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Iran-humanrights-Latest news of Political Prisoner Soheil Arabi, he donated his body parts and organs

Life of political prisoner Sohail Arabi in danger
Jan. 10, 2019 - Political prisoner Sohail Arabi, held in the Greater Tehran Prison, is currently in critical condition, suffering from intense bleeding due to a broken nose. Regime officials are refusing to allow this political prisoner to seek medical treatment despite this life threatening status and continuous pains from his broken nose. For months, Arabi has been deprived from any medical care or surgery, literally placing him under torture for several months now.
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Iranian political prisoner sends message on the occasion of International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women

Nov. 27, 2018 - Iranian political prisoner Soheil Arabi, who has been in the Iranian regime’s dungeons since November 2013, sent a message from the Greater Tehran Prison on the occasion of International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, describing the plight of Iranian women in prisons and the savage policies of misogynist mullahs ruling in Iran:
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Soheil Arabi

Iran political prisoner, Soheil Arabi: the moment of the Revolution has arrived"

Soheil Arabi, an Iranian blogger imprisoned for five years for opinions he posted on his Facebook, called on the Iranian people on Monday August 27th to rise up against the Iranian regime's dictatorship.
His message, recorded on an audio file from inside the Greater Tehran Prison, has been circulating on Iranian social media since Monday.

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Political Prisoner Soheil Arabi

Political Prisoner Soheil Arabi Detained In Grim Conditions

Political prisoner Soheil Arabi, who has recently ended his 55-day hunger strike, is reportedly in dire conditions.
Authorities have shaved his head the political prisoner’s mother says. He is deprived of a shower and his body is full of lice, reports indicate. His family is not allowed to wire him money to buy food items. He is being held in solitary confinement and not allowed to phone his family.
Sohail Arabi was attacked by three inmates on Sunday as he was getting some fresh air. His hand is wounded and his elbow is swollen.
Farangis Mazloumi, political prisoner’s mother says, “Soheil is being treated like a very dangerous chain murderer.”
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Soheil Arabi

55th day of hunger strike and 12th day without drinking water political prisoner Soheil Arabi have been hospitalized after he was torture in prison

Political prisoner’s mother: Let's have the traditional New Year 'Haft-Seen' in front of the prison

Farangis Mazloum, the mother of the prominent political prisoner, Soheil Arabi, sent a message on Tuesday, March 13, describing her son’s situation who has been on dry hunger strike in the Greater Tehran Prison.
Her message, being published on social media says; “I, Farangis Mazloum, the mother of Soheil Arabi who was arrested and imprisoned for his political activities, am calling on all friends and relatives to join me to hold our New Year ceremonies in front of the prison, were he is facing an inevitable death. Soheil went on hunger strike in February in protest to assault, battery, and forcible transfer of two female political prisoners, Golrokh Iraee and Atena Daemi, to the notorious Gharchak prison. In response to his protests, the prison authorities attacked, beat and insulted him. He was eventually transfer to the Grand Tehran Prison, where criminal prisoners are held. The regime tried hard to break his will and force him to stop his strike but he stood firm. Today, they broke my heart by denying me a visit to my son. My heart is shattered into thousand pieces, knowing that I may never see him alive again.

Urgent: Moving Message of Political Prisoner on Dry Hunger Strike, Soheil Arabi on the Verge of Demise

The Political prisoner Mr. Soheil Arabi on the forty-sixth day of his strike at Tehran's Great Prison has sent the following message:

“Place your Nowruz spread or sofreh (Persian New Year tradition) in front of their (regime’s) prison gates.

It's dry and weird in the torture chamber dying with suffering from depression, after an unsuccessful strike.

I prefer the first option of "death" to surrender to the oppressors.

Breaking my strike means: me, Arash, Golrokh and Atena (Three other fellow political prisoners), should continue to endure the torture that is getting worse every day.

A true combatant, even inside the prison, will never stay silenced in the face of oppression of himself and of people who sacrificed for them. Now that they torture my friends, I scream with all my heart, and I call on all the supporters of the political prisoners not to abandon me and my fellows in this path.

