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#Iranprotests-reports& #news on July 2018

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July 31
'High prices! Inflation! We can not tolerate; Death to the dictator' chant Iranian people
The courageous protest of the people of Karaj with the slogan: Death to the dictator
The frustrated people of Karaj protested from the afternoon of July 31 in Gohardasht First Square, with the slogans of: “High prices! Inflation! disaster of people; High prices! Inflation! we can not tolerate, death to the dictator; the nation is begging, Ayatollah (Khamenei) is the Lord; Tanks, Cannons, Firecrackers, the mullah must go! Do not be afraid, we are all together; Today is the day of mourning, the money of the Iranian nation is under the garb of the mullah today; rising today; our enemy is the mullah but they falsely blame the United States; Security forces, Support! Support! This courageous uprising continued until the middle of the night.
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Parallel strikes by people from all walks of life
Protest rallies in Isfahan & numerous other cities
Widespread protests and strikes by the workers of Tabriz railroad
Truckers extend their nationwide strike to 145 cities for 9th consecutive day

These days we are witnessing employees/workers, farmers, store owners, truck drivers and others launching strikes against Iran’s ruling mullahs’ regime. Economic difficulties and poor living conditions are making life a living hell for the Iranian people.

Beginning this morning, Tuesday, July 31, truck drivers and owners as well as large group of people and youth in the city of Isfahan have been staging a protest against spiraling high prices, repeated power outages and inhuman policies of the clerical regime in the city’s Amirkabir (now called new Shapour) industrial district. They subsequently marched toward the city’s main streets.
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To this day Truckers’ strike 

Store owners in bazaars of Tehran & other cities on strike

The cities of Tehran, Shahr-e Rey, Tabriz, Qeshm, Karaj and others are witnessing store-owners closing their shops from early Monday morning, reports from sources inside the country indicate.
This new strike follows a recent nosedive of Iran’s currency, the rial, reaching 115,000 rials to the U.S. dollar. On Sunday night, a number of bazaar merchants issued statements calling on their colleagues to stage a new round of strikes. People on social media are welcoming these measures, emphasizing the status quo is no longer acceptable.
The Soltani, Zand and gold markets in Tehran’s famous bazaar have been closed since July 30
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State Mafia Swindling Iranian Truck Drivers

The truck drivers of Iran put behind the 8th day of their nationwide strike on Monday July 30
At the terminal of Tarq, Isfahan, the Iranian regime’s agents had put several truck tires on sale at lower prices to break the truck drivers’ strike. But the truck drivers ignored the regime’s offers. The regime is also using trucks and organizations tied to the Revolutionary Guards to counter the effects of the truckers’ strike.
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New round of truck driversnationwide strike

