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Iran protests: An intensifying wave of social and political dissent

The report of Day 5 of Bazaar merchants' strike and demonstration in Tehran

Uprising of the people of Tehran with the slogans: 
Death to Khamenei; Death to the principle of Velayat-e Faqih; Beware of the day we get armed
Uprising has spread to various cities such as Bandar Abbas, Shahriar, Karaj, Kashan, Qeshm, Shiraz, Kermanshah, and Mashhad

The Capital City Of Iran Has Become The Stage For Massive Protests Which Was Only Witnessed Previously In Other Cities

Night Rallies in Tehran With Slogans of Death to the Dictator
In the final hours of Monday, June 25, the brave people and youth of TehranPars and Khak-e-Sefid in northeastern Capital city Tehran, took to the streets and protested against the clerical regime and its plundering and oppressive policies. They chanted slogans such as “Death to the dictator, Iran has become Palestine, one less embezzlement, our problem is solved.”
The youth were confronting the repressive forces by blocking the streets and setting up fire and preventing them from entering the demonstrations’ areas.
On 2nd day, a large part of the Tehran Bazaar went on strike. Marketers and shopkeepers, including those in the markets of goldsmiths, fabric stores bazaar, Saray-e Pachenar, Saray-e Moshir, shoemakers in Big Charsough, the large bazaar at Small Charsough, the Kuwaitis’ Bazaar, Sabze Meydan, Saray-e Melli, the carpet market in Saray-e Bou Ali and 15th Khordad and the Shah Mosque, Bain al-Haramain Bazaar, the sewing machine marketers in Khayyam Ave., coppersmiths’ Bazaar at Nasser Khosrow, and the marketers at the Parsian passage have joined this massive strike. They are protesting against the currency crisis and the rise in the price of the dollar as high a 9,000 tomans, and the plundering policies of the Iranian regime and its corrupt
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Protest Gatherings of People Against Unprecedented Rise of Dollars Rate
On Sunday, June 24, 2018, the people of Tehran protested against the unprecedented and disproportionate rise in the dollar's rate.
Protesters in the bazaar at Charsotrahan and the Aladdin shopping center (Major Mobile Sales Center), as well as the Istanbul Crossroads and Ferdowsi streets, under the Saadi street, the intersection of the Republic, staged these demonstrations.
They were chanting: Leave Syria, think about us, No Fear, No fear, we are together, Strike, strike will be contiued every day, "Dollar (ten thousand tomans rate), we do not want do not want".
The protesters also called for a total strike by chanting "strike strike
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Maryam Rajavi called all shopkeepers, tradesmen and merchants to support protesters

Ahvaz workers continue protests, colleagues released
With employees of the Ahvaz National Steel Group continuing their protests, Iranian regime authorities have been forced to succumb to their demands and release their arrested colleagues.
As these employees and their families rallied outside the judiciary for numerous days, the Ahvaz judiciary issued a letter on June 21st informing them of the release of the remaining five jailed employees.
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Protests increase on the verge of major convention in Paris
As protests are increasing in numbers across Iran, new reports indicate they have returned to the capital, Tehran, in a significant scale.
In addition to voicing a variety of demands, numerous protest reports on Monday showed people also voicing their support for the upcoming Iranian opposition convention scheduled for June 30th in Paris.
Tehran’s bazaar became the scene of a major demonstration and remarks heard from the people in their slogans indicate they find the Iranian regime completely responsible for their daily dilemmas.
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June 19, 2018 
New protests report from numerous cities across Iran
Shoemakers’ strike and protests by workers, academics, students and lawyers
On Monday, June 18, hundreds of shoe manufacturers and their workers in Tehran closed their shops in protest of the regime's devastating policies and rallied on Bagh-e Sepahsalar Ave. They objected to the cost of the needed materials and the employment of non-Iranian workers in this industry, which has caused unemployment and a dire livelihood for thousands of them. The protesters chanted: "Death to unemployment; death to high costs; our enemy is right here, but they falsely claim it is the United States; Incompetent government, inefficient authorities, unsupported production.”
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Iran Protests: Reports from Tehran, Borujerd & other cities

June 17, 2018 - A variety of incoming reports from different areas of Iran indicate popular protests continue with people actively voicing their demands.

