallies throughout the country.
On Thursday, a large number of contract employees of phase 12 in the South Pars gas field (located between the cities of Kangan and Asaluyeh, southern Iran), currently working in the 9th oil refinery, help a protest rally once gain. They are demanding delayed paychecks and pensions.
“… Our due paychecks and pensions must be paid prior to the [Iranian calendar] New Year [on March 21] so we can go home without feeling ashamed,” said one protesting worker. These protests are now expanding to the country’s energy sector, raising concerns and eyebrows among the ruling regime.
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Protests, strikes reported in numerous large cities
March 13, 2019 - Reports from across indicate people from all walks of life across Iran staged a variety of protests and strikes on Wednesday, making their demands heard loud and clear and continuing to protest the regime’s destructive policies.
Municipality employees in the town of Towheed in Ilam Province, western Iran, held a rally protesting not receiving their paychecks for the past six months. They were seen holding a large sign reading, “We the Towheed municipality employees have not received our paychecks for the past six months. Please see to our requests. We can no longer raise our heads before our families.”
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People from various branches protesting across Iran
March  13, 2019 - Tuesday became yet another day that people from all walks of life across Iran were expressing their demands in increasing protests. Many workers in different sectors of the country’s economy are protesting long delays in receiving their paycheck. All the while, regime officials and their children are enriching themselves through embezzlement and corruption.
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Protest reports from Isfahan, Tehran and other cities
March 10, 2019 - Following a week of a variety of protests reported from dozens of cities across the country, especially a three-day nationwide teachers strike, Sunday witnessed more such rallies in a number of major Iranian cities.
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Teachers, educators across Iran protesting poor living conditions, low pay
March 7, 2019 - Teachers and educators in numerous cities across responded to a call for rallies across the country, protesting poor living conditions, low paychecks and pensions, and authorities intensifying security measures on campuses and school grounds. Another demand constantly raised by the teachers is the release of their colleagues who have been unjustly jailed by the authorities.
Protesting teachers held demonstrations in front of offices of the education ministry in several cities, including Shiraz, Mashhad, Qazvin, Kermanshah, Urmia and Ardebil
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At least nine protests reported in numerous cities of Iran
March 6, 2019 - As teachers successfully held a three-day nationwide strike and plan to stage a demonstration on Thursday, people from all walks of life in different cities took to the streets on Wednesday in various gatherings protesting the regime’s unjust policies.
Hundreds of steel mill retirees in Isfahan, central Iran, held a rally and marched through the city towards the Isfahan Province governor’s office, protesting low pensions and officials’ refusal to respond to their demands.
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Numerous cities reporting protests by various sectors of society

March 5, 2019 - As teachers throughout Iran continue their third consecutive day of a nationwide strike on Tuesday, cities from across the country are reporting a variety of protests by people from all branches of the Iranian society.
In Mazandaran Province, northern Iran, college students of the Mazandaran Tech University protested low food quality at the self-service cafeteria.
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Third consecutive day of protests by teachers in several Iranian cities

On Tuesday, teachers in at least 25 Iranian cities held the third day of their sit-in protests from early hours in the morning. The teachers, who began their sit-in on Sunday, are fighting for their most basic demands, including low wages, inefficient insurance plans, poor living conditions and very poor management of the education sector.
As economic conditions in Iran continue to decline, Iranian teachers are faced with worsening living conditions. Government corruption and the declining value of the rial have played a major role in making the lives of Iranian teachers and other public sector employees harder. Despite the increasing inflation rates in Iran, the salaries of teachers and other government employees have not changed. In the past months, this situation has triggered various protests by working and retired government workers.
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Cities throughout Iran reporting a variety of protests

March 4, 2019 - As teachers are continuing their new round of a nationwide strike on this second day, a variety of protests are being reported by people from all walks of life in cities checkered across Iran.
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Sit-In protest by railway workers and bus company drivers in various Iranian protests

March 3, 2019 - Teachers and educators in Tehran and other provinces of the country, including Khorasan Razavi - West Azarbaijan - Zanjan - Khuzestan - Mazandaran - Kurdistan - Kermanshah - Alborz - Hamedan - Isfahan - Yazd - Qazvin - South Khorasan and East Azarbaijan have taken part in a sit-in protest today demanding unpaid salaries’ of the past few months.
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Iran-2019-Update news of political prisoners

NCRI condemns 38-year prison sentence of Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh
Human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh sentenced to 38 years in jail and 148 lashes

In a statement, the Womens Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), condemned the sentence passed against human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh:
Human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh who is currently in prison, was sentenced to 38 years prison and 148 lashes.
The Women’s Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran strongly condemns the anti-human and misogynist sentence by the mullahs’ regime.
During a brief telephone conversation with her husband, Nasrin Sotoudeh asserted that her sentence is 38 years in prison and 148 lashes.
Her statement follows the judge overseeing her case reporting to the media that Nasrin Sotoudeh has been sentenced to seven years in prison.
Amnesty International called the “sentencing of prominent Iranian human rights lawyer and women’s rights defender Nasrin Sotoudeh to 33 years in prison and 148 lashes in a new case against her is an outrageous injustice.”
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Iranian political prisoners under harsh conditions