Place your Nowrus spereads in front of their prisons and, by holding the photos of political prisoners, firstly send a messages to your heroes that they are not left alone; secondly warn the torturers that they are not allowed to torment us as they wish.


The mourners have no chance for ‘Eid’ (the persian New Year celebration)

O Eid turn back from Iran since we have got no Eid in Iran

When the parrot in a cage says Happy Eid

One knows it is a mere imitation and not real

There might die in the cell an innocent prisoner

But, the criminal oppressor will never last forever

After three days of saying no to water, food, feed, and even serum, you feel like you are a desert. A desert that gets dry at any moment. Every moment you feel dry. No! No! Drops of water cannot save me from drying.

I want a flood

A flood that topples this apparatus of oppression, which has enchained the highbrows and devotees of the deprived, from Mina Zarrin to Athena Daemi, who spent the best days of their young days in prisons of “the Islamic Republic”. And also From Mohammad Nazari; Ali Moezi; Arash Sadeghi to Alireza Tavakoli

That was all to reach a point today that neither the “reformers” nor “the principalists” were sympathetic to us, and we should put a happy ending to this sad and bitter story as soon as possible.

The winter will be ended.
Soheil Arabi
Great Tehran Prison

Iranian resistance  Call to Save the Life of Political Prisoner Soheil Arabi on the 39th Day of His Hunger Strike
 Soheil Arabi

 Soheil Arabi  went unconscious on 5th Day Of  his Dry Hunger Strike

Held in Iran's Greater Tehran Penitentiary,Soheil Arabi went unconscious on the 46th day of his hunger strike &the 6th day of his dry hunger strike. In the  jail clinic he refused any serums.

In a message from prison, addressing the regime and its judiciary this political prisoner said: “You violated my rights. At least let me donate my body organs. I doubt that I will remain alive for one or two more days. I do not eat food or drink water and I do not even allow injecting serum.

Soheil Arabi

The political prisoner, Soheil Arabi, has started dry hunger strike since Monday, March 5.

In a message from prison, addressing the regime and its judiciary this political prisoner said: “You violated my rights. At least let me donate my body organs. I doubt that I will remain alive for one or two more days. I do not eat food or drink water and I do not even allow injecting serum.

I should have been freed on August 29 according to the law but I am still in prison and I don’t even have my rights like my own bed and separation of crimes according to the regulations of prisons organization and I ,like many other political prisoners, am incarcerated in the ward of ordinary prisoners who often incited to harass us.

After I was transferred to the prison of greater Tehran, I was threatened with death and rape and I defended myself hardly. Prison officers and Guard, incited prisoners or infirmary nurses allow themselves to insult us, and when I respond, they telling us to have good manners and morals.

Our crime is that we do not remain silent in the face of oppression.

Now that you do not free me and do not even let me stay with my friends like Arash Sadeghi or Manoochehr, at least let me donate my body parts and organs.

On 43td day of  hunger strike,+4 day swish to dry 
 Soheil Arabi is  in poor health. 
His blood pressure is very low. 
🆘His life is in danger. Be his voice

Soheil Arabi’s Health Reported Dire On 38th Day Of His Hunger Strike

38 days into his hunger strike, political prisoner Soheil Arabi is in poor health with very low blood pressure. He had been denied medical access despite his dire health condition.

Iran’s regime has accused Soheil Arabi of being a “national security threat” for opposing the state. His life is in danger, yet refuses to go back on his demands.

On the 33th day of his hunger strike, Soheil Arabi sent a message from the Great Tehran Penitentiary:

“Anyone who has little intelligence, accepts that enlightening free thinking and criticism, is not a crime but a service to mankind. But turbaned, kaffiyeh-wearing mullahs first sentenced me to death and then to three years for fighting ignorance and superstition, human rights activism, helping labour children, and supporting imprisoned workers and political prisoners of conscience. I endured three years and six months of imprisonment and physical and psychological torture. According to the very expired rules of the Islamic Republic, I should have been released on September 18, 2017. But not only did they not release me, but they hurt my family. They forced my wife to separate from me. They arrested my mother and exiled me to the Great Tehran torture chamber. When a political prisoner finishes his or her prison sentence and they do not release him or her, they say that the prisoner is doing “Melli-Keshi” *. In the eighties, many political prisoners did the “Melli-keshi”. They were executed even after their sentences were served. Now I’m spending the fifth month of my “Melli-keshi”. During these five months, I suffered all kinds of physical and psychological torture. For the fact that I became the title holder and the world’s top webmaster, the embezzlers and fraudsters were charged to beat me. I was exiled to quarantine, and there, an officer suddenly hit my head and, after falling down, kicked my kidney and I could hardly escape and other prisoners rescued me. In the same quarantine that Sina Ghanbari was killed and they said he had committed suicide. Fraudulent and reformist-like prisoners have always been reporting false reports against us, who are demanding the overthrow of the theocrats, to enjoy the advantage of religious visits, leave and hospitals. They exiled my comrades, Golrokh Iraee and Atena Daemi, to Qarechak prison and I went on hunger strike in protest. But instead of addressing my protest and listening to my talk, they brutally exiled me to the Great Tehran Prison. At the time of arrival, 15 soldiers attacked me with water pipes and batons. I went to coma due to hunger strike but they even feared sending me to the hospital. They forced me into a clinic and gave me infusion. I experienced very difficult conditions. But I continue to strike. Because we did not commit any crime that could be so cruelly punished. Yes, an anarchist dies to not accept oppression.”

In a February 12 voice recording sent out from The Great Tehran Penitentiary addressing political and human rights activists who asked Soheil Arabi to end his hunger strike, the political prisoner insisted on continuing his strike. Soheil Arabi stated “Ending my hunger strike means succumbing accepting punishments that I did not deserve, not even one day of it… I have spent more than 1,700 of the best days of my youth detained in Khamenei’s prisons.”
Soheil Arabi, a writer, blogger and activist, went on hunger strike on January 25, 2018, to protest the illegal banishment of Atena Daemi and Golrokh Iraee to the notorious Qarchak Prison in Varamin, outside Tehran.
On Monday, January 29, Arabi was transferred to the Greater Tehran Prison and was severely beaten, according to an informed source.

Soheil Arabi
Hunger Striking Political Prisoner Severely Beaten And Transferred To Greater Tehran Prison

On Monday, January 29, political prisoner Soheil Arabi was transferred to the Greater Tehran Prison and was severely beaten.
According to an informed source, on January 28, Soheil Arabi was summoned and was then transferred to the quarantine in Evin Prison’s Section 1.
“He was then summoned again and told that he would be transferred to Rajaie Shahr Prison. But at noon, instead of being taken to Rajaie Shahr, he was taken to the Greater Tehran Prions,” the source said. 
“When they reached the prison at 15:30, prison officials along with 10-12 soldiers tore off his clothes and severely beat him. The guards used batons and kicked him in his back, face and leg continuously with their boots. Soheil Arabi’s face, nose and feet were injured and his whole body was bruised,” the source added. 
After the beatings, prison authorities kept Soheil Arabi without clothes in the prison courtyard to force him to give his consent to those that beat him.
“Don’t think that this is Evin Prison and you aunties house!” a prison official taunted him.
“This is the end of the world and hell! Don’t think that because you’re on hunger strike, your voice will be heard!” he told him.
Soheil Arabi
Jailed activist Soheil Arabi says no one attended to his complaint on torture

Following a claims of Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ezhei, spokesman for the judiciary, on the prohibition of torture in Iran, political prisoner Soheil Arabi wrote a letter from prison about the tortures and pressures he was subjected to. His letter reads in parts:
I was arrested once on December 7, 2013, and I was kept in solitary confinement until January 2013 in the 2A Sarallah Revolutionary Guards Corps Detention Center.
During the 58 days of solitary confinement, I was repeatedly tortured both psychologically and physically. I was hanged by my feet, subjected to mock execution, and threatened with the rape of my wife. All my confessions were made under torture. I was severely beaten upon my arrival at 2A.
This November when I was beaten and threatened to death, instead of punishing the perpetrators, I was detained for 28 days in quarantine in Evin Prison deprived of phone calls and visits and was beaten by other prisoners on two occasions.
Soheil Arabi

