Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Iran-Italians delegation trip in Iran-- Rohani's contradictions Actions

take a good look to this picture wath do you think about the Rohani's contradictions Actions?

Here is some more details and update news all this human rights abuses were held at the same time of
the Italian  delegation visiting Iran!!!!!!!!!
Eyes of young man to be gouged according to Iranian regime orders
On Agust 2nd an eye gouging inhuman verdict for 27 year-old man were issued.

Iran-Rohani's amputation of leg & hand photo

The mullah's inhuman regime implemented an amputation verdict by cutting off the right hand and left leg of a prisoner

Executions in Iran under Hassan Rouhani

3 execution in Rafsanjan

Hanging a prison in public on  August 3rd

why Iran needs the policy of death after nuclear deal?

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