Two weeks ago, Iranian regime authorities transferred political prisoner Mehdi Farahi Shandiz to solitary confinement in the Central Prison of Karaj. Since then, Farahi Shandiz has been deprived of calls and meetings with family members, and there's no news of him, which has raised concerns about his conditions and health.
Farahi Shandiz is an activist and electrical engineering graduate from Isfahan’s Industrial University. He is now in the eighth year of his prison sentence. Farahi Shandiz was first arrested in 2010 under bogus national security charges and for insulting Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of the Iranian regime. His prison sentence was later extended from 3 to 12 years under various vague excuses. During his incarceration, Farahi Shandiz has endured different physical and mental tortures. He has also been regularly denied medical care.
Farahi Shandiz has had no sort of communications with his family since February 10.
On February 11, the 40th anniversary of the 1979 Revolution, Farahi Shandiz had chanted slogans of “down with dictator” and “down with Khamenei” in protest to 40 years of torture and executions under the tyrannical rule of the mullahs.
After Farahi Shandiz’s demonstration, prison guards attacked him in his cell and violently transferred him to solitary confinement while beating him.

Meanwhile, Maji Assadi, another Iranian political prisoner in Gohardasht prison, is now in the third year of his prison sentence. Assadi, a university student, is suffering from different illnesses and is in need of medical care, but regime authorities are denying him the most basic needs and have prevented him from going to the hospital on several occasions.
Assadi is suffering from inflammatory pain in his spine which is the result of another extended period of incarceration. In the past two years, under torture from regime officials, Assadi has suffered from ulcers and digestive complications. But regime authorities continue to torture him by denying him medical care.
• Hassan Sadeghi, who is in danger of losing his eyesight following torture from prison authorities

• Majid Assadi, who is suffering from multiple diseases including ulcers, duodenal ulcer, liver cyst, waist disk, and spinal rheumatism

• Shahram Mansourpour, who needs urgent surgery after a spinal disk inflammation

• Arash Sadeghi, who has been diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer

• Mohammad Banazadeh Amirkhizi, an elderly man suffering from a meniscus tear in his leg

• Hamzeh Savari, who has a painful tumour in his knee
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Mehdi Farahi Shandiz,

Iran Political Prisoner Moved to Solitary for Peaceful Anti-Regime Protest
The Iranian regime moved a political prisoner to solitary confinement for chanting anti-government slogans last week.
On Monday, February 11, as Iran marked the 40th anniversary of the 1979 Revolution, Mehdi Farahi Shandiz, a teacher, started to chant about the torture and executions carried out by the mullahs since they stole power.
Following that, Farahi Shandiz, 57, was moved from hall 6 to solitary confinement in hall 14 in Karaj Central Prison.
Farahi Shandiz, a labor activist and private high school tutor, is serving nine years in prison for three separate charges of “insulting the supreme leader”; six years are for charges brought against him since he has been in prison.
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Update news of political prisoners in Iran 2017-2018

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Iran-International Women's Day -Full report of MEK's Iran Freedom Rally in Washington D.C & London

Powerful Display of Support for Iran Opposition in Washington March

Last week, thousands of Iranian-Americans from across the United States converged on Washington's Freedom Plaza to call for democratic change in Iran. They then marched to the White House, where they urged support for Iran's nationwide uprisings against the clerical regime. The participants held banners with pictures of NCRI President-elect Maryam Rajavi, supporting her 10-point plan for a future free Iran.

Anglo-Iranian Communities Celebrate International Women's Day in London

Highlighting the decisive role of women in Iran protests, they call on the UK Government to support the democratic aspiration of the Iranian people led by the Iranian Resistance
Members of the Anglo-Iranian Communities and supporters of the National Council of Resistance of Iran organised a rally outside Number 10 Downing Street in London on 9 March 2019, to mark International Women’s Day.
Hundreds took part at the rally in support of the brave women of Iran who are at the forefront of the ongoing popular protests and strikes against the regime across the country.

Iranians from across U.S. join Iran Freedom March in Washington D.C.
Maryam Rajavi: Int'l community must respect the struggle of Iran's people to overthrow the mullahs

Washington D.C, March 8, 2019 -  On Friday, Iranians from more than 40 states across the U.S. gathered in Freedom Plaza, Washington D.C., to join the Iran Freedom March, a rally in support of popular protests in Iran. The demonstrators also voiced support for the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), the main Iranian opposition coalition which has been calling for the toppling of the tyrannical regime of mullahs ruling Iran and the establishment of a secular and democratic state.
The rally took place as the past 15 months have seen ongoing protests across Iran. People from all walks of life, all segments of the Iranian society and all corners of the country have been holding demonstrations, strikes and sit-ins for their most basic rights, trampled by the ruling mullahs for four decades. The people are holding the mullahs’ regime in its entirety for deteriorating economic conditions and lack of political and social freedom.

In a televised message to the rally, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), underlined the desperate state of the mullahs' regime and the need for the international community to recognize the Iranian people's struggle for regime change. The text of her speech, first published on her website, follows:

10 unforgettable days that shook the Iranian mullahs to the bone
On February 8, the Iranian resistance staged a demonstration in Paris commemorating the 40th anniversary of the antimonarchy revolution
Five days later, on February 13, the Iranian opposition organized another demonstration in Warsaw simultaneously with the summit that mainly focused on the Iranian regime’s malevolent behavior in the region
On February 17, proud Iranians from the opposition followed the mullahs and staged another protest in Munich where an annual security summit was being held.
Such capabilities and active community is rare among global movements

Zarif fuming over escalating global credibility of Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK

18, 2019 - The Iranian regime’s atrocious report card of supporting international terrorism and being the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism came to haunt the mullahs’ Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif during his visit to Germany for the Munich Security Conference on Sunday.
Reporters asked Zarif about European sanctions against Tehran over the mullahs’ terror campaign on their soil, especially through the course of 2018. Constantly dodging questions over the Iranian regime’s bombing and assassination plots across Europe during the past year, Zarif, as always, resorted to old lies to justify these heinous measures and signaled the source of Tehran’s main concerns.