Truck drivers across Iran continued their nationwide strike, spreading to the cities of Arak, Chaboksar, Poldokhtar, Yasuj, Kavar, Kashmar, Neyshabur, Saveh, Eslamshahr, Farrokhshahr, Tehran, Ardabil and Marand.
At 11 am local time on Friday, gas stations in the Saveh road near Eslamshahr were all closed.
Iranian opposition NCRI President Maryam Rajavi hailed the truck driver’s massive strike and called on all Iranians, especially the youth, to express solidarity with the truckers. Mrs. Rajavi also called on relevant international organization, labor and drivers’ unions in various countries to rise in support of Iran’s truck drivers.
Truck drivers in various parts of Tehran and the cities of Isfahan, Najaf Abad, Karaj, Bandar Abbas, Saveh, Khaf, Zanjan, Semnan, Shahroud, Shiraz, Farrokhshah, Kermanshah, Kerman, Zahedan, Malayer, Khorramshahr, Khorramabad, Bojnurd, Yazd, Port Khomeini, Shahr-e Kord, Khur Mousa, Abdulkhan and dozens of other cities have truck drivers on strike.
Authorities in Kermanshah were pressuring truck drivers to end their strike, only to face stiff resistance by their part. Intelligence agents and police officers in this city began taking stripping license plates off parked trucks in order to force the drivers to end their strike. The family members of the truck drivers began protesting these illegal measures.
In Mashhad, the loading terminal station was completely empty and no truck was at the scene to deliver any goods.
Truck drivers in Isfahan were seen protesting those drivers breaking their ranks, demanding they continue their strike.
In Khuzestan, drivers were seen stopping any trucks carrying loads and allowing them to deliver their goods.
Protesting truckers in the Dorud-Azna road were also seen preventing any trucker intending to deliver loads. No trucks were seen on the Shiraz-Ahvaz international highway, Tehran-Saveh, Kangavar-Hamedan and Arzhan Valley-Shiraz roads.
Sources say loading terminal stations in Tehran, Isfahan and Port Khomeini were very vacant. From Monday morning most of the truckers’ in Kazerun were on strike at their syndicate office, all refusing to deliver any loads.
The regime's attempt to stop the strike of truck drivers went futile. As the drivers resumed their strike, the head of the regime's transportation union, Mohammad Khanbalooki, claimed that more than 70 percent of truck drivers’ demands had been met and their major problems had been resolved. He said that all the drivers are aware and know that they should not allow their demands to be used as a means by the enemies of the country…most of those who turned the truck drivers’ gathering into turmoil were from the PMOI who had infiltrated among the drivers…. and all truck drivers have been informed of the PMOI’s attempt for misusing this atmosphere…the routes for the truck drivers in country’s roads are open and 90% of truck drivers have received their bill of loading (state websites - July 23).
The Iranian Resistance salutes striking truck drivers, and calls on brave Iranian youths across the country to show their solidarity with them. It also urges the International Labor Organization and other relevant international bodies and trade unions and syndicates of truck drivers in different countries to support the goals of striking drivers in Iran.

A map of #Iran showing the expansion of truckers' nationwide strike

Khuzestan caught in the crises of water, air, and fire

Government bureaus and banks were shut down due to severe smoke from a wildfire in Hoor-Al-Azim wetland. Keep in mind that this is happening in a province, which is used to far-beyond-standard environmental pollutions. The World Health Organization has twice announced in 2011 and 2013 that Ahwaz is the most polluted city in the world. Since then, the situation has only worsened. This year the air pollution of Ahwaz reached the record of 60 times higher than safe levels.

Iranians suffer as regime exports water to Kuwait & Iraq
These days, during the height of the scorching summer season, the people of Khuzestan Province in southwest Iran are facing severe water shortages, especially in the cities of Abadan and Khorramshahr.
The irony is this province enjoys the luxury of several large rivers, including Arvandrood, Karoon, Bahmanshir, Jarahi and …

Iranian women actively participated in protests in Tehran and Borazjan

Iranian women actively participated in protests taking place in Tehran, Mashhad, and Borazjan.
On Sunday, July 22, 2018, a large number of Iranian women actively participated in the protest of the retirees outside the mullahs’ parliament while another group of retired women and men held their protest outside the Planning and Budget Organization in Tehran.

Mass protests of retirees in front of Majlis; chants of “Imprisoned teachers must be freed”

