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Iran- Latest news about Syria crises

Iran out of Syria
Shahriar Kia "Riyadh Daily" 

Syria’s Assad regime using chemical weapons against innocent civilians, shocked many around the world. Withered bodies of innocent children, shown on TV, tormented to death by chemical gas, passed a message to all human rights activists of the world.
Despite the fact that we live in the 21st century, the brutal vulgarity of the Middle Ages remains still.  Desire for revenge arose against a dictator that has already taken half a million lives to sustain his throne is very much alive.
In response, the strikes against Assad’s chemical sites by U.S., Britain and France were welcomed by public opinion the world over.
Nevertheless, despite all the excitement, the end resulted in the unpleasant policy of appeasement allowing the real perpetrators to walk free.
The Ayatollahs sitting in Tehran, who have kept Assad on his feet, simply got away.
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The NCRI gave information on the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force headquarters for terrorist training of foreign mercenaries and training centers in different parts of Iran. 

Newsmax, March 01, 2018 - Iran has constructed another military base in Syria with the ability to host missiles that can strike any part of Israel, according to ImageSat International satellite images obtained exclusively by Fox News.
Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps' (IRGC) al-Quds Force reportedly operates the base, which is located outside of the Syrian capital Damascus.
Iran already oversees a military compound near the Damascus airport and other high-profile airbases and permanent military sites across the country.
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Aliraza Jafarzadeh

Displaced Syrians survive war but face battle against cold
AIN ISSA (SYRIA) (AFP) 26 December 2017- Khadija Alloush made it out alive from Syria's battle-ravaged Raqa with her five children, but she lost her seven-year-old son to the biting cold of life in a displacement camp.
As temperatures drop, tens of thousands of civilians forced out of their homes by Syria's war are spending yet another winter in flimsy plastic tents or abandoned half-finished buildings.
And without heating, blankets and warm clothes, or access to proper medical care, even a simple cold can turn deadly.
'My son died because of the cold,' weeps Khadija, 35, her features drawn and exhausted a week after the sudden death of little Abdel Ilah.
After fleeing fighting in the Islamic State group's former bastion Raqa, Khadija's family sought refuge in the Ain Issa camp about 50 kilometres (30 miles) north.
Now nighttime temperatures are plummeting to just four degrees Celsius (39 Fahrenheit).

Syrian in Oscar-nominated film hopes to make it to ceremony
Orient Net, Mar 1, 2018-- A rescue worker portrayed in a Syrian film nominated for an Academy Award is waiting in his war-torn country for a visa to the US to attend what could possibly be the most joyous event of his young life. Mahmoud, 29, who wants to only use his first name to protect his family, is one of the White Helmets rescue workers portrayed in the documentary “Last Men in Aleppo.”He survived a devastating offensive in eastern Aleppo that the regime recaptured in 2016.

Pakistani Shias being trained by Iran for a regional fighting force
Dubai [UAE], Dec 20 (ANI): Very little is written in Pakistan about the Zainebiyoun, a brigade comprising of Pakistani Shia fighters trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC) and currently fighting for the Assad regime in Syria.
The recruits for the brigade are largely drawn from Shia Hazaras originally from Balochistan and the Shias of Parachinar and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.
Pakistani Shias being trained by Iran for a regional fighting force

Syrian teen pleads for 'a chance' at kids peace prize
 Mohamad al-Jounde THE HAGUE (AFP) AFP, DEC. 4, 2017-- A Syrian teenager made a strong plea Monday for the world to give refugees fleeing his country's war an opportunity, as he received the prestigious International Children's Peace Prize in The Hague.'We just want people to give us a chance to prove ourselves,' Mohamad al-Jounde told AFP.'I can promise you, we are people just like them, we live in the same world,' Jounde said, as he was handed the award at a gala ceremony in a medieval hall in the Dutch capital.
The 16-year-old's words came after yet another wave of Syrian air strikes killed at least 25 civilians and wounded dozens across the besieged rebel enclave of Eastern Ghouta near Damascus on Sunday, a Britain-based monitor said.