Warsaw conference has Iran’s regime voicing deep concerns

The powerful presence of the Iranian Resistance in Warsaw was very significant during the recent international conference hosted by the United States and Poland focusing on Middle East challenges, especially the Iranian regime’s malign activities across the region.
Voices from inside the Iranian regime are deeply concerned about the growing credibility of the Iranian opposition coalition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and the emphasis placed by the media and dignitaries on the role played by NCRI President Maryam Rajavi. Signs also indicate the international community is realizing the days of the mullahs’ regime are numbered.

Why Iranians have reason to be hopeful about their future

Analysis by PMOI/MEK
Feb. 16, 2019 - We can examine the Wednesday’s Free Iran rally in Warsaw from different angles. But one detail that is often forgotten is the importance of an organized Iranian opposition movement that is present on all fronts inside Iran and across the world. We must remember that in the past centuries, it wasn’t the Iranian people who decided the fate of their country. It was always regional and world powers that decided for Iran.
From the Qajar to the Pahlavi dynasties, the tyrannical rulers of Iran liquidated the riches of the country to preserve their own power. And in the past 40 years, the criminal mullahs ruling in Iran maintained their rule by banking on a failed appeasement policy by the West. And they've done their own fair share of squandering the country's wealth on their own survival.

PMOI/MEK network inside Iran supporting opposition rally in Warsaw
Feb. 14, 2019 - Members of “Resistance Units,” a vast network associated directly to the Iranian opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), are expressing their support for the Iranian Resistance rally in Warsaw coinciding with an international conference on Middle East issues focusing specifically on the mullahs’ regime.

Iranians hold gathering in Warsaw parallel to international Middle East conference

Feb. 14, 2019 - As ministers and officials of several countries from across the world gathered in Warsaw, Poland, to discuss solutions and roadmaps for achieving peace and stability in the Middle East, a large crowd of Iranian dissidents, supporters of Iranian opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), held a gathering to reiterate the need to support Iranian protests and regime change in Iran.

Rudy Giuliani Urges Warsaw Summit Leaders Firmness on Iran

Mayor Rudy Giuliani spoke at a rally by Iranians supporting the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) on Wednesday, the first day of the conference on Middle East in Warsaw Poland.
Protesters voiced the desire of the Iranian people for establishment of freedom and democracy in Iran and also expressed their support for the NCRI led by Maryam Rajavi as the democratic alternative to the mullahs’ regime.

Robert Torricelli: “Tomorrow is About Ending Regime in Iran”

Speaking at a rally by Iranians in Warsaw Senator Robert Torricelli said: “The thousands and thousands of Iranians who have risked their lives have taken to the streets of the cities and towns of Iran, they are your choice. The thousands and millions of people of diaspora across Europe, but in America they are the choice, the NCRI is the choice, Maryam Rajavi is the choice. There is a choice for new leadership in Iran.”

Free Iran Rally in Warsaw calls for recognition of Iranian people's right to overthrow regime

Feb. 13, 2019 - A large crowd of Iranians, supporters of PMOI/MEK and NCRI, held a gathering in Warsaw as authorities from numerous countries gathered in the city to attend a meeting co-hosted by United States and Poland. The demonstrators were there to voice the long-suppressed desire of the Iranian people to live in a free state.
Ministers from several countries will be discussing the situation in the Middle East and especially the threats posed by the Iranian regime.


International Press Reports on Iranian Protesters in Paris Calling For Regime Change
Iranians Protest in Paris for a Free Iran - Feb 8

Maryam Rajavi: 40 years after the uprising against the Shah, it’s the mullahs’ turn to go

Thousands of Iranians rallied and marched in Paris on February 8, to mark the 40th anniversary of the Iranian people's uprising against the Shah's dictatorship.
The march started in Paris’s Denfert Rochereau Square and ended at Les Invalides in front of the French National Assembly. The protesters condemned the continuing human rights violations in Iran, increasing terrorist plots of the regime, and the regime’s continuing missile and nuclear programs. They supported the social movements and protests by the Iranian people against the mullahs’ dictatorship.
A message from Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, to the demonstrations was shown on the widescreen. She said, with the overthrow of the Shah’s corrupt dictatorship and his regime of torture, his true successors, namely Khomeini and Khamenei, took over the helms. Now is the turn of the mullahs to be overthrown.
She added, our nation has started a new era, a new phase, in her battle to bring down the mullahs’ theocratic rule. Therefore, they expect the international community to respect their struggle and recognize their high goal of liberating Iran and the entire world from the evil and mischief of the mullahs’ religious fascism. Western governments bear double responsibility in this regard because they have had a role in preserving this regime, particularly in the past two decades.
Mrs. Rajavi emphasized the end to the region’s crises lies in recognition of the Iranian people’s right to resistance to topple the mullahs’ religious fascism and attain freedom. This is the heart of the solution to the Iranian problem, and the road to peace and tranquility in the region and the world.
She stressed the need to include the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) and the Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) on the U.S. and EU blacklists, and asked, why do you want to prolong the suffering of the people of Iran and other nations in the region?
She concluded: Prevent the regime’s access to missile programs and any form of arms and equipment. The Iranian people and Resistance do not want this regime to have any bullets, or sell any barrel of oil, or spend a single dollar of the Iranian nation’s wealth on suppression and terrorism.

