Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Iran- opposition TV -Simaye Azadi- participeting in major telethon

Fundraising marathon for INTV

Iran- INTV light aflame in the darkness of Iran enchained by the fundamentalist mullahs

Anon-profit Iran NTV provides constant news, live question and answer sessions, special programs for the youth and women
Iran NTV is the first source that reveals the nuclear secret sites and deception of Iran’s ruling mullahs. It is banned on Iran for reports the expose violations of human rights perpetuated by muullahs and for raising awareness among millions of Iranians of the regime’s fundamentalism, suppression of ethnic minorities, meddling in the affairs of other countries, and particularly about their support for terrorism in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere in the region. Is going to hold its latest multi-day telethon viewers are being urged to call and send contribution s so the channel can maintain its activities

The regime fears broadcasts by Iran NTV so much that it spends millions of dollars to jam its waves and has stepped up internet censorship, blocking around five million websites, blogs and social media to prevent the Iranian people from becoming privy to its egregious and nefarious conduct inside and outside of Iran or to be informed of anti-government protest, strikes and other activities by Iranian resistance.

Taking great personal security risk and despite their harsh living conditions, many donators from Tehran and other Iranian cities have called in thus far to donate a part of their limited financial assets in order to support INTV as the voice of their legitimate resistance.

Let us participate in the marathon to raise funds for Iran NTV and keep its light aflame in the darkness of Iran enchained by the fundamentalist mullahs.

Fundraising marathon for INTV

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