July 22, a large crowd of retired educators and other retirees who came from different cities to Tehran rallied in front of the regime's parliament to protest not meeting their demands. In addition to retirees, educators from the Literacy Movement attended this gathering to protest their low salaries and dire livelihood status. Hundreds of agricultural insurance experts who are barred from employment after 14 years of service were also among the protesters.
The protesters chanted: Leave Syria, think about us; Imprisoned teachers must be freed; We shall not give up until we get our rights; We have no food on our table, no more injustice and suppression; Our salaries in rial, but expenditures in dollar; No nation has suffered such an injustice;  With a less embezzlement, our problems will be solved;
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People of Borazjan protest against power failure and lack of drinking water
July 22, 2018 -The brave people of Borazjan (southern Iran) protested against lack of drinking water and clashed with the repressive forces that were trying to disperse them. They expressed their protest by lighting fire on the Borazjan-Bushehr road.
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Protests targeting corrupt regime’s policies
July 18, 2018 - Reports from cities across Iran indicate an increasing number of protest rallies as angry demonstrators are seen voicing major dissent and abhorrence regarding corrupt policies of the ruling mullahs’ regime.
A large number of teachers in Tehran, Mazandaran, Eslamabad Gharb, Shairar, Rasht and a number of other cities and provinces, in solidarity with other teachers across the country, are joining the campaign of torching or tearing apart their paychecks to express their abhorrence regarding the fact that authorities are refusing to increase their paychecks and that the mullahs’ regime is literally stealing their money.
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New protests held in Tehran & Rasht
Retired bank employees, Kian Tire workers, credit firm clients seeking their savings returned are staging new protests in Tehran & Rasht
Hundreds of retired bank employees in Tehran are staging protests and demanding answers to their requests. These rallies continued on Tuesday and were held outside the Retired Employees Fund.
The protesters were chanting:
“We will return until we get what we deserve”
“We don’t want hollow promises”
“Directors must answer to us”
“Incompetent directors, resign, resign”
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Iran demonstrations & senior officials’ concerns over 

July 16, 2018 - Demonstrations and strikes are continuing across Iran. Protesters are raising their voice over severe water and electricity shortages, and credit firm clients seeing their investments stolen by state-run outlets. Workers and teachers aren’t being paid, while prices are skyrocketing throughout the country, mainly due to severe ups and downs in the country’s currency value.
The people’s demonstrations are now being linked to the PMOI/MEK’s network of members and supporters inside Iran, and this is making senior regime officials extremely concerned over this organization’s growing influence across the country.
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Iranian Government’s Slow Response to Undrinkable Water in Khuzestan Sparks Protests

Full report of Uprising of brave people and youths of Borazjan
July 8, 2018-A large crowd of people from Borazjan (Bushehr province in southern Iran) protested on Sunday, July 8th for the second day in a row with the slogan "Death to the dictator."
The demonstration is taking place near the Mellat Bank and the Hospital Square.
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Protest against shortage of water with the slogan 'Death to the Dictator'
On Saturday evening July 7th, brave people, and youths of Borazjan (Bushehr province, southern Iran) protested against the lack of drinking water for four days and the neglect of the regime's corrupt and oppressive officials about the disastrous situation of livelihoods in the city.
The demonstration, which started from the hospital's square, continued until the very last hours of the night. The people chanted: Death to the dictator; the enemy is right here, they are lying it is the United States; let go of Syria, think about us; We do not want incompetent government; Don’t be scared, don’t be scared, we are all together; Neither Gaza nor Lebanon, my life for Iran; With a less embezzlement our problems would be solved; We shall die, but do not tolerate humiliation; With a less theft, our problems will be solved.
By giving hollow promises, the Iranian regime’s authorities tried to disperse the people and quell their anger. But the people booed them and chanted: it is a lie, it is a lie. Khamenei's representative and the criminal Friday prayer imam of the city escaped the scene in fear of the people’s uprising.
Due to the traitorous and devastating policies of the mullahs, many of the cities are in terrible conditions in the very hot weather of the summer due to lack of water.  Last week, Khorramshahr and other cities in Khuzestan launched massive demonstrations in protest of being deprived of drinking water.
According to Shahin Pakrooh, one of the deputies of water and wastewater engineering company of the regime, 334 cities are facing the shortage of water this summer, out of which 107 cities are in the red situation.  It is expected that Isfahan, Kerman, Fars, Khorasan, and Sistan-Baluchistan provinces will face a more severe crisis (Tasnim, the IRGC news agency, April 24)
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 8, 201
Locals of another southern city protesting water shortages
July 7, 2018 - People in the city of Borazjan in southern Iran poured into the streets on Saturday, protesting the recent severe water shortage crisis.
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Iranian regime forces arrest dozens in Babak Fort, East Azerbaijan

