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Iran protests &strikes,A look at protests in Iran during the month of April 2018

MEK,7 May  2018- Iran witnessed 452 protest rallies throughout the month of April, meaning a daily average of 15 rallies staged by credit firm clients, farmers, merchants, students, workers and other branches of the society. Economic pressures and the Iranian regime’s repressive policies were the main focus of these gatherings, marking an increase in comparison to March.
Continued protests surged in April, in addition to women and the youth overcoming all odds to take part in most of these protests.
Here’s a statistical breakdown of April’s protest rallies:
Credit firm clients: 39 rallies
Retirees: 7
Students: 16
Teachers: 8
Workers: 109
Other sectors: 245

16th consecutive day of strike by merchants in Baneh
Report by; PMOI/MEK
30 April 2018-- Merchants and shop owners of  Baneh, in the Kurdistan province in western Iran, started their sixteenth's consecutive day of strike and protests on Monday, April 30, 2018. They are protesting against the closure of border passages, and the increase of customs dues.

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Residents of Marivan clashed with the Suppressive IRGC mercenaries

Iran, April 25, 2018 – Residents of Marivan, in Kurdistan province clashed with the suppressive state security forces last night after the IRGC shot a Kurdish man dead.
The clashes continued well into the night and stretched all the way to Bu-Ali Hospital, which is on the other side of the town.
Residents of Marivan were angry, because an IRGC commander, Col. Kaveh Kohneh-Pooshi had shot Haj Latif Nami, a resident of Marivan and had set his home on fire. The people demanded that this commander would be turned over to the authorities for his criminal act or be handed over to the people.

Escalation of protests in Iran's drought-ridden Isfahan province

- On April 13th, as farmers continued their protests against the government’s water policies in Iran’s Isfahan Province, they received a surprising blow. During a Friday prayer sermon in Isfahan on that same day, Ayatollah Yousef Tabatabaeinejad said, “As someone who has always been on the farmers’ side, I don’t think they have the right to demonstrate.
” He added, “Religious and revolutionary farmers would not do such a thing. They should separate themselves from seditious elements.”
The Iran Meteorological Organization reports that at least 97 percent of the country is experiencing drought to some degree. However, Isfahan’s farmers say that government mismanagement has exacerbated the drought, as water is diverted from the province’s main river to neighboring Yazd Province.
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Workers At Qazvin Steel Company Protest Expulsion Of Colleagues In Takestan, Iran

Apr 23, 2018-- More than 200 workers from the Qazvin Steel Company gathered on Sunday, April 22, in front of the office of the Gazvin Governor in Iran, to protest the expulsion of their colleagues.
One of the Qazvin Steel protesting workers said: “Since yesterday morning, factory managers refuse to pay at least three months of wage and salary due to shortages of funds and prevented about 100 of our colleagues to enter their workplace.
Stating that the work experience of some expelled workers reaches up to 15 years of work, the worker said: “In total, the plant has about 200 workers, which, in addition to lack of job security, the private-sector employer disregards salary payments too”.
“Workers are worried that the layoffs of workers will continue and we will see the layoffs of other contract workers in the coming weeks,” the worker said.

Retired Laborers Of Western Alborz Coal Mine In Tehran, Iran Stage Protest Demanding Retirement Claims

Apr 23, 2018-- On Sunday, April 22, 2018, a group of retired workers of Western Alborz Coal Mine located in Gilan Province gathered in front of the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization Building (IMIDRO) in Tehran, Iran.
The retired workers also gathered yesterday in front of the Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company (IMPASCO). They demanded the authorities meet their unfulfilled retirement claims.

The Protesting retirees at the Western Alborz Coal Mine have currently not received their pensions for February and March, and the Steel Fund is said to have created many problems in providing health care and welfare for the retirees.

Phase 19 workers in Asaluyeh protested by closing the gates of the factory

April 22, 2018 - A group of workers from the South Park phase 19 natural-gas project in Asaluyeh, southern Iran, gathered to protest against their layoff in front the factory entrance. Protestors closed the gate to the factory and did not allow anyone to enter or exit the premises. Workers are demanding their return to work. Government agents laid off these workers after the expansion project was completed, and are hiring their friends based on favoritism and not qualification.

Marivan University Students Support Bordering Bazaar Merchants’ Protests And Strikes In Iran

Apr 22, 2018 -- On Sunday, April 22nd, merchants and businessmen of the Baneh bazaar and market continued their nationwide strike after several consecutive days in protest to the closure of Iran’s borders and increasing tariffs. Marivan University students also expressed their support for the merchants’ strikes in the bordering towns of Iran.
The Iranian government has completely closed the borders of Baneh, Marivan, Piranhasar, and Sardasht in recent months. The closure of the borders, and especially the porters’ pathway borders, has led to a sharp rise in unemployment.

