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Iran protests-News-Name&info of martyrs of Kazerun protest

Ceremony for murdered Kazerun protesters

May 26, 2018 - People of Kazerun held a ceremony on Friday, March 25th, remembering the protesters murdered by the Iranian regime’s security forces in the recent demonstrations. A large number of people took part while security and intelligence units were present at the scene, besieging the entire area and taking measures to prevent people from chanting slogans. Such security forces were stationed across the city.
Authorities had gone the limits to not deliver the bodies of these murdered protesters to their families. The families’ protests and insistence, however, forced city officials to bring an end to this plot.
The burial ceremony for these four protesters was held on May 22 despite the fact that Iranian regime officials sought to force the families to bury their loved ones in four different places and at different timings in order to prevent a large gathering and an angry demonstration.
Two of the protesters were buried in the city’s “Seyed Mohammad” cemetery. Another protester was buried in the Behesht-e Zahra cemetery.
Iranian regime authorities had also cut-off all internet connections and jammed satellite networks to prevent the distribution of any news about Kazerun and the ceremonies.
Security unit commanders had also recalled their uniformed units and dispatched plainclothes agents, yet another step to prevent people’s anger from erupting.

Omid-Reza Yousefian

Omid-Reza Yousefian
Incoming reports indicate Omid Yousefian was shot by anti-riot units during the past few days and suffered a major wound. Unfortunately,He lost his life in a hospital due to the severity of his wounds.
Yousefian was a building painter and said to be between 30 to 34 years of age.

Omid-Reza Yousefian

Ali Mohammadian Azad
Ali Mohammadian Azad is another individual who has been shot and killed by Iranian regime security forces in Kazerun. A large poster with his picture was placed on the wall of his store.
Witnesses say Ali Mohammadian Azad was the hero who burned the tire in front of the police station. literally hunted down by the IRGC and killed during the night protests.

Mehdi (Hadi) Jahantab

Mehdi (Hadi) Jahantab
Mehdi (Hadi) Jahantab was arrested on May 17th, and there was no information about his whereabouts. Due to the resistance and protests of the people who demanded the delivery of the bodies of the martyrs and the release of the arrested, the regime's agents handed over his body to his family on May 21.
His body was literally unidentifiable as authorities had severely tortured this brave protesters. His family was kept in the dark for many days, saying the body cannot be identified, to prevent them from taking further measures.
His body was completely swollen when delivered to his family and friends. Many pellet rounds were also found in his body, making it obvious he was first shot and then severely tortured. He was badly injured and lost his life due to the severity of his wounds.

Reza Ajdari

Reza Ajdari
Azhdari was buried in his home village and authorities banned his family from informing the media.

Funeral ceremony of three martyrs of Kazerun protest

In the afternoon of Tuesday, May 22, the funeral ceremony of the three martyrs of Kazerun uprising, Omid Reza Yousefian, Ali Mohammadian Azad and Hadi (Mehdi) Jahantab, was held with the participation of a large crowd of people in the city. These martyrs were buried in Behesht-e Zahra cemetery and another cemetery known as Seyyed Mohammad in Kazer

Women’s participation was particularly extensive.
While intelligence, police, and plainclothes agents were trying to prevent the anti-government slogans, participants from all over Kazerun, despite these efforts, expressed their anger and hatred of the mullahs’ regime by chanting slogans: Oh my martyred brother, we shall continue your path; My imprisoned brother must be freed; Oh my martyred brother, I shall take revenge; Death to the Dictator; You the Governor, shame on you, your hands are stained with the blood of our martyrs.

President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, hailed the heroic martyrs of Kazerun and the city’s brave and bereaved people. She has called for the immediate release of those arrested and urged her compatriots to rush to the aid of those wounded. Mrs. Rajavi also called for the dispatch of a UN investigative delegation and a representative of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to examine the situation first hand.

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