While we approach the yearly ceremony at Babak Fort, a monument of ancient Persian history, the agents of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) have proceeded with arresting and imprisoning dozens of people from the cities of Urumiyeh, Ahar, and Moqan. According to some sources, the number of arrested is as high as 50.
The fort is located in the mountains near the city of Kalibar in Eastern Azerbaijan, northwest of Iran. It is the stronghold of Babak Khurramdin, a historic Persian figure who fought against the foreign invasion of the country. Every year, Iranians gather at the fort to commemorate and celebrate the legacy and memory of Khurramdin. This is a tradition that has gained popularity in the past decades, and many tourists attend the ceremony every year.
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Full report of  Khorramshahr uprising:
In short:
on Jun 29th in Khorramshahr people portests for extremely poor water conditions and  were killed by the Revolutionary Guards and the riot guard for their demands.
then the protests spread to all KHoseztan province in southern Iran.

Khorramshahr protest elevates standards

With protests in Tehran escalating – being a major turning point in the ongoing uprising across Iran – reports from cities across
Khuzestan Province in the southwest, especially Abadan and Khorramshahr where locals were protesting severe water shortage, began making noise.
People were chanting:
“Stupid officials, the water is salty”
“Rouhani, shame on you, let go of the country,” in reference to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.
“Death to Khamenei,” in reference to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.
The demonstration escalated in downtown districts as riot police began using tear gas and pellet guns to quell the protests. Brave youths were scene putting up a strong stance and resisting their measures.
Many reports indicated hit and run skirmishes in numerous areas of the city. Videos on social media showed the youth erecting numerous bastions, throwing back tear gas canisters at the security forces and defending themselves with whatever means possible, including hurling rocks.
Sunday night cities and towns across Khuzestan Province, including Ahvaz, Mahshahr, Sarbandar and others were scenes of locals demonstrating in support of the Khorramshahr protests.
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Iranians protest in southern cities, clash with repressive security forces
On Sunday, July 1, families of detainees gathered in front of the police headquarters and called for the release of their children and relatives.
During the night, people and youths in Ahwaz, Abadan, Mahshahr, Karoon, and Khormoussa rallied in support of the Khorramshahr uprising. The youth of Ahwaz began their demonstrations on Naderi Street chanting the slogans: "Death to the dictator"; “My life for the sake of Karoon (river); “The people of Khorramshahr are thirsty”; “Yes, yes to the revolution”.
In Khormoussa, despite the intensive presence of the police agents, the people rallied with the slogan "My life for the sake of Khorramshahr".
In Abadan, people's demonstrations in the Selich district turned into clashes. The repressive police force have surrounded this part of Abadan. The anti-riot guards are tightly deployed on the city's bridge and have closed the roads and do not allow people to commute.
The gathering of the brave youth of Khorramshahr was attacked by the Revolutionary Guards and the riot guard on Saturday night. Despite the intensive presence of all kinds of repressive forces, the brave youth confronted them by chanting the slogans “Death to Khamenei; “Death to “the Islamic Republic”; “Death to Rouhani”; “Cannon, tank, firecracker, the mullahs must get lost”; “Do not be scared; do not be scared; we are all together”; “Sludge water, salty water, because of stupid authorities”. The mercenaries’ attack on furious young people led to street clashes. A number of people were injured and some were harmed due to direct shootings and firing tear gas. The protesters confronted the repressive forces with no weapons and burned some trash bins and tires in order to block the path of mercenaries, and threw back the tear gas thrown by the mercenaries. Shooting bullets could be heard across the city for many hours. The agents of the repressive forces ruined the new bridge of Khorramshahr and destroyed the shops and the people’s belongings in order to pave the way for subsequent repressions. A vehicle of the special anti-riot unit was set to fire by the furious youth.
Intelligence agents and plainclothes agents of the regime arbitrarily arrested dozens of people on Saturday night and Sunday morning in an assault on people’s houses in various neighborhoods of the city.
Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, saluted the people and the youth of Khorramshahr and other cities of Khuzestan province, and described the shooting against defenseless people of Khorramshahr and suppressing their just demonstrations as an example of the crime against humanity and called for immediate action by the UN Security Council. She called on the Iranian people, especially the brave youth of Khuzestan province, to support the uprising of Khorramshahr.
The water crisis in Iran

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