The gathering was supported by a large number of Iranian communities in Europe, human rights organizations, trade unions, and parliamentary committees and mayors from Paris’s districts and the  Île-de-France region. Personalities who addressed the event included: Gilbert Mitterrand, President of France Libertés - Foundation Danielle-Mitterrand; Michèle de Vaucouleurs, member of France's National Assembly and President of the French Parliamentary Committee for a Democratic Iran; Sid Ahmed Ghozali, former Prime Minister of Algeria; Alejo Vidal Quadras, former Vice President of the European Parliament and President of the International Committee In Search of Justice; George Sabra, prominent representative of the Syrian opposition; Jean-François Legaret, Mayor of Paris' 1st District; Gérard Lauton, representative of France's National Union of Higher Education; Jean-Pierre Michel, former Senator and founder of the French Committee for a Democratic Iran; François Colcombet, President of the Foundation for Middle Eastern Studies (FEMO); and Pierre Bercis, President of Nouveaux Droits de l'Homme.
In his address, Gilbert Mitterrand referred to a recent report by Amnesty International which called 2018 the year of shame for Iran during which 7,000 people were arrested for protesting against the regime. He went on to conclude that the Iranian Resistance is the alternative to mullahs.

Dr. Alejo Vidal-Quadras said, “I call on the EU to take a hard line with this theocratic and terrorist regime which has no future. The EU must stop its appeasement policies and support the Iranian opposition instead of the mullahs. Appeasement only encourages the mullahs to commit more crimes in Iran and more terrorism in Europe. The EU has to put the entire Iranian Intelligence Ministry and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps on its terrorism blacklist.”
Michèle de Vaucouleurs said, “I am here today to testify that as a Member of Parliament, I find the human rights situation in Iran truly regrettable, and I hope this year will be the last year that you have to endure these sufferings.”
Senator Jean-Pierre Michel said, “I want to call upon our governments, European governments, Mr. Jean-Yves Le Drian, and Mrs. Federica Mogherini, do not fear the Iranian Resistance. Open your eyes and ears. Retake the dignity that the status of Europe brings upon you, take back the dignity of the Europeans. Support the Iranian Resistance.”
The powerful march that swept through the streets of Paris in the cold weather with the rhythms of the drums and passionate slogans reflected the strength of the spirit of resistance among Iranians and the participating demonstrators. It reflected the voices of the Iranian people who never stopped their protests and strikes over the past year.
At the end of the march, the final statement of the rally was announced. It condemned the terrorist acts of the mullahs against the opposition in Europe, the continued proliferation of dangerous missiles and nuclear weapons, the continuing repression and killings in Iran, and in the regional wars. It further urged the international community to decisively confront the regime and to recognize the right of the Iranian people and Resistance to overthrow the clerical regime.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 8, 2019



Maryam Rajavi: All Iranians demand freedom, democracy, and overthrow of mullahs' regime

Hail to you my fellow compatriots, the friends of the Iranian Resistance and our dear guests,
You convey the cries of all Iranians against tyranny and dependence. You are the voice of all Iranians who call for the overthrow of the clerical regime and demand the establishment of a republic, based on democracy and separation of religion and state.
From here, we would send our warmest greetings to the protesters in Iran, to the freedom fighters of the resistance units, and the standard bearers of freedom all across the nation.
On the anniversary of the Iranian people’s anti-monarchic revolution, I pay tribute to all the trailblazers and leaders of that great revolution, particularly to Mohammad Hanifnejad, Saeid Mohsen and Ali Asghar Badizadegan, to Massoud Ahmadzadeh, Pouyan, Bijan Jazani, and Shokrollah Paknejad.
Today is February 8th. On the 37th anniversary of the martyrdom of Ashraf Rajavi, Moussa Khiabani and the Mojahedin who accompanied them in their heroic battle, we salute them. Their sacrifice guaranteed the resistance of the people of Iran against the mullahs’ anti-Iranian Caliphate.
With the overthrow of the Shah’s corrupt dictatorship and his regime of torture, his true successors, namely Khomeini and Khamenei, took over the helms. Our people faced a whirlpool of horror and darkness which they had to go through in order to achieve freedom.
Hail to the people of Iran who have paved most of this tortuous path with their uprisings and battles such as the one on June 20, 1981, the Eternal Light battles and the perseverance in Asharf.
Today, we are hopeful and we can see the signs of victory culminated in the uprisings and protests throughout the past year.
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Iran regime change rally in Paris calls for opposition recognition

Paris, Feb. 8, 2019 - Iranians from across the globe rallied in Paris on Friday calling for a free Iran and seeking regime change by the Iranian people and their organized opposition, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).

The rally took place as a few days remain to the 40th anniversary of the 1979 Revolution which saw the ouster of the Shah regime and the rise of mullahs to power in Iran.

Iranian opposition President Maryam Rajavi delivered the keynote speech at the even, as the rally also featured a slate of international dignitaries, mainly from France.

