Saturday, January 2, 2016

Iran:Ms.Gohar Eshghi, Courageous mother stands for her son’s cause

Iran:Ms.Gohar Eshghi,mother of Satar Beheshti

Ms. Gohar Eshghi is the mother of dissident blogger, Sattar Beheshti, who was arrested by the Iranian regime’s internet police and killed after a few days under torture on November 3, 2012.
Her daughter, Sahar Beheshti, was stopped on the way from her son’s kindergarten on December 28th and threatened at gun point to go with the police for posting her brother’s photo on her car’s window shield. She refused to go with the police but was stopped on the street for a few hours.
Her mother subsequently declared, “As long as I am alive, I will be the voice of Sattar. After me, it is Sahar who is his voice. If anything happens to Sahar, I will hold the government responsible. Sattar was a worker. They killed him and did not give me any answers why but I will not allow them to kill Sahar. We are not afraid of anything. We are not afraid of their guns.”
She added, “This is not the first time they are threatening Sahar. They have done so several times but even if they take Sahar from me, I will not stop and will not remain silent. Sattar told me: ‘What we are doing is not living. This is humiliation. Dying is better than the life we have.’ Now I say the same thing. This life is nothing but humiliation and death.”

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