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2019-Iran-#Nowruz celebration with the #Iranian #opposition

Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK gathering celebrating Nowruz, welcoming a year of change

Maryam Rajavi: Nowruz 1398 will mark the year of Revolution and freedom for Iran

Tirana, Albania, March 20, 2019 - The Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) celebrated Nowruz, the Iranian calendar new year (the year 1398), along with their supporters and many distinguished guests.
The president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, addressed the people of Iran in a speech marking Nowruz, Iranian New Year. Firstly, she wished the people of Iran happy celebrations and congratulated her compatriots across the whole of the country and those who have remained hopeful thorough some very dark times under the oppressive rule of the mullahs.
She acknowledged and thanked those people that have participated in the uprising over the past year, emphasising that they have made the past year a success in terms of progress towards freedom.
Many Iranians are unable to afford the bare necessities, much less the luxuries that they once permitted themselves for their Nowruz celebrations. The economic crisis and the regime’s utter mismanagement of the country’s wealth has resulted in large parts of the population falling into absolute poverty. Mrs. Rajavi reminded these people that she, and the Resistance, stands beside them. She mentioned the farmers who have lost their livelihoods because of the water scarcity, the teachers who are subjected to awful discrimination, poverty and imprisonment for protesting, the millions of unemployed people, and the people who are living in extreme poverty with no shelter for them or their children.
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Link of the full text of Mrs.Maryam Rajavi

Perspectives for Change in Iran Discussed at U.S. Senate Gatherin

By Mohammad Sadat Khansari
In a session held at the U.S. Senate John F. Kennedy Hall, senior U.S. senators from both parties, along with prominent political dignitaries and former American officials gathered to discuss human rights and democracy in Iran.
As Nowruz nears, the nature of Iran’s uprising that has continued for the past 15 months, the prospects of change in Iran, the necessity to provide bipartisan support for the Iranian opposition coalition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and the ten-point plan presented by NCRI President Maryam Rajavi were the focus of the meeting. As well, various terrorist conspiracies and demonizing campaigns against the Iranian opposition group People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) were examined.
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German Parliamentarians Visit PMOI/MEK in Albania and Meet Politicians of the Country

A six-member delegation, including German parliamentarians and civil society activists headed by Rita Süssmuth, former president of the Bundestag, went to Tirana for three days, October 21-23, to visit the PMOI/MEK opposition members in Albania. During this trip, they also met with government officials and prominent political figures in the country, and held a joint and major conference with parliamentarians and NGOs from Albania.
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On the occasion of Nowruz, the Persian New Year, a gathering was held at the French National Assembly on April 11, 2018, where a number of Members of Parliament and French personalities participated.
In a video message to this gathering, Maryam Rajavi congratulated everyone on the New Year and said:

Nowruz is an ancient festivity of several thousand years, symbolizing the Iranian people’s hope for change. In recent decades, Iranians’ embrace of Nowruz has also been a form of expression of opposition to the mullahs’ religious dictatorship which is the enemy of Iran’s culture and civilization.

This year, Nowruz had a distinctive feature because it had been greatly affected by the protests which started on December 28, 2017, and quickly spread to 142 cities across the country. Many Iranians say, “This year, spring started on December 28.”

Since then, popular demonstrations and strikes have continued extensively and incessantly all across the country, including repeated general strikes in the Kurdish areas, demonstrations in recent weeks by Arab Iranians in the oil-rich regions of the south, strikes and protests by the Steel Industry and Sugar Cane workers, continuous protests by farmers in Isfahan, and the recent protests in Tehran.

Clearly, the people of Iran have embarked on a movement for regime change. A Persian proverb says, “A good year starts with a good spring.”

It is, therefore, foreseeable that the coming year is going to bear a powerful protest movement in Iran. The mullahs’ regime is essentially unstable and such instability is going to aggravate. Regime change at the hands of the people of Iran is inevitable.