Jean-François Legaret - When a regime is illegitimate it has to be overthrown

“After 40 years, the dictatorship is about to be overthrown,” said Jean-François Legaret, the mayor of the 8th arrondissement of Paris, France. “This regime is torturing people every day. The regime is not capable to provide the needs of its people. This is an illegitimate regime. When a regime is illegitimate it has to be overthrown.”...

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi - World should recognize Iranian Resistance

“Every Iranian longs for a republic, for democracy, for separation of religion and state, and for the overthrow of the mullahs’ rule. The Iranian nation sacrificed 120,000 of her children but did not give in. She never surrendered and the uprisings and revolts continued. And this is an uprising until victory,” said Iranian opposition President Maryam Rajavi, head of the NCRI....

Gilbert Mitterrand - Support the alternative to Iran’s regime

“The Iranian authorities are celebrating the anniversary of 40 years of revolution. They’ve used the economy of Iran for war and corruption,” said Gilbert Mitterand, President of the Fondation France Libertés - Danielle-Mitterrand Foundation..

Sid Ahmed Ghozali - Mullahs’ terrorist threat will double

“I would like to offer my hope and support for Mr. Massoud Rajavi, leader of the Iranian Resistance. The people who overthrew the dictatorship of Shah are also going to overthrow the mullahs,” said former Algerian Prime Minister Sid Ahmed Ghozali...

François Colcombet - You provide hope for Iran

“Your force and determination gives us hope. In all circumstance, it was you that gave us hope. This manifestation shows that the choice is not the Iranian regime. It is you,” said François Colcombet, former magistrate and deputy of the Allier, and co-founder of the Union of the Magistrature.

Mahnaz Salimian - Khamenei, your end has come

“Resistance Units today are the evolution of all the struggles of the Iranian people in the past century,” said NCRI Secretary Mahnaz Salimian....

Jean-Pierre Michel - Europe must open its eyes

“All European governments, open your eyes. Restore the dignity of your countries. Support the Iranian Resistance. Stop following your economic interests at the expense of your dignity,” said former French Senator Jean-Pierre Michel...

Gerard Lauton - We have a common dream for a free Iran

“The Iranian regime has the world record in executions. The Iranian government has cracked down on protests by workers. That’s why syndicates in France are supporting their movement,” said Gerard Lauton, representative of French Teachers’ Syndicate...

Alejo Vidal-Quadras - EU must stop appeasing Iran’s regime

“In the past four decades, the people of Iran have suffered a lot under the rule of the dictator mullahs. But the Iranian people have not submitted to the Iranian regime, and you are proof of that,” said former European Parliament Vice-President Alejo Vidal-Quadras.
“Last year, the people of Iran were chanting, ‘conservatives, moderates, the game is over.’ This year, we’ve seen the resistance units spread the message of hope and resistance across Iran,” said the President of the international committee “In Search of Justice.”...

George Sabra - Iran’s regime has inflamed the region

“The Iranian regime has been committing crimes not only against the people of Iran but against the people of the entire Middle East region for 40 years,” said George Sabra, former president of the Syrian National Council.
“This is a day of revenge by all the people who have been martyred by the Iranian regime, and a day to support the Iranian resistance. This is a rage against the Iranian government that has turned the region into a battlefield through its terrorist politics,” he added.
“The regime is now exporting its terrorism to Europe, to here in Paris,” Sabra warned, while emphasizing freedom is coming.
“Freedom is for the people. The terrorist regime of Iran is also a source of support for the terrorist regime of Bashar al-Assad and other terrorist groups. Freedom for the people of Iran and Syria!” he concluded.
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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Feb.2019-#Iran-#Iranprotests& #Strikes -reports& #news

Series of protests reported across Iran

Unpaid wages and poor work conditions trigger protests in several Iranian cities

Feb. 27, 2019 - On Tuesday, protests over economic woes, government corruption and the repression of the Iranian regime continued in various Iranian cities. Below is a small glimpse of protests happening across Iran.

Workers of Tabriz railway go on strike again
Tehran University students protest to arbitrary rules
Taxi drivers in Dorud hold protests, demand the release of their jailed coworkers
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How Iran’s state-backed credit institutions looted billions of dollars out of the people’s pockets

Retirees rallying outside the mullahs’ Majlis (parliament)

Feb. 26, 2019 - Retired government employees, along with retired military personnel, rallied on Tuesday outside the regime’s Majlis in Tehran, the capital of Iran, protesting poor living conditions, discrimination and the violation of their rights. These retirees have long been demanding the mullahs’ regime provide the pensions they are entitled to under law.
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Iranian teachers, educators and government retirees hold protests in front of parliament

Feb. 24, 2019 - On Sunday, a large crowd of Iranian teachers, educators and retired public sector workers gathered in front of the Majlis (parliament) to protest against the regime’s incompetency and neglect in responding to their most basic demands.
The protests are taking place while the Majlis is discussing the budget for the next Persian year (starting March 21), which will also include the salaries of public sector workers.
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Latest report of numerous protests checkered across Iran

Feb. 21, 2019 - Various cities throughout Iran witnessed a large number of protests by people from all walks of life. Storeowners in Tehran, people who pre-ordered vehicles from state-run companies of Changan and Saipa, retired employees of the Haft Tapeh sugarcane mill in Shush and Torbat-e Heydarieh, municipality workers of Khorramabad and Zanjan, employees and workers of the East Azerbaijan Province Communications Company, and workers of the “Jahan” vegetable oil company all held protest rallies seeking answers to their rightful demands.
Hundreds of storeowners of Tehran’s Kuhak-e Resalat bazaar protested the authorities’ measures to close the entire complex. This rally was held outside of the regime’s so-called “Mostazafan Foundation.”