Iran worryingly recruits teenage children in its wars

Iran worryingly recruits teenage children in its wars
How old are you?” the interviewer asks.
“Thirteen,” replies the boy, in uniform.
“Thirteen years – thirteen years old!” the interviewer repeats, proudly, as the camera pans upward to the grinning, bearded faces of uniformed men, apparently Iranian soldiers, who pat their young recruit on the back.
On November 25, a video with the logo of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) agency circulated on Iranian websites and social media showing the boy in the Syrian border city of Abu Kamal. He said he was a “defender of the shrine,” the euphemism the Iranian government uses for fighters it sends to Syria and Iraq....
It has been reported that children as young as fifteen are being recruited by the Iranian regime to participate in armed conflicts. This is a blatant disregard of international law and the UN Security Council has reminded Iran that the UN Charter on children’s rights is applicable.
The International Criminal Court sees the recruitment of anyone under eighteen years old for any activities related to armed combat as a war crime.
It is scandalous that this is happening with such frequency in Iran, yet it is facing no obstacles.
Children have not developed fully enough to participate in war and these children being recruited by the Iranian regime are at extreme risk for major physical and psychological consequences. It takes an extreme toll on the child, the family and society as a whole.
International laws are in place to protect children, but they can only be protected if they are enforced. It is major negligence that the international laws are failing to protect these minors.
Afghan Government Responds to Remarks About Afghanis Used by Iran Regime to Fight in Syria
The government of Afghanistan has responded to comments that were made by the deputy chief executive of the unity government Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq in relation to the latest developments in the civil war in Syria.
He praised the Lebanese Hezbollah, the Afghans and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) for providing assistance, training, finance and so on to the current regime in Syria.
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Syrian National Coalition, relatives demand swift investigation into stabbing of Orouba and Halla Barakat in Turkey.
The activist, Orouba Barakat, 60, and her daughter, Halla Barakat, 22,
A Syrian activist and her daughter, a journalist, have been found murdered in their apartment in Istanbul, family and friends reported on social media Friday.
The activist, Orouba Barakat, 60, and her daughter, Halla Barakat, 22, were discovered Thursday night in Uskudar, on the Asian side of the city. The news was first announced on social media by Shaza Barakat, the elder Ms. Barakat’s sister. The two women had been stabbed to death, the Turkish news agency Anadalou reported, quoting a police official.
The Barakats came from a large family known for its long opposition to President Bashar al-Assad of Syria and his predecessor and father, Hafez al-Assad. The two women were both active in the Syrian refugee community in Turkey.
The elder Ms. Barakat was a member of the opposition Syrian National Council, now known as the Syrian National Coalition, but she had also criticized some members of the opposition. Halla Barakat was an editor for Orient TV, which covers events in the Middle East, and had also worked for the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation.
While there was no official confirmation of the circumstances of the deaths, friends and relatives said the Assad government was to blame.

The Women’s Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran condemns the cowardly murder of Orouba Barakat and her daughter, Halla Barakat. The two Syrian activist women were stabbed to death in their apartment in Istanbul.
The Women’s Committee extends sincere condolences to the Syrian Opposition and particularly to the combatant women of Syria. Many news agencies have attributed the assassinations to the Assad dictatorship.
Mrs. Orouba Barakat was a veteran figure of the Syrian Opposition who played a serious role in exposing the crimes of Bashar Assad particularly in the regime’s medieval prisons. She had done research on the practice of torture in these prisons. Her daughter, Halla Barakat, was also a Syrian activist and a journalist working with the opposition’s TV, the Orient News. Mrs. Orouba was familiar with the Iranian Resistance and especially respected the PMOI women and their struggle against the religious dictatorship in Iran.

