Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Paris - Text of speech by daughter of political prisoner Saleh Kohandel, at a conference on human rights in Iran on the occasion of the World Day Against the Death Penalty

Greetings to my dear sister Maryam [Rajavi] and all you dear friends,
Greetings to the combatants in Camp Liberty and all my compatriots that hear my voice,

My name is Paria Kohandel and I left Iran only a few months ago.
My father is political prisoner Saleh Kohandel who is imprisoned in the dreaded Gohardasht Prison.
On April 19, 2011, my dear uncle Akbar and my beloved aunt Mahdieh were martyred in an attack [on Camp Ashraf] by Nuri Maliki’s paid hands.

My dear sister Maryam, I bring you many greetings and hails.
The greetings of thousands of political prisoner in Iran prisons;
The cries of mothers whose tears rain down on the floors of prisons;
The greetings of the working children with calloused hands who are waiting to breathe the clean air that you represent; the air of liberty and emancipation;
The greetings of the trampled girls in the pus of mullahs’ ruled society;
The greetings of those who kiss the noose in Gohardasht, Evin and Kahrizak.
My greetings have passed through the barbed wires of Gohardasht, the thick walls of Evin, and the storehouses of Qarchak;
The prisons that during my childhood I used to run in their dusty visitors’ halls.

I am the weekly voyager to Gohardasht and Evin prisons. As my father says, the Pari with a wonderful voice whose father lived only 20 minutes a week.

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Mrs. Pakravan says come to me to tell you a bitter story, perhaps you would wake up and join our hands and be a part of those who oppose execution. Perhaps your dreams would become our dreams of an Iran without execution, an Iran without the death penalty.

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