Fortunately, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), the pivotal force in the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), has expanded its networks inside the country. These networks had an essential role in the protests in December and January. The regime’s officials, particularly the mullahs’ supreme leader, have acknowledged the role of the Mojahedin in the uprising.

The clerical regime’s spin doctors used to claim that the situation in Iran would improve after the nuclear deal and lifting of the sanctions. The clerical dictatorship, however, stepped up its domestic repression, expanded its ballistic missile program, and fueled the wars in the Middle East. We have always emphasized that this regime will never become moderate because if it does, it would lose all its power.

Fortunately, today, France has questioned the regime’s missile program and its role in destabilizing the Middle East. The people of Iran, however, expect France to take the additional step of standing by them. They expect France to defend human rights and the people’s uprisings in Iran.

Lasting stability in Iran and tranquility in the Middle East depends on the overthrow of the religious dictatorship of the mullahs.

We have been seeking to establish a pluralist republic in Iran; a republic based on the separation of religion and state and gender equality; a non-nuclear Iran where the death penalty is abolished, ethnic groups enjoy autonomy in the framework of Iran’s national integrity, people enjoy equal economic opportunities and the environment is respected.

Wishing you a nice spring.

A Nowruz gathering was held on Wednesday, March 28, 2018, at the UK Parliament in the presence of a number of members of both Houses of the Parliament, British lawyers and political dignitaries as well as representatives of the Iranian Community in Britain. In a video message to this meeting, Maryam Rajavi praised the efforts of UK parliamentarians and personalities in support of the Iranian people’s aspirations for freedom and democracy.
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The Time Is up for Protecting This Decadent Regime and the Uprising Will Continue Until Final Victory

The New Year Can and Must Be Turned Into a Year Full of Uprisings

This is the spring of uprising. Be it that in this victorious journey, the uprisings culminate in the spring of freedom
Fellow compatriots, dear friends, sisters, and brothers,

Happy New Year and Happy Nowruz!

With the arrival of the New Year, we can hear the steps of Iranian protesters in 142 cities across the country. We hear protesters and the PMOI combatants of freedom marching, who will ultimately end the reign of this evil regime.

This year’s spring has passed through the uprisings. Indeed, this is a spring of uprising. Let us hope that in its victorious journey it would lead to the spring of freedom.

We are delighted to be joined today in this Nowruz celebration by the long-time friend and supporter of Iranian Resistance in the most difficult days of Camp Ashraf, Mayor Giuliani.

Since the very beginning, he opposed the terrorist designation of the Iranian people’s just resistance for freedom that sought to rid Iran of the fundamentalist mullahs, the real godfathers of Daesh (ISIS/ISIL).

He also opposed the PMOI’s relocation from Ashraf to the killing field named, “Liberty”, sugarcoated by the United Nations and the UNHCR, considering it to be sheer duplicity.
He represented the conscientious Americans who also stood with the people of Iran during the 2009 uprisings, opposed the policy of appeasement, and pointed to the right policy.

I also welcome the dear friend of the PMOI, Minister Pandeli Majko. The names of Pandeli Majko and his wife, Enkelejda, will be remembered in the history of relations between the people of Iran and Albania.
And we also welcome Mrs. Elona Gjebrea, and Mr. Fatmir Mediu. We thank you for all your efforts that broke through all the obstacles. You are all very welcomed.

We can, and we must turn the New Year into a year of uprisings
Fellow compatriots, sisters, and brothers,

Iran’s society was characterized by protests and uprisings throughout the past year.
In spring, the Call for Justice movement for the victims of the 1988 massacre, defeated Khamenei’s plans in the sham presidential elections.

In summer, the People’s Mojahedin of Iran elected their new Secretary General and gained momentum to prepare for the resistance and uprisings.

In autumn, in the wake of the earthquake in Kermanshah Province, the people of Iran expressed their rage against, and hatred of, the mullahs.

And in winter, the uprisings erupted nationwide aimed at overthrowing the clerical regime. Since then, the rising waves of protests have been striking at the wall of repression.

