Tuesday, August 4, 2015

IRAN-Nuclear deal

Iranian resistant conferences in past two days

NCRI-IRan News- Nuclear:Conference at the National Press Club in Washington on the Nuclear deal On Monday, August 3

The panel included: Dr Oli Heninonen, the highly regarded nuclear inspector of Harvard's Belfer center and former deputy director of the united Nations nuclear watchog(IAEA), commander Kirik Lippold who was commander of the USS cole when it was attacked by terrorists in Yaman in 2000, and Mr Aliraza Jafarzadeh, author of the Iran Threat and Deputy Director of the U.S office of National Council of resistance of Iran(NCRI) who first exposed the major nuclear sites of Iran's regime in Natanz and Arak in 2002.
Also in Monday there was an online Iranian youths Conference

This conference was about nuclear deal and its impact on regional security, nuclear weapons verification challenges and on the situation inside Iran.

on human rights abuses 1988 prison massacre in Iran when
On  Saturday, August 1, in an online Conference 

included:Mr Mehdi Abridhamchi, chair of the Peace Committee of Iran(NCRI), Mr. Jamal Ali Bu Hassan,a Bahraini parliamentarian, Dr.Zakaria Alsheik, Chair of the Jordanian parliament National Sterategy Committee, Sheikh Adel Moavedeh,Senator from Bahrain, and Ms. Majedeh al-Navishi, Deputy Chair of the Arab  parliamentarian, women's Union and former Egyptian lawmaker
This conference was about nuclear deal and its impact on the region. NCRI official urges Arab states to support eviction of Iran regime


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