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Iran- Who is Hassan Rouhani,Iran's Executioner?

Iran’s Presidential Election: Democracy Or Theocracy Seeking Legitimacy?

Daily Caller, April, 8, 2017 - Iran’s presidential election will be held on May 19th. Many in the West are interested to know if the so-called “reformist” Hassan Rouhani , the incumbent, will be reelected, or will he be replaced by a candidate of the “hardliners”? And will Iran head towards real change following this presidential election?

Incumbent Iranian regime President Hassan Rouhani for 2017 Presidential Elections

Remarks by Chair of Foreign Affairs Committee of NCRI, on Rouhani's Position on Assad's Chemical Attack on the Syrian People

By Tony Duheaume-Al-Arabiya, 24 February 2017

Iran’s complicity with North Korea a nuclear threat to the world

A good report :American Thinker , 23 Nov. 2016- As we begin to wind down to the end of Hassan Rouhani ’s term as president of the regime in Iran, it is time to take a look back at the past four years.
Who is Rouhani?
Shame on Rouhani the murdered who is sitting in the chair at UN committee and no one ask him how come in 2 years since you took power there was 2000 execution? Why after Iran nuclear deal the number of execution has extended? 

Today and tomorrow is the only chance for freedom lovers for Iran to raise voice against #Iran'ian Regime's Crime@ #NewYorkRally #No2Rouhani #No execution it is time to be in front of UN billding in NY be the voice of Iranian people when you have this chance

Little known about Rouhani is the fact that he was a member of the Committee for Special Operations (Omure Vijeh Committee), which authorized extralegal terrorist attacks and assassinations, including the suicide truck bombing of Khobar Towers in Saudia Arabia that kill 19 Americans and injured nearly 400 others.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is often mischaracterized in the West as a moderate and force for change. While stylistically he may appear reasonable and forthcoming, he's a consummate insider who has been at the pinnacle of power most of his life, supporting extremist fundamentalist policies.

For 17 years Rouhani has been a member of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), the country's top decision-making panel that oversees defense and national security issues.

Rouhani was twice National Security Adviser to the President; Chief Nuclear Negotiator; Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Services; member of the Supreme Defense Council; Commander of the Air Defense Force; member of the Council of Experts; and five times an elected member of the Majlis, where he served as head of the Defense Committee.

Less well known is Rouhini's key role in supporting terrorism; his support for chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons; how he duped the West when he was Iran's top nuclear negotiator; his early years as a fundamentalist activist and protege of Ayatollah Khomeini; and his hardline opposition to human rights, freedom, and democracy.

These issues and others are discussed on this website to provide a realistic appraisal of Rouhani and his true ambitions as President of Iran.
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