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Iran-latest news of Mohammad Nazari Kurdish political prisoner

A Letter Regarding the Status of Hunger Striking Political Prisoner in Iran

Atena Daemi, a female political and civil rights activist incarcerated in Evin prison, wrote an open letter reacting to the situation of Mohammad Nazari, a political prisoner detained in Rajai Shahr (Gohardasht) prison in Karaj who experienced a prolonged hunger strike in recent months.
Ms. Daemi considers freedom to be the right of this prisoner who has been deprived of his freedom for the past 24 years.
She urged all conscientious minds to pay more attention to the “situation of the political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Iran who have been locked behind bars in silence and injustice for many years,” asking them to make every effort to release them.

Oh! humans,

Sitting on the shore, happy and laughing,
Somebody is drowning in the water,
Somebody is floundering constantly,
Over this rapid, dark and heavy sea,

Oh! humans,

Having your delightful picnic on the shore,
Bread on your table, garments on your body,
Somebody is calling you in the water,
Battering against the heavy waves with his weary arms,

Keeping his mouth open, with his eyes torn with terror,
He has seen your shadows from afar,
He has swallowed the water in the livid depths,
and every moment his anguish grows,
From these waters erupt,
His head, and his feet, at once,

Oh! humans,

From the distance, he is watching this ancient world,
He is shouting and for help he hopes,

Oh! humans,

Busy watching from your untroubled shore,
The waves are pounding against the silent shore,
And spread,
Like a drunkard fallen in place,
So senseless,
Run away shouting, and this cry comes from the distance:
"Oh! humans"

 hunger striking political prisoner Mohammad Nazari
NCRI issues urgent call to save hunger striking political prisoner Mohammad Nazari
Political prisoner Mohammad Nazari is in dangerously critical conditions after 94 days of hunger strike. Mr. Nazari is presently detained in Gohardasht Prison, Karaj, west of Tehran. The National Council of Resistance of Iran calls on international human rights defenders, particularly the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Special Rapporteur on human rights in Iran, the special rapporteurs on arbitrary arrests, torture and the right to life, to take urgent action and effective measures to save his life and gain his freedom.

Prisoner of conscience Mohammad Nazari, who has been unjustly languishing in prison for over two decades, is critically ill and needs urgent medical care outside prison. He has been on hunger strike since 30 July, demanding his release from prison. He must be released immediately and unconditionally.
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Prisoner of conscience Mohammad Nazari, who has been unjustly languishing in prison
for over two decades, is critically ill and needs urgent medical care outside prison. He
has been on hunger strike since 30 July, demanding his release from prison. He must be
released immediately and unconditionally.
The health of prisoner of conscience Mohammad Nazari, 46, who has spent half of his life in prison, has seriously
deteriorated as a result of his prolonged hunger strike. He has undertaken a hunger strike since 30 July in protest
at his unjust imprisonment and the refusal of the authorities to review his conviction and sentence, which followed a
grossly unfair trial and stemmed from his peaceful support of the political goals of the Kurdish Democratic Party of
Iran (KDPI). He has lost about 25 kilograms in weight, his blood pressure has repeatedly dropped, and he has
become so physically weak that he can no longer walk or talk. He also suffers from several general health
problems including heart disease, for which prison doctors have long said he requires specialized medical care
outside prison. The authorities have consistently ignored such advice. On 19 October, Mohammad Nazari was
transferred to a hospital outside prison on an emergency basis but was returned to prison after one night without
receiving adequate treatment. Despite his deteriorating health, Mohammad Nazari has said that he will continue his
hunger strike until he dies, unless the authorities grant his repeated requests for a fair review of his case.
Mohammad Nazari was arrested aged 23 in May 1994 by Revolutionary Guards officials in Bukan, West Azerbaijan
Province. He was held for over a month in solitary confinement, first by the Revolutionary Guards and then by the
Ministry of Intelligence. He has said that, during this period, he was subjected to torture including beatings, kicking,
and flogging on the soles of his feet, and threats made against his sister, in order to make him “confess” to being
involved in an alleged assassination plot against a number of people affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards. No
evidence of the plot or his involvement in any armed activities was presented in court. Amnesty International
believes that the allegation was fabricated, and that the real reason for his arrest was related to his political beliefs.
Following a grossly unfair 30-minute trial before a Revolutionary Court in the city of Mahabad in West Azerbaijan
Province, Mohammad Nazari was convicted of “enmity against God” (moharebeh) and sentenced to death. The
court issued its verdict based on his forced “confessions”, despite Mohammad Nazari repeatedly telling the court
they had been made under torture and that Ministry of Intelligence officials had told him they knew the story of the
alleged assassination plot had been fabricated. Mohammad Nazari’s death sentence was commuted to life
imprisonment in 1999. He has since submitted numerous requests for retrial but apparently none of them have
been considered by the authorities. At no point during his detention or trial did he have access to a lawyer. He has

