Thursday, July 30, 2015

Iran-Eu-nuke deal-FedericaMog trip to Iran carried 15 victim to the gallows,3 were hanged in puplic in her present

#Iran #Eu #nuke deal #Rohany ’s Plays ominous song of death and @FedericaMog  Smiles
FedericaMog trip to Iran carried 15 victim to the gallows,3 were hanged in public in her present. At the same time2 women are in death row, also 5 men in Kerman prison has been taken to sole sell, for execution

I wondered if she was taken for fun to visit the Scene of hanging in the public in Karaj? or did they brought her the video of it now that #Rohany’s Plays ominous song of death and FedericaMog  Smiles
I prayed that this trip ended sooner now that she had her silence with the smile and confirm the death penalty of Iranian.
I say step back from negotiation table and let Iranian people overthrow mullah’s regime.
Let us to Chang regime and don't trample Iranian legislated right for fight no more.

#Rohany,s Plays ominous song of death and@FedericaMog  Smiles

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Iran-27th anniversary of massacre of 30000 political prisoners in Iran


  To day is 27th anniversary of massacre of 3000 political prisoner in Iran and the mass execution is going in in Iran and  the world are still remain salience.

 picture from

Worse than that is that the official is sitting and negotiating whit the god father of ISSES.

 while Mogherini  is visiting Iran in tow days 14 prisoners had been executed. 
And whit her silence she is encouraging them to do so.  
I really don't know what is rung whit them? This is my word to them:

here is JOHN BOLTON views take a look at it

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Iran-Tehran-nuclear deal- An inflammable letter-Iranian people pay with their blood for human rights

Iranian people pay with their blood for human right
 Seeing this photo burns me down to my bones
Here it is an  inflammable letter from the mother of Rayhaneh Jabari 26 year old girl who was hanged for defending her self
 for details Click here

After nuclear deal Iranian prisoners on death row

  To day is Tuesday,  let’s take a look what is the cost of one trip to Iran by @FedericaMog
This is the latest news about hanging prisoner in this week in Iran:
 NCRI – Three Iranian men were on Saturday hanged in a prison in the city of Ilam, western Iran, local regime officials announced.

NCRI – Two Iranian men were hanged on Sunday in the main prison in Bandar Abbas, southern Iran.

Another mass execution in #Iran. 9 prisoners hanged on Monday in Karaj prison.Shamefully @FedericaMog is silent.
As she is blind and kip silent lets take a look on other  activities against her silence. This are the main articles:

MEPs urge Mogherini to meet political prisoners in Iran

NCRI - Alarmed by a visit to Iran by the European Union’s foreign policy chief Ms. Federica Mogherini on Tuesday, over two dozen Members of the European Parliament have called on the EU to ‘put human rights as a top priority for any expansion of relationship with Iran.’ 

Mogherini should not forgo human rights in Iran trip - European lawmaker 

The EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Ms Federica Mogherini, is traveling to Tehran on Tuesday to open a new dialogue on "bilateral issues" with Iranian officials a fortnight after the nuclear deal between Iran and the world powers. Yet her trip puts in peril Europe's democratic values, Alejo Vidal-Quadras, former Vice-President of the European Parliament, wrote in a column for the United Press International on Tuesday:

The nuclear agreement should not be an excuse for the EU to be silent in the face of the Iranian regime's appalling human rights conduct. Ms Mogherini should make the key theme of her trip to Iran a public pronouncement to the Iranian authorities to halt executions and free political prisoners. Otherwise the regime will use her visit as a propaganda tool to discourage calls for democracy among the Iranian people.

Last i remind the latest statement of Maryam Rajavi

Message by Maryam Rajavi to the meeting at the US Congress


The main flaw of the policy of appeasement and Iran deal it’s the silence on human rights abuse in Iran and mullahs hegemonic goals in the region