Last year ended with the season of uprising, and the coming year can and must be turned into a year of uprisings. And this is going to be an uprising, a revolution, until victory.

1,000 Ashrafs as centers of rebellion
Fellow compatriots,
In nature, spring follows winter. But the spring of freedom can come at any moment, though not by itself. It will come only if we show our determination and would be willing to sacrifice our lives. It will come only if we are organized and united around a single strategy.

For this reason, the uprisings in December and January brought the fresh scent of spring in the middle of winter.

This uprising emerged from under repression. This is an uprising that organizes and unites.

Read Maryam Rajavi's Nowruz Remarks click here

Celebration of Nowruz with Mayor Rudy Juliani and Maryam Rajavi in Albania

Celebration of Nowruz with Mayor Rudy Juliani and Maryam Rajavi in Albania

March, 20, 2018 - Maryam Rajavi :  This year would be the year of commitment and responsibility and a year of full of hope and determination of the Iranian people and the Resistance.

As I said: This is the spring for Iran and there would not be any winter.
Hopefully we will celebrate the next New Year ( Nowruz ) in Iran in the presence of Massoud Rajavi

Maryam Rajavi thanked all the guessed, musicians, performers and the audience.
She said over 4 decade the PMOI has been in the forefront of the exposing the mullahs' dictatorship. People Iran through this uprising show the world and especially all those politicians who advocated appeasement with the mullahs that this tyrannical clerical regime's time is up and will undoubtedly go.

We are here because we believe that there is only one Iran. The truth is not a letter to be written, but a quality that no one can change.
You are so proud of your history and so brave in front of dangers and bullets.

Pandeli Majko: You are now part of Albania. I know some time ago no one would believe that Albania would open its doors to all of you.
I will not be very official speaking with you, because I am your friend, and my wife and I consider Mrs. Rajavi our family.

Rudy Giuliani: Anywhere you need me, I am there. there is one place that I want to go and it will make me happier than being here with you, and that is Tehran.

The statement by president Trump on the occasion of Nowruz was read at the gathering by Rudy Giuliani.

An uprising is a desire of the people for freedom. same as any uprising, anywhere in the world. People want to have the freedom to chose their own religion. Women want to have their freedom. And look at the way your organization is operating with a woman as a leader. She is my champion.
I have a simple message for the regime: their future is in hell.
I just suggest to them that they step aside.
Rudy Giuliani: this is a very emotional moment for me to be here with you in Tirana.
I would like to express our gratitude to the government of Albania.

A Call for Regime Change Policy in Iran, by Close Trump Ally

President Trump’s Nowruz message:
“The history of Nowruz is rooted in Iran, where for millennia a proud nation has overcome great challenges by the strength of its culture and the resilience of its people. Today, the Iranian people face another challenge: rulers who serve themselves instead of serving the people.
Heshmat Alavi wrote in an article in the Forbes on March 21, read the article 


Maryam Rajavi met with Rudy Giuliani, advisor to the US President on Cyber Security and former Mayor of New York, met on Sunday, March 18, 2018.
They discussed the clerical regime’s crises particularly in the wake of the nationwide uprising of the people of Iran and the need to adopt a decisive policy vis-à-vis the clerical regime in its terminal phase.

Maryam Rajavi said the Iranian people’s desire for regime change was expressed loud and clear in their uprising. They showed that they will not be satisfied by anything less than the regime’s overthrow. So, it is time for the International Community to respect their desire and recognize the alternative to this medieval regime.

Rudy Giuliani praised the Iranian people’s recent uprising and said the MEK’s role in organizing the protests --which compelled the regime’s leader and president to acknowledge it—bespeaks of the Iranian Resistance’s potential and capabilities for change in Iran.

In Iran, unlike other countries in the region, there is an alternative to the ruling regime, said Rudy Giuliani and reiterated, this is why regime change will promote peace and tranquility in the region which have been seriously undermined by the Iranian regime.

