Saturday, October 3, 2015

Iran-Hand in hand we can make a different please take a second and read this

In the night; when all is still... that one unknown sound is heard, the sound of one's own reality....

Growing up, the dire human rights situation in Iran was something that made a major impact in my life. When I heard of the massacre of 1988 my main question was, what if?! what if someone, somewhere had heard about the situation and could've stopped this atrocity? Where 30,000 people were executed in a matter of a few weeks. 

Years later I came into contact with the victims of those atrocities, with children, now all in their late 20's who never got the chance to meet or get to know their parents. Children who grew up with the same question in mind.... what if?

In the past two years the execution toll has been on a rise, with nearly 2000 executions since Rouhani took office. 

We decided to put together this book to echo the voice of the voiceless, to actually be that 'someone' 'somewhere' who actually takes a stand and does something to prevent future "what if"s.

After hundreds of hours of work, the book has come together, but now we need help to print it!

our goal is to be able to raise the funds and have the book published by international day against executions, October 10th and to send this book to the office of human rights organizations, UN missions, the media and make it available to all those who care about human lives. 

Because we hope one day, cranes will be used for construction in our homeland instead of being used for destruction of lives.

We need help to raise money for the following,

We've all pitched in ourselves but this is what is remaining from the total costs. Our request is for you to help us as much as you can, because every help makes a difference!As my mother would always say “drop by drop we can make an ocean”.

We are always thankful of international community, we are grateful of your support regarding human rights in Iran
Here is another request, hoping that this case like other cases will have great impact on international media

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