Thursday, February 11, 2016

The 37th anniversary of the Islamic revolution in #Iran Doves of #freedom drowned in blood

Today marks the 37th anniversary of the Islamic revolution in Iran.
Peace melody drained in blood in streets of Iran.
Doves of freedom drowned in blood,
Holding on to their olive branch,
Mixture of brutality and terror in their breath.
Beauty of the Kurdish and Balouch Dance,
Sound of unity and love in Azari Music,
Hope and happiness of liberty,
All washed away in blood.
Shrieks of an Arab mother holding her child’s lifeless body,
Lyrics of freedom were devastated in weeping and howling.
Memories of blood bath in Azadi Square in Iran,
A painted image in all Doves of freedom to this day…!

Today marks the 37th anniversary of the Islamic revolution in Iran. Leaders of the Islamic republic of Iran are celebrating the tyranny and oppression as we are grieving the loss of liberty and freedom.
After 37 years of Islamic ruling in Iran, only and only achievement is the rising of execution, imprisonment, poverty and inhumanity. Mass executions of the 1980’s. hanging of those charged as Juvenal. Arrests and execution of civil and human rights activists. Oppression of women and downgrading them. Dictatorship to point of even laws of proper attire. Prostitution age down to 11 years of age. Extreme records of drug abuse. Suffering and poverty sky high. Absolute no rights for its citizens. Racism and execution of all religious and ethnic minorities. And millions of violation and systematic tyranny and oppression reported daily by Iranian human rights activists.
History is much enduring and powerful to forget or forgive the inhumanity and tyranny of the regime and the silence of international politicians and the united nations towards all of what has happened to Iran and middle east.
Shameful silence of human society to this day has given the approval of death sentence to Humanity as assigned by law of nature.
Therefore, at the 37th anniversary of this satanic invasion, we as members of human society are responsible and is our duty to take a stand and fight to avoid a celebration of the 38th anniversary
Being silent is betrayal of humanity!

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