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Depositors of corrupt Iranian credit institutions hold demonstrations in Tehran and Kermanshah

Feb. 20, 2019 - On Tuesday, depositors of state-backed Caspian Credit institution gathered in front of the Iranian regime’s public court in Tehran and marched in the Tehran Bazaar toward the Iranian regime’s attorney general’s office. The protesters were chanting “Where are our possessions, the attorney general is asleep” and “why isn’t the country’s law being upheld?”
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Iranian workers continue protests over privatization of oil company

Feb. 19, 2019 - The workers of Jahan Vegetable Oil Company in Zanjan, Azerbaijan province, have been protesting for several days over the privatization of the company and eight months of unpaid wages. On Sunday, the workers held the third consecutive day of their demonstrations in front of the governor’s office in Zanjan.
The workers have been protesting for several months over unpaid wages and lack of job security. In November, after several week of protests, officials promised to regularly pay the company's workers, which number in the hundreds.
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The intensifying wave of strikes by Iran’s railroad workers

Feb. 17, 2019 - In recent weeks, strikes and protests by railroad workers in different regions of Iran have intensified. Most of the striking workers are employed by contractors companies like Travers, and their salaries aren’t guaranteed. In some cases, the workers have not received their pay for more than 20 months.
These workers don’t have official contracts and are being forced into unfair conditions by their employers, sometimes called “white contracts.” There’s no legal and judicial backing for their most basic right, which is being compensated for their hard work.
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Teachers across Iran resume protests over low pay, suppression

Feb. 15, 2019 - On Thursday, teachers in several Iranian cities held demonstrations in protest to the Iranian regime’s suppression of activists, poor work conditions and low pay, among other demands.
Teachers and retired educators in Ardebil, Kermanshah, Marivan, Mashhad, Urmia and Sanandaj held rallies in tandem and called on the regime to respond to their demands, which they’ve been reiterating regularly for most of the past year.
One of the main demands of the teachers is the release of teacher activists from prison. On Thursday, the teachers were holding placards that read, “In a country where teachers are behind bars, we can only weep blood.”
According to reports, the Iranian regime had dispatched plainclothes agents and suppressive forces to disperse protesters in various locations.
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Nine Protests Across Iran on Sunday

There were nine protest rallies held across Iran on Sunday, with several different groups in the capital Tehran demanding to be paid for their work, while elsewhere people were demanding the return of their looted money and others were calling on the Iranian government to protect the environment. Let’s look at them in more detail.

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Iran Regime Attacks Peace Protest for Water Rights

Security forces use tear gas, pepper spray to disperse protesting teachers

Feb. 8, 2019 - Hundreds of teachers in Isfahan, central Iran, rallied alongside the city’s famous Zayanderud River on Thursday, protesting the mullahs’ unjust policies, including the drying up of Zayanderud’s waters, and demanding changes. People from all walks of life were seen joining the protesting teachers in this gathering.
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Protests Continue Across the Country

Widespread discontent across Iran is still very much in the forefront. Last year was marked by major protests and anti-government demonstrations and this year is set to continue in the same way.
The people have made it very clear that they will not tolerate the regime’s corruption and mismanagement and they are adamant that regime change will come soon.
Over the weekend, angry protesters took to the streets in several cities across the country, including railways workers in Ahvaz, young people in Tehran, farmers in Isfahan, dam workers in Gachsaran and teachers in Karoun and Bavi.
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Depositors of Caspian Credit Institution march in front of the Iranian regime’s judiciary

Feb. 5, 2019 - On Monday, the depositors of Caspian Credit institution demonstrated in front of the Iranian regime’s judiciary branch and marched toward Vali Asr Square. The protesters were chanting, “They betrayed us, but there were no court proceedings,” and “They betrayed their commitments but there were no court proceedings.”
The protesters were criticizing the judicial system for taking no action against the high level corruption that has been plaguing the country’s financial system. “Why isn’t the law enforced in our country?” the protesters were shouting.
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Iranian students hold gathering to commemorate victims of university bus accident

Feb. 3, 2019 - On Saturday, students of the Science and Research unit of Tehran’s Azad University gathered to commemorate 10 students who lost their lives 40 days earlier in a bus accident, a ritual that is part of the Shiite Islam culture.
On December 25, a bus carrying students from the Science and Research unit of Tehran’s Azad University veered off a steep, mountainous road and crashed into a cement block, causing the death of 10 passengers and injuring 28 others.
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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Jan.2019-#Iranprotests& #Strikes -reports& #news

Nine Protests Across Iran on Sunday
There were nine protest rallies held across Iran on Sunday, with several different groups in the capital Tehran demanding to be paid for their work, while elsewhere people were demanding the return of their looted money and others were calling on the Iranian government to protect the environment. Let’s look at them in more detail.
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Over 271 protests in January in Iran