Maintaining Bashar Al-Assad Is the Red Line for Iran Regime
Maintaining Bashar Al-Assad Is the Red Line for Iran Regime
As long as the Revolutionary Guards and militias are present in Syria, the crisis continues
Senior mullah Ali Saeedi, Khamenei’s representative in the Revolutionary Guards Corps, said on September 13 that maintaining Bashar al-Assad was the red line of the mullahs’ regime in Syria.
Khamenei had said on June 18, 2017, if the Revolutionary Guards were not fighting in Syria, we would be fighting in Iranian cities today. On Thursday, September 14, the Syrian dictator praised Khamenei in a letter to him as "Imam" and "Supreme Leader of the Revolution" for the "role" of the regime in seizing more areas of the province of Deir-al-Zour and killing the Syrians.
These confessions, which are only examples of numerous similar statements by the regime's leaders, in addition to the recent (10 days ago) shameful agreement between Hezbollah and ISIS, which was ordered by Khamenei and approved by Assad, reaffirms the fact that as long as the Revolutionary Guards and their mercenary militias are in Syria, they are not turning away from any crimes and massacres in this country, and the Syrian crisis will continue. Eviction of the clerical regime and expelling the Revolutionary Guards and mercenary militias who are engaged in crime with a Shiite banner is the first necessary step to establish peace and tranquility in the Syria.
Iran Caught Shipping Soldiers to Syria on Commercial Flights in Violation of Nuclear Deal Congress demands investigation, imposition of new sanction
Iran Caught Shipping Soldiers to Syria on Commercial Flights in Violation of Nuclear Deal
Congress demands investigation, imposition of new sanctions
By: Adam Kredo   
The Washington Free Beacon, August 23, 2017 - New photographs obtained by congressional leaders show Iran shipping militant soldiers to Syria on commercial airline flights, a move that violates the landmark nuclear agreement and has sparked calls from U.S. lawmakers for a formal investigation by the Trump administration, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.
Photographs published by a Washington, D.C., think-tank and provided to Congress show Iran using its flagship commercial carrier, Iran Air, to ferry militants to Syria, where they have joined the fight against U.S. forces in the region.
The new photographic evidence has roiled congressional leaders, who accuse Iran of violating the nuclear deal, which prohibits it from using commercial air carriers for military purposes. These lawmakers are demanding the Trump administration investigate the matter and consider imposing new sanctions on Iran.
The release of these photographs allegedly showing Iran Air's illegal activity comes as top U.S. air carrier manufacturer Boeing moves forward with a multi-billion dollar deal to sell Iran Air a new modern fleet. Many in Congress have opposed the deal due to Iran's longstanding use of commercial aircraft for military purposes, such as transporting weapons and troops to regional hotspots such as Syria and elsewhere. It remains unclear the extent to which the former Obama administration was aware of this activity, which came in part while it was promoting Western airline sales to Tehran.
Iran Air's central role in the illicit transportation of militant forces to Syria could complicate Boeing's efforts to move forward with the sale, which still requires approval from the Trump administration's Treasury Department.
Fourth Anniversary of the Chemical Weapons Attack at Ghouta, SyriaFourth Anniversary of the Chemical Weapons Attack at Ghouta, Syria                                                                        August 21, 2017-- Four years ago today, the Syrian regime launched a horrific chemical attack with the nerve agent sarin on the opposition-controlled suburb of Ghouta in Damascus – leaving more than 1,400 Syrians dead, many of them children. On this solemn anniversary, the international community remembers the many lives lost and the need to continue to stand against such cruel disregard the international standards and norms against the use of chemicals as weapons.          Read more
Statement on the Anniversary of the 2013 Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack
he White House
How Syria continued to gas its people as the world looked onOffice of the Press SecretaryAugust 21, 2017--  Today marks the 4th anniversary of the Syrian regime’s deadly chemical weapons attack that killed more than 1,400 people in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta. This tragic event precipitated an international effort that led to the destruction of more than 1,000 metric tons of Syrian chemical weapons. Still, on April 4th of this year, Assad proved beyond a doubt that he still possesses these heinous weapons and is willing to use them against innocent civilians.

How Syria continued to gas its people as the world looked on

Nearly four years after President Bashar al-Assad's government promised to get rid of its stockpile of chemical weapons, gas attacks are still commonplace. What went wrong?
THE HAGUE, Aug. 17, 2017-– In the spring of 2015 a Syrian major general escorted a small team of chemical weapons inspectors to a warehouse outside the Syrian capital Damascus. The international experts wanted to examine the site but were kept waiting outside in their car for around an hour, according to several people briefed on the visit.

7 Syrian Civil Defense (White Helmets) murdered
7 stars have been shined in the sky of  Home at night.
Our thoughts are with families of #WhiteHelmets murdered in cowardly act. We remember these heroes who work tirelessly to save lives. #Syria 

7 Syrian Civil Defense (White Helmets) murdered

Syria investigator says enough evidence exists to convict Assad of war crimes
United Nations,  Reuters, August 14, 2017 - The U.N. Commission of Inquiry on Syria has gathered enough evidence for President Bashar al-Assad to be convicted of war crimes, a prominent member of the commission, Carla del Ponte, said in remarks published on Sunday.
Del Ponte, 70, who prosecuted war crimes in Rwanda and former Yugoslavia, announced last week that she was stepping down from her role in frustration at the U.N. Security Council 's failure to continue the commission's work by setting up a special tribunal for Syria that could try alleged war criminals.
More Than 600,000 Syrians Have Returned Home to the ruins
NPR, August 13, 2017 - A rising number of Syrians who fled are returning to their homes, with more than 600,000 going back in the first seven months of this year, according to the International Organization for Migration.
The U.N. migration agency says that number is comparable to the number of returns spanning the entire year in 2016.
The Syrian government has been stressing that people are coming home, NPR's Ruth Sherlock reports, and state media have been posting photos and accounts of such returns.
However, it's worth noting that the rate of new displacements during the beginning of this year was significantly higher than the number of returns. According to the IOM, 'an estimated 808,661 people were displaced, many for the second or third time, and over 6 million in total currently remain displaced within the country.'
Most of those going home – 84 percent — were displaced within Syria. 'The next highest number of people ... returned from Turkey, followed by Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq,' the IOM adds.