According to the representative of the city of Marivan, 8,000 people have been unemployed in the city, causing a sharp recession among merchants and businesses.
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Strike of merchants and shopkeepers in border provinces continue for one week

On Saturday, April 21, the strike of merchants and shopkeepers in the provinces of Kurdistan, Kermanshah and West Azarbaijan continued for the seventh consecutive day.
The merchants of Sare-Pol-e Zahab and Mahabad also joined the protest on Friday. Meanwhile, repressive forces have arrested a number of strikers in recent days to prevent the spread of these protests.
On Saturday, Sardasht merchants protested in front of the governorate building against rising customs duties.
In Baneh, a poor young man was arrested because he had protested in front of Saeed Jalili, Khamenei’s representative, against the killings of border porters, the hunger of the people in the area, and stoppage of their business on Wednesday, April 18. Jalili's visit to Baneh, which was aimed at deceiving the protesters and forcing them to end the strike, failed ignominiously.
In Piranshahr, regime mercenaries set fire at one of the cars of the strikers in the Kani Shinkah area in order to intimidate them.
In the border town of Bazargan (West Azerbaijan), people protested against the closure of border routes, which has been their only way of earning money and making their living, by blocking the main street of the city.
In yet another development in Sanandaj, workers from the Mohammadi manufacturing company stopped working in protest against the expulsion of one of their colleagues. Following a visit by a representative of Khamenei and the governor, one of the workers objected to the severe exploitation of the workers and the low level of wages. The employer immediately fired the worker, which provoked a strong protest by the workers.

Labor Protests At Orumieh Steel Manufacturing Factory In West Azarbaijan, Iran
On Saturday, April 21, 2018, workers at Orumieh Steel Manufacturing Factory in West Azarbaijan, Iran spread a large empty table and staged a protest sit-in and rally.

The steel manufacturing workers launched the protest in front of the Governorate of West Azerbaijan because they have not received one year of their salary and their social security premiums
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Workers Of Dam Construction Project In Piranshahr, Iran Go On Strike
The workers of the dam construction project in Piranshahr, western Iran went on strike against the lack of salary payments.
Despite threats from the government of expulsion from work, the workers of the Kani Siv dam in Piranshahr are on the fifth day of their strike as a sign of protest.

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Expelled Workers of South Pars Gas company blocked the entrance to the south pars complex
in a protest action, expelled workers of phase 19 of the South Pars Gas Complex blocked the entrance to the Complex (in Assaluyeh) and did not allow anyone to pass in or out of the complex.

The protesters have been demanding a return to their work and object to hiring non-indigenous forces instead of native people in the area.
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Workers' gathering in various Iranian cities
Workers of Dezful, a city in southwestern Iran, gathered for the fifth consecutive day on Saturday to protest against a lengthy delay in the payment of their salaries.
In Abadan, also southwestern Iran, city workers staged a protest against several months of delay in receiving their salaries.
In Sanandaj, west of Iran, a group of workers at the "Industrial Town No3" went on strike in protest to the layoff of one of their coworkers.

Workers of Sarvbad, west of Iran, went on strike to protest against their long overdue salaries.
Strikes by merchants and shop owners in Baneh, Mahabad, Sardasht and Javanrood

April 21, 2018 - Cities of Baneh, Mahabad, Sardasht and Javanrood, in western Iran, witnessed once again on Saturday, a widespread general strike by merchants and shop owners. They protested against the closure of the western border passes, which shut down their businesses solely dependent on trade with neighboring Iraq. The strike is also in protest against a sharp increase in customs duties.

New Protests In Kazerun With Chants Of "Beware Of The Day When We Take Up Arms."
On Friday, April 20, 2018, thousands of residents of Kazerun, southern Iran, staged anti-regime protests for the fifth consecutive day. People also gathered in the city's grand mosque and denounced the regime's plan to divide the city.

 The demonstration was held while the city's so-called city council, Friday prayers’ leader, and state media had announced that all gatherings were banned until the Kazerun city separation plan is determined.
Residents of Kazeroun,including a remarkable number of brave women continued their protests against segregation of the city for the fourth consecutive day.

Anti-Riot Forces Take Up Positions In Kazerun To Quell Major Protest

On Thursday, April 19, despite the presence of heavily-armed anti-riot forces, thousands of residents of Kazerun, southern Iran, turned out for a fourth consecutive day of protests over the regime’s plans to divide the city. There was a strong presence of women in the ranks of the protesters.
In one section of the city square, where the protest was being held, youth bravely chanted at the suppressive security forces:
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Women’s extensive participation in the protest in azeroun

18 April 2018-- Thousands of residents of Kazeroun, one of the major cities of Fars Province in southern Iran, staged a huge demonstration for the third consecutive day in the city’s main square. Women’s presence in this protest on Wednesday, April 18, 2018, was active and remarkable.
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Continuation Of Strikes In Kurdistan, Kermanshah And West Azarbaijan Provinces, And Arresting A Number Of Protesters

A general strike was underway in a number of western Iranian cities on Wednesday, April 18th in Marivan, Mahabad, Saqqez, and Piranshahr. Bazaar merchants and store owners in these cities were protesting to the sudden jump in customs tariffs and the closer of the border passes. All these cities are located at the Iran-Iraq border.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, April 18 and 19, the strike of merchants and shopkeepers in the cities of the border regions of Kurdistan, Kermanshah and West Azarbaijan provinces continued in wider dimensions than before. In addition to the cities of Javanrood, Baneh, Marivan and Saghez, the merchants in the towns of Sardasht, Mahabad, Boukan and Piranshahr also joined the strikers.
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