Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Iran-Masseges-solidarity with ‘Free Iran’Iranian resistant, gathering in Paris July 9.2016

MEP: Maryam Rajavi is challenging fundamentalism in Iran
 Message of Tony Peter Clement - MP from Canada

Ms. Girling, accusing the Iranian regime of “a destructive role” in the Middle East, invited attendance at a mass rally of all those concerned with “finding ways of ending the suffering.” 
Why July 9th gathering? - Message of Tony Peter Clement - MP from Canada
Robert Rochefort MEP: “Yes to supporting those who want a democratic alternative in Iran”
European Parliament and the deputy head of the Democratic Movement Party of France, has sent a message of solidarity to the Iranian Resistance, which is hosting a major gathering in Paris on July 9th. Mr. Rochefort condemned any economic ties with the theocratic dictatorship in Iran, which has no regard for human rights.
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Czech MEP Jan Zahradil in support of July 9th rally in Paris
Italian MEP Patrizia Toia voices support for Maryam Rajavi’s campaign to free Iran
Italy’s human rights advocate supports Maryam Rajavi and the Iranian Resistance
Former Italian lawmaker Elisabetta Zamparutti has expressed her solidarity with the major gathering of Iranians and their international supporters in Paris on July 9 titled “Free Iran.”
Finnish MEP Petri Sarvamaa reiterates support for the cause of a free Iran
Ex-Palestinian Chief Justice expresses solidarity with ‘Free Iran’ gathering
French member of the European Parliament expresses support for Iranian Resistance and Maryam Rajavi
Dr. Nasr al-Hariri: The Gathering of Iranian Resistance in Paris on July 9 is a golden opportunity for a Free Iran
Syrian opposition High Negotiations Committee official gives solidarity to the July 9th Free Iran gathering
opposition High Negotiations Committee, has sent a message of solidarity to the Iranian Resistance, which is hosting a major demonstration in Paris on July 9th. Ms. Attassi has condemned the theocratic dictatorship in Iran for its human rights abuses, export of terrorism and its complicity with Bashar al-Assad, who has killed many innocent Syrians.
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Message of Jozo Radoš MEP from Croatia in lead up to “Free Iran” gathering
UK’s Sir Roger Gale MP in support of “Free Iran” rally in Paris
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Beatriz Becerra MEP supports “Free Iran” rally for human rights
Parliament has called for the public to attend the Iranian resistance rally in Paris next month.
Beatriz Becerra, who is Vice-Chair for the European Parliament’s subcommittee on Human Rights, said that 80 million Iranian citizens are suffering serious suppression of their human rights.
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Marian Harkin MEP supports Maryam Rajavi’s 10-point plan for Iran
She said: “Discrimination and criminal repression against ethnic and religious minorities, arrests of critics and systematic censorship still exists [in Iran]
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“Free Iran” Grand Gathering represents the suffering Iranians under the rule of mullahs
A former Iranian political prisoner who escaped Iran last year to join the Resistance abroad is writing about why has he joined the Resistance and why he is advocating others to take part in this year’s Great Iranian Gathering in Paris on July 9th titled “Free Iran.”
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Iran: Prospects for change one year after the nuclear agreement
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Political prisoner Arzhang Davoudicalls for participation in “Free Iran” rally

Political prisoner calls for participation in “Free Iran” rally
suffered brutal physical and mental torture at the hands of the Iranian regime since 2003, sent out a message from Rajai-Shahr (Gohardasht) Prison this week, which invited all people who support democracy and freedom to participate in the Iranian Resistance’s “Free Iran” gathering held on July 9 in Paris.
The following is a text of his invitation
Political prisoner Ali Moezzi invites all to participate in “Free Iran” gathering
Political prisoners in Zahedan support “Free Iran” rally in Paris
Political Prisoner Invites People to Support the ‘Free Iran’ Gathering
Political Prisoner Invites People to Support the ‘Free IrA new dawn is coming. All Iranians and dear compatriots living outside of Iran are welcome to attend this great gathering, and to bring their enthusiasm and passion. Like last year, we will say no to all policies that infringe on civil liberties, which are established by the mullahs’ regime. We will say no to the continuing violation of human rights in Iran and the crimes of the regime and it’s meddling in the region. We will continue to oppose all those western politicians who are appeasers and the unjust policies of the mullahs’ regime.n’ Message
Following is the text of the Message

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