Syrian Opposition Negotiator: Assad and Iran Regime Sabotage Tension Reduction Agreement
At the end of June 2017, Russian troops and the Syrian opposition delegation reached an agreement to reduce tensions across vast areas of Syria. These areas cover nearly 150 towns and villages with a population of nearly 200,000.
Syrian opposition negotiator, George Sabra, said on August 6, 2017, in an interview on Sky News that the Iranian regime wants to ruin the plan by provoking Assad.

Tehran is using its airlines to transport fighters to Syria. It shouldn't be buying more planes from Airbus and BoeingThe U.S. Should Violate the Iran Deal
by Emanuele Ottolenghi 
Weekly Standard, July 21, 2017 - On November 30, 2016, Syria watcher Tobias Schneider tweeted out pictures of an Iraqi Shia militiaman boarding an Iranian commercial airliner en route to Damascus. One selfie taken on the plane showed young men in military fatigues in the background. Another photo, likely taken when the militiaman arrived in Damascus, showed a large Syrian Arab Airlines Ilyushin-76 cargo plane on the tarmac. Three days later, the Facebook page of the Iranian opposition site Persian War News published pictures of another Iraqi fighter on his way to Syria’s battlefields.
Tehran is using its airlines to transport fighters to Syria. It shouldn't be buying more planes from Airbus and BoeingThe U.S. Should Violate the Iran Deal
Why Boeing and Airbus deals with Iran shouldn’t fly
Aiding and abetting terrorists is bad business

Sometimes international law is ambiguous. Sometimes not. When it comes to murdering civilians and using chemical weapons to get the job done, there are no gray areas, no fuzzy lines, no mitigating circumstances. Such practices are clearly and specifically prohibited under what’s called “the law of war.” That makes Bashar Assad, Syria’s dynastic dictator, a war criminal. And it makes Iran his chief accomplice.

Report: Iran Building Long-Range Ballistic Missiles in Syria

Russia, North Korea helping Iran manufacture missiles in Syria
BY: Adam Kredo
Th Washington Free Beacon, July 12, 2017 - Iran is said to be building new long-range ballistic missiles at a Syrian weapons factory identified by the United States as developing non-conventional weaponry, according to regional reports alleging that Russia and North Korea are aiding in the endeavor.
The Syrian opposition news website recently published multiple reports and pictures of a weapons factory in Syria that it claims is under direct control of Iran.
The reports appear to confirm other recent news articles indicating that Iran has begun manufacturing advanced missile technology in Syria with permission from embattled President Bashar al-Assad.

Yaser FarhanThe Member of the Syrian National Coalition: We Have to Expel the Iran Regime from Syria

the political forces of the Revolutionary Guards and the Syrian Opposition claim that they have called on the U.S. to discharge the militants of the Iran regime not only from south of Syria but also from all over the country.
Yaser Farhan in an interview with al-Arabia TV on June 12, 2017, stated:

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Khamenei: Iranian missile strikes on Syrian province ‘act of worship’
By Ramadan Saadi

London, Al, 6 July 2017 - In a meeting with Revolutionary Guards commanders, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei likened the Iranian missile attack launched from the Islamic republic against ISIS sites in the Syrian province of Deir el-Zour to an “act of worship” during the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims, Iranian news agencies reported on Thursday

GENEVA, UN News (28 June 2017) – UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein on Wednesday expressed grave concern for the fate of civilians caught up in the anti-ISIL offensive in Al-Raqqa, where up to 100,000 civilians are effectively trapped as the air and ground offensive intensifies. Civilian casualties continue to be reported and escape routes are increasingly sealed off.
According to data collected by the UN Human Rights Office, at least 173 civilians have been killed by air and ground strikes since 1 June – although this is very likely a conservative estimate and the real death toll may be much higher. While some did manage to leave after paying large sums of money to smugglers, including smugglers affiliated with ISIL, reports continue to emerge of ISIL preventing civilians from fleeing.