He underlined his support for the Iranian Resistance led by Maryam Rajavi for regime change and establishment of freedom and democracy in Iran.

Additional US Support for Regime Change in Iran

NCRI - Two American senators have pledged their support for a non-profit Iranian-American group, based in the US, which wants to replace the theocratic Iranian Regime with a democratic and secular government.

Maryland Senator Ben Cardin (Democrat) and Arkansas Senator John Boozman (Republican) made this pledge during their speeches at an annual luncheon held by the Organization of Iranian-American Communities (OIAC) to celebrate the Iranian New Year (Nowruz).
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2017-Maryam Rajavi in the #Nowruz ceremony in the presence of NCRI & MEK members and supporters of the #Iranian Resistance

EU Reporter, March 20 , 2018 -Maryam Rajavi on #Nowruz celebration: The New Year can and must be turned into a year full of uprisings

Riyadh Daily- March 21, 2018 - Maryam Rajavi’s: The New Year can and must be turned into a year full of uprisings

IBNA, March 21, 2018-Mojahedin celebrate the Iranian New Year in Tirana, Rudy Giuliani invited in it 

On Nowruz, the Iranian New Year Bi-Partisan Members of Congress support a free Iran at Capitol Hill event

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, on the occasion of the Iranian New year which will be on Tuesday March 21, 2018, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and 11 other bipartisan members of Congress joined Iranian American Community members and Congressional staffers at an event titled, “Iran Uprising and Nowruz 2018,” to celebrate the Iranian New Year. They expressed optimism that a new day is indeed coming for the people of Iran and expressed support for a free, secular, democratic, and nuclear Iran.
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In the collective anThe historic conscience of the Iranian nation, Nowruz is the translation of these propitious words: Freedom and democracy.

The fact that Iranians so much love to celebrate #Nowruz derives from their deep individual and social need to express their desire for freedom and prosperity.

The New Year will see the expansion of protests in #Iran‌. Iranians urge the International Community to recognize their struggle for the overthrow of the clerical regime and the democratic alternative


Maryam Rajavi: The protest movement has not stopped. Waves of protests follow one another. This is how people rise up and create their genuine feast of freedom.

This winter, entwined with protests and uprisings, is now going to give its place to spring in such a way to prepare the future year for movement and uprising and for advancement towards victory and freedom.
In reality, the protests did not stop their movement despite widespread arrests and especially the regime’s slaughter of innocent youths under torture. The movement continued to thrive in the general strike of Baneh, the extensive protests of the Steel workers of Isfahan, the protests by workers of Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Factory in Khuzistan, and the uprising of the farmers in east Isfahan. Waves of protests follow one another.
This is how people rise up and create their genuine feast of freedom.
The rise of this blissful Nowrouz is coupled with the fall of the old regime and the ruling fundamentalists. The mullahs’ religious tyranny faces multiple challenges: A powerful popular protest movement, an internal fight over Khamenei’s heir, its shrinking financial resources, a deadlock in the war in Syria, international tensions over its ballistic missile program and the JCPOA, the defections from its Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), etc. However, the most terrifying for the regime are four major incidents:
The most terrifying things for the regime are four major predicaments: The ubiquitous chants of “death to Khamenei”, eruption of the protests despite maximum suppression, and the absence of external escape goats such as the war with Iraq or the fight against Daesh, and assistance from advocates of the policy of appeasement. This year, in contrast to the previous years, the regime has no way out.
The clerical dictatorship is at an impasse which is the product of years of steadfast perseverance of the people of Iran, their valiant children in the PMOI, and the protesters. This is, of course, very important but what is more inspiring for the people of Iran is the new horizon which has emerged through the uprisings in December and January and is going to answer the question of regime change by 1,000 bastions of rebellion, 1,000 Ashraf's and the Army of Freedom.
The time has come for the great house cleaning in our homeland.
Iran’s genuine Nowrouz is on its way.

Report of #Nowruz ceremony on 2017

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