Friday, September 18, 2015

Iran-Iran nuclear Deal-Watch Where Your Money Goes in Iran,Iran regime frees Al-Qaeda terrorists

Number of executions under Rouhani reaches near to 2000. Halt in executions must be a precondition for West establishing relations with ‪‎Iran‬

this is a legitimate demand that Mrs Maryam Rajavi has announced

Maryam Rajavi

In recent days Iran regime frees Al-Qaeda terrorists

The regime in Iran has released five senior al Qaeda operatives from detention and will soon allow them to leave the country, prompting fears they will join other terrorists in Syria planning attacks on the West, Sky News has reported.

According to Sky News' intelligence sources, three of the five are members of al Qaeda's ruling committee, the Shura Council.

"They were released in exchange for an Iranian diplomat kidnapped in Yemen earlier this year," the report said.

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“Don’t” is the word Iranian exiles have for US businesses looking to open their doors in Iran.

To a person, they are warning that doing business with the theocratic regime of Iran’s Khamenei was fraught with risk.
“Americans who develop a business in Iran will find that not a penny they pay in fees to the government will go to help the poor, the 70 percent-plus of Iranians in their teens and 20s who are unemployed, or the teachers who haven’t been paid in six months,” said Allen Tasslimi, New Jersey venture capitalist and president of the Association of Iranian-Americans of New Jersey, whose younger brother was executed by the clerical regime in the 1980s.
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Americans rallying in New York against Iran nuclear deal

The Hill, 8 September 2015

By Mark Mellman

In our representative democracy, public policy only imperfectly reflects public opinion.
Fortunately, Democrats passed healthcare reform despite the fact that, among the public at the time, opponents outnumbered supporters by 5 to 15 points. Republicans shut down the government in 2013 despite 3-to-1 opposition from voters.
And, of course, Republicans stopped legislation mandating background checks for all gun purchasers even though voters favor the proposal by a 75-point margin.
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