Saturday, February 6, 2016

War crimes against humanity in Aleppo, Syria-Khamenei's message to Putin: We shall continue with the war in Syria with all our resources

 He lost all his Family so he afraid of being lonely 

In recent weeks, the religious fascism ruling Iran has considerably ramped up its criminal dispatch of forces to Syria amassing tens of thousands of its Revolutionary Guards and non-Iranian mercenaries around Aleppo to cruelly slaughter the deprived people of villages, townships and towns in this region in tandem with the brutal bombings of the civilians. Last week, dozens of IRGC commanders and hundreds of mercenaries were killed at the Aleppo front.

Dispatch of forces by Khamenei and slaughter in Aleppo is meant to conceal regime’s crises on verge of sham elections

Missiles and rockets raining down on Syrian people are paid out of Iranian people’s account

Hundreds of Syrians wait at Turkish border in Id-lib province

Thousands head to Turkey fleeing Syrian forces massing toward Aleppo

World leaders react to the halt of Syria peace talks

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