Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Iran- Iran's latest news- uprising in all cities

Workers from the Sarcheshmeh copper production complex in Rafsanjan hold protestWorkers rally over their rights, wages in Iran

Workers in cities across Iran last week held a series of anti-regime protests over their unfair economic situation, demanding overdue wages and proper insurance
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More than 500 on hunger strike in new Iran prison
A protest erupted this week in Tehran’s new central prison over sub-human living conditions

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Mohammad Ali Taheri and his mother Ezzatolmoluk
Political prisoner Mohammad-Ali Taheri who has been in prison for four years, has been condemned to death on the mullahs’ fabricated charge of “corruption on earth by misleading people” while he had been previously condemned to five years in prison and a fine of 9 billion Rials plus 74 lashes for ludicrous charges such as “insulting the sanctities; illicit usage of scientific titles (doctor and engineer); writing misleading books and articles” (Mizan News Agency, affiliated with regime’s judiciary - July 29).
And now, as Mr. Taheri’s prison term is coming to an end, the regime’s henchmen have retried and condemned him to death
Mother of Mohammad Ali Taheri: my child on hunger strike for 8 days
Ezzatolmoluk Taheri, the mother of Mohammad Ali Taheri, said her son has been on hunger strike since August 13
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Atena Daemi, a child rights activist sentenced to 14 yrs behind bars by Iran mullahs
IRGC responsible for my daughter’s life, mother says
The mother of Atena Daemi, an imprisoned activist, wrote a short letter about her daughter’s conditions in detention emphasizing the Revolutionary Guards is responsible for her daughter’s deteriorating conditions
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Ayatollah Kazemeini Borujerdi held in Tehran notorious Evin Prison
political prisoner Ayatollah Kazemeini Borujerdi in dire conditions
According to reports received from inside Iran, the conditions of Ayatollah Kazemeini Borujerdi held in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison have been seriously deteriorating
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Nargis Mohammadi
Nargis Mohammadi's cundition
This is the third week that human rights advocates have staged a sit-in outside Evin Prison with one request: Release Nargis Mohammadi!
Mrs. Mohammadi, Vice President and spokesperson of the Center of Human Rights Advocates, was arrested on April 21 in Zanjan and transferred to Evin Prison
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Kurdish political prisoner Zeinab Jalalian
female prisoner’s conditions after 8 years behind bars
Kurdish political prisoner Zeinab Jalalian is serving her eighth year behind bars while she has been deprived of any leave and is suffering from chronic illnesses
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