Political prisoner Soheil Arabi deprived of basic rights in quarantine ward
Political Prison Soheil Arabi, was recently kept in the quarantine section of Evin Prison for 29 days as punishment. During this time, he was denied calls to his family in addition to being kept in unsuitable and unhygienic conditions.
On Sunday, Soheil Arabi was finally transferred from Evin’s quarantine to Section 7, but his personal belongings have not yet been returned to him.
Soheil Arabi, who has one young daughter, was arrested by the RePolitical prisoner Soheil Arabigime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) in 2013, for publishing photos of the 2009 uprising, cartoons of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and articles about the Iranian Regime. He was tortured in the prison’s solitary confinement ward.
Political Prison Soheil Arabi
Political Prisoner: No Award Can Make Me Happy Unless We Overthrow the Oppressors
In response to the annual Reporters Without Borders Prize awarded to him, the Iranian political prisoner, Soheil Arabi, , said in a letter: “No reward can make me happy unless together hand in hand we uproot the oppression and overthrow the oppressors.”
In part of the letter, this political prisoner currently detained in Ward 8 of Evin prison said: “When most media were in the hands of two factions that compete in censorship and conservatism, when some people were paid to promote illiteracy and superstition to deceive us, I decided to be an independent journalist, so that I could reflect all the truth without retouching and censorship.”

Political Prisoner Held in Dangerous Prisoners Ward and Deprived of Family Visit
The political prisoner, Soheil Arabi, is still held in Hall 8 Ward 8 of Evin prison among dangerous prisoners and deprived of family visits.
In October this year, following Soheil Arabi’s protests against the prison warden who insulted the political prisoners, the prison authorities transferred him to the ward of the prisoners with heavy crimes.
Moreover, another political prisoner, Arash Sadeghi, who also protested the warden for insulting the political prisoners, was transferred to Gohardasht prison in exile.
Initially, Soheil was told that he would be staying in ward 8 only for three days, but he is still held in this ward against the principle of separation of offenses. This caused problems for this political prisoner. On Wednesday, November 1, one of the (dangerous) ordinary prisoners threatened to beat him up with a knife.

Tehran protest responds to call by Soheil Arabi’s mother
Monday morning, October 2, a protest gathering was staged in front of the Iranian regime's parliament in response to a call by the mother of Soheil Arabi, a political prisoner who is on dry hunger strike in Evin Prison.
The demonstrators while holding posters and placards demanded the release of Soheil Arabi and all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience as well as civil and guild activists.
Protest Rally in Front of Regime's Parliament to Release Political Prisoner Soheil Arabi

Dr. Mohammad Maleki, the first president of the Tehran University after the anti-monarchial revolution, sent a message of support to the protest gathering and said: “
"Our dear friend, Soheil Arabi, has been on hunger strike for several days because his legal and legitimate demands are not fulfilled and everyone knows that hunger strike is very dangerous.”
Mr. Maleki added: “The innocent mother of this son, after appealing to various organizations responsible for this issue and getting no answer is calling on all people and student activists to accompany her in front of the parliament in order to save his son’s life.”
He also supported Soheil Arabi’s mother and said: “I also ask people to gather on Monday, October 2 in front of the parliament to support this suffering mother and shout out their legal demands.”
According to reports, the Iranian regime security forces, attacked the rally after a few minutes and tried to disperse them but faced with the protestors resistance.
Soheil Arabi's mother thanked all the people who participated in the gathering on behalf of her son and said that her mood is changed.

The political prisoner, Soheil Arabi is on his 11th day of hunger strike on Tuesday October 3rd.
According to reports, an intelligence official in a meeting with Soheil Arabi September 30 asked him to end his strike for the expediency of the regime. The official went to visit Soheil Arabi in ward 7 of Evin prison and said to him that “it would be costly for the system" if he died during the holy month of Muharram.