Daraa Needs voices: Please singe the petition and share
The southern Syrian city of Daraa, has been subjected to a barbaric military campaign since Thursday 1/6/2017, an attempt by Assad's forces, supported by the Iranian-controlled Iraqi militia "Harakat al Nujaba", the Afghan militia "Liwa Fatemiyoun", Lebanese Hezbollah militia and other Irani and Afaghan militias, to break into opposition-held civilian populated areas. Various weaponry that include barrel bombs and short-range surface-to-surface missiles have been used in addition to the use of internationally-prohibited flammable napalm. These forces continue to bombard the city with air stikes and artillery shells targeting civilians and service institutions, causing daily massacres and destruction to infrastructure, a blatant attempt to terrorise civilian livelihood in the city.
It is important to note that such military attempts entail a humanitarian crisis and put the lives of over 70,000 civilians at risk. It also threatens the progress of the political process and the reach of  justice.
As a result of the horrific circumstances that the people of Daraa face this moment, we announce "Act for Daraa", a campaign which aims to strengthen the resistance of the people of Daraa against Assad's military forces and foreign militias and to spread word of massacres taking place in #Daraa to rest of the world. In light of the negligence of western and regional media, and the harness that has been developed for the continuation of the Assad regime and its absurd violations to human rights.
The campaign also aims at condemning the crimes committed by Assad, Russian and Iranian forces and demand a halt to the indiscriminate bombardments. The world must know that the people of Daraa are subjected daily to systematic killings by Russian warplanes, Iranian missiles and Hizbollah ground assaults, with the blessing of Assad's forces.
We call upon all activists, media and human rights organizations to participate in this solidarity initiative in order to support the resistance of Daraa and its people.
To express your solidarity, please sign this statement.
Facebook page for updates about the situation in Daraa:  

UNICEF: More than 40000 children at risk in Syria's Raqqa 
Orient net, 10 June 2017-- An estimated 40,000 children are trapped in extremely dangerous conditions in Raqqa as fighting intensifies in and around the Syrian city, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) reported.'Heavy violence in the city of Raqqa is threatening the lives of children,' said Geert Cappelaere, UNICEF Regional Director in the Middle East and North Africa Region, in a statement, which noted that at least 25 children were reportedly killed and scores injured in the city.
He explained that hospitals and schools have reportedly come under attack and that those attempting to flee are at danger of getting killed or injured. He emphasized that children are being deprived of the most basic and life-saving necessities and that little aid have reached Raqqa since 2013 due to violence and access restrictions.

Tehran Seeking to Establish Militias in Syria
 10 June 2017 --Syrian National Coalition member Yasser Farhan said Iran is attempting to change the structure of its sectarian militias in Syria and establish them as a legalized force, as Russia carried out such a scenario a year ago with its 5th Division.
“Iran is on the verge of continuing its influence in Syria, and to cloak the Revolutionary Guards and sectarian fighters it is seeking to establish the Syrian Hashid al-Shabi,” he said.
Iran’s objective is to maintain the Tehran-Damascus link through Baghdad, and then to the Mediterranean Sea, Farhan explained.

Iran on Syrian-Iraqi Border Via al-Tanf
Syria, Asharq Al Awsat, 10 Jun 2017-- Beirut- Syrian forces and their allied militias reached the Iraqi border on Friday, achieving Tehran’s strategic objective in linking the Syrian border with Iran via Iraq and guaranteeing a meeting point for Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces and groups backed by Tehran in Syria.
Syrian regime and “Hezbollah” media outlets said on Friday “army units in cooperation with allies managed to arrive at the border… with Iraq” and “set up positions in an area northeast of al-Tanf”.
 The latest developments raised concern among opposition ranks.
But an informed opposition source told Asharq Al-Awsat that it would be difficult for the forces that reached the area to consolidate their positions there unless they bring in more reinforcements.


Khalid Hardani Iranian political prisoner send a photo from jail, in solidarity with Syrian people 
Khalid Hardani Iranian political prisoner send a photo from jail, in solidarity with Syrian people


Anas Alabdah: Iran regime has to yield to Syrian people’s will to overthrow Assad

Zarif praising a criminal leader of Hezbollah and laying flowers on his grave on behalf of Rouhani

Despite Syrian truce, Aleppo residents live in 'state of terror'

PMOI supporters in Holland denounce Iran regime’s massacre in Syria

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