College students in Tehran protested heavy jail sentences issued by the mullahs’ so-called judiciary against their classmates. Social School students rallied on Sunday and demanded these sentences be revoked. The students forced exam cancellations and protested on campus. They were seen holding placards calling on their professors to take a stance and raise their voice.
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Ahvaz National Steel employees continue protests on 16th day

despite the intensive presence of repressive forces for the third week with the slogan "Detained workers must be freed". They protested against the arrest of workers, as well as the failure to pay months of salaries and bonuses and end-of-year rewards (not paid since 2011).
The workers who are living in a dire livelihood situation chanted: “The worker dies; he does not accept humiliation; Let go of Syria, think about us; Our enemy is here, they falsely say it is America; Noble citizen, support, support; Death to the oppressor, salute to the worker”. They also protest the uncertainty of ownership of the company and the lack of factory production lines.
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Iran Truck Drivers’ nationwide gain further support
Fearing further protests and the international political balance of power tilting against the mullahs’ regime, senior officials and those considered close to regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei are seen warning of another uprising spark across the country.
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A land of escalating of protests
Iran, June 7, 2018 - According to reports issued by the Iranian opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), protests and strikes by workers and people from other walks of life continue across the country.
In Bandar Abbas, shipping yard workers protesting not receiving their paychecks for the past few months demonstrated outside the company building.
As truck drivers continue their nationwide strike, gas stations across the country, such as Nasimshahr in Tehran Province, faced fuel shortage for the third consecutive day. Drivers in the cities of Isfahan, Ahvaz, Bandar Abbas, Kerman, Sanandaj, Chahbahar, Shiraz and others are refusing to deliver any goods.
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June 3, 2018
13th day of truck driver strike 
These protests have now engulfed 281 cities and towns throughout all 31 provinces 

Tens of thousands of truck drivers across Iran continued a nationwide strike on Monday, marking its 13th consecutive day.
Strike of truck and heavy vehicles’ drivers has affected many other sectors of the economy and has put the regime in serious trouble. In particular, more than 90% of goods and passengers are transported by road transport vehicles. The anti-popular policies of the mullahs regime that destroyed the economy of the country have a double burden on drivers of trucks and heavy vehicles. In addition to increasing costs and inflation, these drivers suffer from an increase in extortion of the regime under the excuse of commissions, tariffs, etc.
People from all walks of life, alongside a variety of entities throughout Iran, are voicing their support for the tens of thousands of truck drivers on strike in this very restive country.
ehran’s Bus Drivers Union issued a statement supporting the truckers’ protests.
“We consider this strike as completely just and the drivers’ right to continue their protests. We also condemn any acts of aggression against the protesting truck drivers.”
This union is calling for urgent measures in response to the demands raised by these truckers and taxi drivers and calls on the International Transport Workers' Federation to support these strikes.
A group of road and construction engineers in Tehran issued statement in this regard emphasizing:
Day 10 of nationwide strike by Iran's truckers. These truck drivers are refusing to deliver loads as Iran Protests persist. Workers are often not paid for months. They now realize there's more to be gained by striking. (Footage from Kavar, May 31 via MEK activists)
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Report shows numerous protests in different cities

Credit firm clients demanding their savings returned Reports from inside Iran indicate a continuing day of protests on Sunday in cities across the country and by people from all walks of life.
More than 500 employees of the Ahwaz National Steel Company staged a march towards the governor's office. These workers are demanding their paychecks that have been delayed for the past several months.
Clients of the Caspian Credit Co., associated to the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards, protested today in Rasht, northern Iran, and demanded their savings returned.

Employees of the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Company in the city of Shush, southwest Iran, went on strike today protesting three months of delayed paychecks.
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