Prisoner of conscience Soheil Arabi born August 21, 1985, is an Iranian man who has been sentenced to death in Iran on charges of insulting the Prophet Mohammad in his postings on Facebook.
Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) agents arrested Arabi at his home in Tehran in November 2013. He then spent two months in the IRGC's Ward 2-A in Evin Prison. During interrogation, he was pressured into confessing his alleged crimes. He was then transferred to Section 350 of Evin, which is under control of the Iranian judiciary. On 30 August 2014, a five-judge panel of Branch 76 of the Criminal Court of Tehran sentenced Arabi to death for "insulting the Prophet of Islam" in eight Facebook accounts allegedly belonging to Arabi.
On 4 September 2014, Branch 15 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court also sentenced Arabi to three years in prison on charges of "insulting the Supreme Leader" and "propaganda against the state" in his postings on Facebook.
In late September 2015, his sentence was commuted to "reading 13 religious books and studying theology for two
risoner of conscience Soheil Arabi
Prisoner of conscience goes on a dry hunger strike
Prisoner of conscience Soheil Arabi who had been on a 40-day honger strike, has now switched to a dry hunger strike to protest his detention.
The political prisoner in in severe health condition after a 40-day hunger strike.
“I cannot be silent when I see people enduring torture without ever committing a crime. Here is Evin Prison where freethinkers are being punished. Do not tell me to keep silent because remaining silent is the worst betrayal. I am not crying out to save my own life, I want you to hear the voice of our innocence. I want to convey the voice of all jailed freethinkers such as Manuchehr Mohammadali, Mahmoud Beheshti Langroudi, Ali Shariati, Yousef Emadi, Arash Sadeghi, Savada Aghasar and my other friends in Ward 7 whose crime is knowing and expressing the truth. We were tried by judges who are the most corrupt human beings of our time. This is the third year that my daughter is going to school and I am not with her. I have gone on a dry hunger strike because I do not want her to see me in jail any more.
Soheil Arabi a 32-year-old photographer and was arrested by Revolutionary Guards Corps forces in 2013 for publishing his views on Facebook, sent an open letter from prison announcing that he went on a hunger strike on August 24 in protest to “charges brought against his family members by security agents of the Revolutionary Guards Corps”. He said he would not end his hunger strike until his mother and mother in law were cleared of the charges.
Soheil Arabi is a 32-year-old photographer and was arrested by Revolutionary Guards Corps forces.
Soheil Arabi
Nastaran Na’imi was discharged due to IRGC pressure
Nastaran Na’imi, the wife of Iranian prisoner of conscience Sohail Arabi, was expelled from work under the influence of the Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).
In a letter from Evin Prison dated September 14, 2017, Soheil Arabi wrote, “The interrogators of IRGC intelligence continue to treat him and his family in illegal manners.”
According to the prisoner, the intelligence officers recently called and threatened his wife’s employer

Prisoner of Conscience on Hunger Strike Over His Wife's Arrest    
 Soheil Arabi went on hunger strike Soheil Arabi has been in jail for the past four years, began a hunger strike on Tuesday, August 1 in protest to his wife’s arrest. Prisoner of conscience, Soheil Arabi went on hunger strike in Evin Prison in protest to the arrest of his wife, Nastaran Naimi, by the Revolutionary Guards.  Read more
Iran Regime's Agents Intend to Create Religious Conflicts Against Political Prisoners
reports, interrogators of the Iranian regime’s ministry of intelligence are trying to create religious conflicts and clash among prisoners in Zahedan prison (South East of Iran) using their own mafia bands there.
Reports indicate that on Monday, August 9, 2017, a number of mafia bandits in Ward 3 of Zahedan prison tried to clash with political prisoners but the prisoners particularly the Sunni clerics who are incarcerated in Ward 3 showed patience and refrained from conflict or clash with the mafia bands to resolve the problem and the issue ended.
Wife of internet activist arrested
On the morning of Monday, July 31, Nasrin Na’imi was arrested by Iranian security forces and taken to an unknown location. There is no information available about the agency that made the arrest and the whereabouts of Ms. Na’imi.
Nasrin Na’imi is the wife of internet activist Soheil Arabi, who was arrested in January 2014 after the IRGC Sarallah Garrison filed charges against him. He was detained two months under interrogation at the IRGC detention center. Arabi was charged with insulting the leader, spreading propaganda against the government, and insulting the officials.

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