The Iranian Regime continued to be besieged by protests in January 2019, more than a year after the anti-regime uprising began, with over 271 protests recorded across 72 cities, villages, and industrial areas. That’s an average of nine protests per day.
This is still lower than the amount that Iran was used to seeing during 2018, but it is likely only a temporary thing, due to poor weather (i.e. large snowfalls), limited payment of the workers, and the systematic suppression and mass arrests of protesters over the past couple of months. Let’s look at the breakdown of these protests.
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Iranian teachers continue their protests in second half of January
Jan. 31, 2019 - Among the different segments of the Iranian population regularly protesting against the tyrannical rule of the mullahs, the demonstrations and strikes of teachers are especially notable.
As the mentors of the future generations of Iran, the freedom-loving teachers of Iran have been constantly protesting since the end of 2017, when protests erupted across Iran. While pursuing their just demands, the teachers of Iran are regularly manifesting their intellect by holding gatherings at the tombs of historical figures such as Mirza Zadeh Eshghi, the revolutionary journalist who was murdered by the dictatorship of Reza Khan.
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Teachers in Kermanshah resume protests as Iranian regime fails to meet their demands

Jan. 27, 2019 - Saturday saw more demonstrations and strikes in different Iranian cities. Economic woes, corruption and government mismanagement have become the principal source of protests by different segments of the Iranian population.
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Angry Iran Khodro, Saipa car purchasers rallying in Tehran

Jan. 26, 2019 - People who have purchased vehicles from the Iran Khodro and Saipa companies held a rally today in Tehran, the capital of Iran. These angry customers are protesting the car company officials’ refusal to provide the cars after they have been paid for.
Protesters were seen chanting, “Iran Khodro and Saipa are associated to the mafia," a term regularly used by protesters in various cities to reference government-run financial corruption.
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 Protests in Iranian cities continue over unpaid wages, unemployment and government mismanagement

Teachers across Iran protesting delayed paychecks
Jan. 25, 2019 - Teachers in the provinces of Kermanshah, Alborz, Isfahan and Ardabil rallied on Thursday, protesting delayed paychecks and poor living conditions. Skyrocketing prices of every day goods and inflation are becoming major concerns for these hard-working and yet deprived teachers throughout the country.
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Retirees protesting in Tehran, raising significant demands 

Retirees rallied outside the Iranian regime’s Labor Ministry in Tehran on Tuesday, protesting the authorities’ refusal to reply to their demands. The protesters were chanting:
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Caspian creditors holding protest rally in Tehran

Tehran, the capital of Iran, was the scene of clients of the Caspian credit firm protesting and demanding their stolen money returned. The Caspian credit firm is known for its direct link to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).
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Numerous reports of protests in a variety of cities
Jan. 20, 2019 - Protests are reported from numerous cities across Iran on Sunday.
More than 150 volunteers of medical sciences in Tehran’s Azad University held a rally outside the regime’s Majlis (parliament) protesting their limbo education status.

Iranian labor union warns against continued suppression of Ahvaz steel workers
 On Saturday, the Free Union of Workers published a statement, in which it condemned the repressive conditions set against workers of Ahvaz who were recently release from prison on bail.
“The extraction of a 2.5-billion-rial bail from the families of Karim Siahi and Tariq Kholfi shows that wave of repression continues against the workers of Iran National Steel Industrial Group, who were demanding for their most basic rights during their 38-day strikes and streets protests,” the union wrote in its statement.

A look at Iranian teachers’ protests in January

Corruption by state-run Iranian vehicle manufacturers trigger more protests

2019 - On Wednesday, more than 200 customers of state-run Iran Khodro vehicle manufacturer held demonstrations in front of the offices of the Ministry of Industry. The demonstrators, who had registered in advance to purchase vehicles at discount prices, are protesting against unfair practices and the increase of prices against commitments made by the manufacturer.
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Unpaid wages continue to trigger labor protests in Iranian cities
Jan. 17, 2019 - On Wednesday, the workers of the Ahvaz Urban Train project held a demonstration in front of the headquarters of the organization in Ahvaz, Khuzestan province, and continued their protests to unpaid wages.

Iran intel figure: People rallied in 160 cities
Jan. 16, 2019 - Ali Rabie, a Deputy Intelligence Minister of the Iranian regime and a former labor minister, made startling remarks in an interview signaling how people in 160 cities across the country held protest rallies during a nationwide uprising that began at the end of 2017. These protests may be repeated, he added.

