Sunday, October 4, 2015

Iran-Maryam Rajavi's message:Suicides on the rise, Iranian society restive under the mullahs

 Iran is witnessing rise in suicides and self-emulations in cities across the country, particularly in impoverished areas. This is the consequence of the mullahs’ subjugation of Iranian society and pressures imposed on people beyond their tolerance.

Iran-Maryam Rajavi's message:Suicides

Omid Rashedi, 36, in Ahwaz; Mansour Kayhani, retired teacher in Songhor; Ali Akbari, 45-year-old worker in Darou-Pakhsh Factory; Hamid Farrokhi, 43, deprived peddler from Tabriz; and Younes Asakereh, 31, worker in Khorramshahr, are but examples of the wave of suicide surging in recent months under the inhuman rule of the mullahs' regime.
Every year, thousands of desperate men and women commit suicide. Such shocking incidents have risen in number among Iran’s women and youths.
The mullahs have taken over and spent the nation’s wealth and revenues on repression and subjugation of the populace and to prop up Bashar Assad’s tyrannical regime.
The toll of this conduct is taken in the form of such painful deaths from the people of Iran.
In the face of the Iranian regime and the lethal impact of its rule, it is a humanitarian duty to help our fellow deprived compatriots and everyone who has been dragged into despair under such crushing pressures.
The rage that preys on the lives of our compatriots must turn into waves of protest and resistance and streaming demands for freedom from the ruling tyrants of Iran.  

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