Thursday, September 3, 2015

IRAN-EU-SYRIA- A Syrian child Image,drowned shook the world-massage of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi

Hail to the people of Europe for their solidarity with Syrian refugees

orld's conscience has been moved by scenes of homeless Syrians, distressed women, men and children, flooding Europe in pursuit of refuge and getting stranded in Hungary, Macedonia, Italy, Germany and Austria with an uncertain future.

 A Syrian child Image,drowned shook the world

The horrendous deaths of 71 asylum seekers in a delivery truck abandoned in Austria, and the drowning of another group in the Mediterranean on their way from Turkey to Greece are the sequel of Assad's atrocities against the oppressed people of Syria under the auspices of the Iranian regime.
Iran-Syria- Maryam Rajavi's massage

Had the U.S. and EU not acquiesced to the crimes of Iran's religious fascism, Assad and Maliki in Syria and Iraq and to the genocide and bloodbath in these two countries, the peoples of Syria and Iraq would not become homeless and the terrorist ISIS would not expand in their countries.
I salute all the youths, intellectuals, human rights defenders and all humanitarian and progressive people in Europe who have called for acceptance of Syrian asylum seekers and pressured their governments to change their policies in this regard.

Iran-Syria- Maryam Rajavi's massage

EU must move beyond crisis mode on migration

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