More cities across Iran reporting increasing protests
Jan. 16, 2019 - A year after the Dec/Jan 2018 uprising that swept over 140 cities across the country, this year there is a seemingly unstoppable trend of reports of protests coming from throughout the country.
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Customers of corrupt state-backed financial institutions hold demonstrations in Rasht
On Tuesday, the customers of Caspian Credit Institution held a demonstration in front of the offices of this organization in Rasht and demanded the return of their plundered investments.
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Protests in Tehran, Mashhad and Ahvaz Jan. 15, 2019 - On Monday, several cities across Iran witnessed protests by angry people whose rights have been trampled by the Iranian regime and its affiliated companies and organizations.
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Various protests reported across Iran Jan. 14, 2019 - Numerous cities throughout Iran witnessed protest rallies on Sunday by people from all walks of life.
A group of rail workers in Ahvaz, southwest Iran, held a gathering at their workshop, protesting not receiving their paychecks or answers to other demands.
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Protests continue in several Iranian cities over financial corruption and government-backed fraud On Sunday, customers of Caspian credit institution held a demonstration in Tehran, stressing they will continue their protests until their stolen funds are returned to them.
The protesters were calling on the Majlis (parliament) and Iranian regime officials to stay true to their own laws and to hold the perpetrators of a large Ponzi scheme that has robbed millions of people of their investments to account.
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Protests and strikes in Tehran, Shadegan and Yasuj Jan. 13, 2019 - On Saturday, demonstrations and strikes continued in various cities of Iran.
Tehran: Demonstrations by customers of Bahman Khodro
A group of customers of Bahman Khodro vehicle manufacturer gathered in front of the headquarters of the company in Tehran and held demonstrations in protest for not having received their purchased vehicles.
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Workers of Haft Tapeh sugar mill go on strike again Jan. 11, 2019 - On Thursday, the workers of Haft Tapeh sugar mill, located in Khuzestan province’s Shush city, went on strike and demonstrated in front of the offices of the managers of the company.
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Tehran car purchasers protesting authorities’ failures On Friday, purchasers of Iran Khodro and Saipa, two state-owned Iranian vehicle manufacturers, held a rally in Tehran, protesting these two companies’ pricing policies and refusing to deliver the vehicles purchased by these individuals. This rally was held at Tehran’s auto exhibition.
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Teachers continue protests in various cities

On Thursday, teachers were seen holding protests in a variety of cities across the country in Iran.
In Ardabil, northwest Iran, teachers held a gathering to both express solidarity with their colleagues in other cities, and protest low paychecks and regime officials refusing to provide answers to their demands. This gathering was held outside the city’s Education Department.
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Farmers of Varzaneh hold large gathering in Isfahan Jan. 10, 2019 - On Wednesday, famers of Isfahan’s Varzaneh gathered in Isfahan’s Golzar mosque in protest to the trampling of their rights to water by the government. In the past weeks, the farmers of Varzaneh have been continuously protesting to water shortages stemming from the destructive policies of the Iranian regime.
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Protests in various Iranian cities over economic woes and government mismanagment
Jan. 9, 2019 - On Tuesday, a group of customers of Saipa, a state-owned Iranian vehicle manufacturer, gathered in Tehran’s car exhibition hall and sat down in protest. The protesters were demanding Saipa to stay true to its commitments regarding the presale of its vehicles
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Employees of Farmers’ Insurance Fund hold demonstrations in Tehran
Protests in various Iranian cities

Jan. 7, 2019 - On Sunday, hundreds of employees of the Agriculture Insurance Fund from across the country gathered in Tehran and demonstrated in front of the building of the Recruitment Organization.
The employees were protesting for not having job security and are demanding to be officially hired. These workers had previously held similar demonstrations.
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Farmers in central Iran, others in Tehran hold protest rallies

In Varzaneh of Isfahan Province, central Iran, farmers held a protest rally on Sunday, gathered in the city’s Darvazeh Abbas district and went on to march through the streets, protesting not receiving their share of river waters.

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Ahvaz steel workers condemn the arrest of their coworker and transformation of factory into a military complex

The workers of the Iran National Steel Industrial Group condemned the brutal behavior of Iranian security forces and the arrest and torture of their colleagues in a statement.
In their statement, the workers stipulated that their factory has effectively become a military base, and they condemned the entrance of security forces into the complex and the threatening of the workers. Their statement reads:
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Isfahan farmers hold demonstrations, chant “death to Rouhani”

Iran, Jan. 4, 2019 - On Friday, the farmers of Varzaneh, east Isfahan, returned to the Darvazeh Dolat square to hold demonstrations in protest to the government’s policies that have resulted in their deprivation from water to irrigate their fields.
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Demonstrations of farmers in Isfahan and retirees in Tehran and Mashhad
On Wednesday, January 2, retirees in Tehran and Mashhad and farmers in Isfahan demonstrated in protest of the tyranny of the clerical regime, their dire livelihood and the failure to implement the deceptive promises of the regime.
In Tehran, a large group of retirees gathered in front of the regime’s parliament. They chanted: Retiree, stand up, against oppression and discrimination; the government betrays, the parliament protects; we will not rest until we get our rights; no nation has ever seen such a lousy parliament; cry out from this much injustice; they use Islam to suppress people; imprisoned teacher must be freed; political prisoner must be freed; worker, teacher, student, unity, unity; enough oppression, our table is empty; we are all together; inflation, grief, answer Rouhani. At the same time, in Mashhad, the retirees gathered and demanded their rightful claims.
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Iranian authorities frantically warn about the threat of uprisings and the role of PMOI/MEK
On Sunday, the Iranian regime held “anti-demonstrations,” government-organized gatherings meant to prevent protests from erupting on the anniversary of the “Ashura uprising” in December 2009, where thousands of people poured into the streets of different cities in Iran and confronted security forces in heavy clashes. However, despite the widespread efforts led by the regime, the events turned out to be very desolate, with very few attendants, mostly agents of the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij.
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Azad University’s bus accident, another manifestation of the Iranian regime’s corruption and incompetency

Various protest rallies in Iran 

Jan. 1, 2018 - Numerous cities across Iran witnessed a variety of protest rallies on Tuesday. In the town of Varzaneh of Isfahan Province, central Iran, hardworking farmers took to the streets once again, protesting the policies of Iranian regime authorities rerouting local river waters for government and Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) projects. These initiatives are leaving locals deprived of any water for their lands.
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