also never received an official copy of the verdict.
Political prisoner asks for help after 84 days of hunger strike
Political prisoner Mohammad Nazari, who has been imprisoned for 24 years, has been on hunger strike for more than 81 days. According to prison physicians, his condition is critical and he is in serious danger and could go into a coma at any moment.
Nazari wrote a letter from prison on October 18. This letter reads in part:
“I am the loneliest prisoner in this city! Despite 81 days of hunger strike, no one has listened and helped me in this city…
My name is Mohammad Nazari, and I have been behind bars in Mahabad Prison, Orumieh Prison and currently in Rajaie Shahr Prison for 24 years… My parents and brother have all passed away in Bukan and I have no one expect you, the people.
I have been on hunger strike for 81 days. A hunger strike for a very simple request.
I want neither liberty nor a leave; I want the law to be enforced. According to the law, I should have been released four and a half years ago. But the invisible hands of power and security have prevented the implementation of this law. Now, after 24 years in prison, while I am completely alone and left with nothing, I have no choice but to go on hunger strike…
Help me; help me so that my voice would be heard because now death is my only option to free myself from the torment of prison and my hunger strike.
Help me reach my legal right to freedom that they have deprived me of. Anything other than my release, and I will continue my strike until I too pass away and I am buried in Bukan cemetery where my family is.
Mohammad Nazari
Wednesday, October 18
Rajaie Shahr Prison “.
 Mohammad Nazari Kurdish political prisoner on hunger strike
Kurd political prisoner Mohammad Nazari who was arrested in 1994 by agents of the Abuzar Revolutionary Guards Coprs in Bukan, has been deprived of a prison leave despite serving 24 years of prison.
He was arrested on charges of supporting and advocating Kurd opposition parties. Nazari was initially sentenced to death in a court without the presence of a lawyer… His sentenced was then lowered to life in prison in 1999. (Kurdpa Website – Jun. 1, 2017)

After 74th day of hunger strike of Kurdish political prisoner 
is in critical health condition

Political prisoners write letter to Iran UN Rapporteur
A group of political prisoners in Karaj’s Rajaie Shahr Prison wrote a letter to the UN Secretary General and the Special Rapporteur on Iran, warning about the danger that political prisoner Mohammad Nazari is facing. Nazari is in critical condition due to his hunger strike. They requested that this political prisoner be released from prisoner.

Political prisoner Mohammad Nazari, who is on hunger strike in Gohardasht Prison in Karaj, was taken to a hospital outside of prison due to the deterioration of his health. But hospital officials have said that they have been instructed by the Judiciary not to examine him.
As a result of the hunger strike, the prisoner’s kidneys have stopped working and his liver has been seriously damaged. Mohammad Nazari has been imprisoned for the past 24 years. He went on a hunger strike in protest to the transfer of political prisoner to a maximum security section in Gohardasht Prison.
Political prisoner Mohammad Nazari

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