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Iran- Fifth anniversary of Sattar Beheshti, a message by his mother

Gohar Eshghi

Gohar Eshghi says freedom is coming

On the fifth anniversary of Sattar Beheshti’s death under torture, his mother, Gohar Eshghi announced in a letter to the Iranian people that freedom is coming soon. The letter reads in part:
The Islamic Republic came to power four decades ago with slogan of protecting the downtrodden. However, it did not take them very long before they built their luxury life on the ruins of the life of the poor.
Now, because of this regime, we have to mourn our children and compatriots instead of celebrating.
Yes, it is the fifth anniversary of the loss of my son, Sattar, who took care of me. But instead of weeping and sobbing for him, I celebrate that my son could shake the pillars of tyranny, like other young men who drenched in their own blood to water the sapling of freedom.
The day is not far when the rulers would have to account for their actions. Freedom of Iran and her people is truly imminent.

Narges Mohammadi’s Speech on the Second Anniversary of Sattar Beheshti’s Murder

Sattar Beheshti was an Iranian blogger who died in early November 2012 several days after being arrested by the Iranian Cyber Police unit for criticizing the government of the Islamic Republic on Facebook, and after making a signed complaint of being tortured while in custody. His reported death has drawn international condemnation and led to the dismissal of the commander of Iran's cybercrimes police unit.
Sattar Beheshti was born in 1977 and lived in Robat Karim, 27 km southwest of Tehran  he was "a labourer from a working class family".Opposition websites report that he had been detained in 1999 after student protests at Tehran University.

His website "My Life for My Iran" at magalh91.blogspot.de was not a major blog, and had fewer than 30 viewers in October. But although he "was regarded as a relatively minor figure" among Iran’s bloggers, according to the New York Times, Beheshti's death "has provoked outrage among both opponents and supporters of Iran’s leaders".

On October 22, 2012, Beheshti posted a criticism of the Islamic Republic on his blog addressed to the Supreme Leader. Beheshti stated that the judicial system of the Islamic Republic was "nothing but a slaughterhouse," and that "the sentences and ... the executions carried out ... were not out of a desire for justice – but were aimed at terrorizing the people! So that no one will complain!"

In a blog post a day before his arrest, Beheshti wrote: "They threatened me yesterday and said, 'Your mother will soon wear black because you don't shut your big mouth'".

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