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A look at Mahan Air, the IRGC-owned Iranian airline spreading death and destruction

Jan. 28, 2019 - Just a few days ago, Germany announced that Iranian airline Mahan Air is no longer allowed to enter German airspace. In response, the Iranian regime’s minister of roads and urban development Mohammad Eslami said, “All the companies and airline industry of the Islamic Republic are sanctioned, and Mahan Air is among them.”
On January 21, Reuters quoted German sources that Mahan Air’s license for flying to German has been canceled. According to Reuters, the German federal government cited “safety problems” and the possibility of Iranian use of Mahan Air for “military purposes” as the reasons for its decision.
In a January 21 meeting between EU foreign ministers, German FM Heiko Maas said that Iranian Mahan Air transports weapons and soldiers to war-torn areas in Syria.

The Truth About the IRGC’s Business Empire

Iran’s Defence Minister Amir Hatami recently proclaimed that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei ordered the Regime’s Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) to curtail its business empire, which made some people hope that there was an end in sight to the IRGC’s stranglehold on the Iranian economy.
Hatami said that the IRGC and the Artesh (Iran’s regular army) were supposed to transfer any entities and assets “not related to their mission” into the private sector with two months.
The offices of the Supreme Leader and the IRGC did not comment on these remarks, but IRGC Brigadier General Esmail Kowsari downplayed them, claiming that the IRGC’s business interests were all related to their mission of safeguarding the regime from internal and external threats and completely legal. However, it is worth noting that under the Iranian Regime, most anything is legal if you’re a high-ranking member of the Regime.
Of course, the facts show that IRGC businesses now dominates in the sectors of energy, construction, telecommunication, media, mining, electronics, automobile, banking, agriculture, and more. Their companies also benefitted substantially from the 2015 nuclear deal.
This is also true of the Basij Organization, a paramilitary force under IRGC control, which has shares in major construction, mining, energy and pharmaceutical companies.
The money gained from these are used to fund terrorism and destabilisation abroad, so it’s not clear how that helps the Iranian people.
Even if Khamenei’s actually ordered the divestment of IRGC businesses (and many in the IRGC are claiming that he hasn’t) it would more likely be a move to placate the Iranian people and the international community, rather than a genuine effort to change.
The latest messaging from Tehran is aimed at placating both domestic and international concerns. On the one hand, by promising to curtail the IRGC economic role, the regime in Tehran would like to defuse the anger of ordinary Iranians who recently took to the streets in big numbers to protest against corruption and mismanagement of the government. IRGC’s policies at home and costly involvement in regional conflicts were among key issues raised by the protesters.
Furthermore, Tehran also expects additional US sanctions – or even the reinstatement of nuclear sanctions if the Trump administration terminates the nuclear deal. Thus, it is taking pre-emptive measures to minimize the impact of US sanctions that are increasingly targeting the IRGC and its affiliated institutions. But no real and significant transfer of IRGC investment holdings to the private sector is likely to happen – at least anytime soon.
The Iranian Regime is incapable of genuine change, as evidenced by previous statements about disbanding the IRGC’s commercial assets by regime’s President Hassan Rouhani and other senior Iranian officials, after which the IRGC’s economic activities only expanded.

The Truth About the IRGC’s Business Empire

Al Arabiya-Will new sanctions change the balance of power in Iran?

US President Donald Trump is calling for new sanctions on Iran in his Friday decision, while providing Tehran with sanctions relief “for the last time” under an accord he himself describes as the “worst deal ever.”

The President is stepping into this verdict after consulting the all-important Iran question with his national security team. The factor changing the playing field now is the nationwide protests that continue to threaten the very pillars of Iran’s regime.
New scenario

The law obliges the US administration to announce every 90 days whether Iran is complying with a 2015 agreement the international community aiming to curb Tehran’s nuclear program.

The fact that Iran is shaking under the feat of tens of thousands of protesters in over 140 cities across the country raises Trump’s latest decision to an unprecedented and utterly dangerous level for Tehran.
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U.S. sanctions head of Iran's judiciary, others, over human rights abuses
U.S. sanctions head of Iran's judiciary, others, over human rights abuses

WASHINGTON (Reuters) JANUARY 12, 2018 -
The United States imposed sanctions on 14 individuals and entities on Friday for human rights abuses in Iran and supporting Iranian weapons programs, including the head of Iran’s judiciary, Ayatollah Sadeq Larijani.
The U.S. Treasury Department said in a statement that Larijani, a close ally of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is “responsible for ordering, controlling, or otherwise directing, the commission of serious human rights abuses against persons in Iran or Iranian citizens or residents.”
A Chinese national was sanctioned for acting on behalf of Wuhan Sanjiang Import and Export Co LTD, which is already under sanctions for doing business with an Iranian firm “owned or controlled” by the military.
Other sanctioned entities included another China-based company, Bochuang Ceramic Corp, and the Iranian firm it sought to supply with a chemical compound used in the transmission of electrical signals.

Britain's blacklisting of Iranian-supported organizations
Sawsan Al Shaer
Al Arabiya 24 December 2017 - We greatly appreciate the British government’s recent efforts of blacklisting Iranian-supported organizations as this helps us combat Iranian terrorism and its wings in the region.
Efforts by Bahraini security apparatuses and the Bahraini embassy in Britain over the past few years have helped pursue and arrest terrorists there and expose their false claims to the British. This required determination and faith in the cause as well as an active diplomatic mission.
This success calls for establishing an apparatus that handles pursuing wanted men who fled to Arab, European and American countries. This apparatus can provide these countries with evidence that implicates the organizations these wanted men belong to and can examine the legal measures that can help them be extradited.
Iran Regime's Panic Over the CAATSA Law and New Sanctions   he consequences of the terrorist listings of the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and the  Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) law and the new sanctions have led to the panic of the Iranian regime.                           Read more

Rouhani: Hysterical remarks against Mojahedin, defending war, terrorism and stockpiling ballistic missiles
Rouhani, president of the Iranian regime, in his speech in the parliament on October 29th, showed his anger and fear of the PMOI and the Iranian Resistance. He also emphasized the continuation of criminal meddling of the regime in the region and its plan for the production of ballistic missiles and their storage.
He said: 'We produced, are producing, and will produce ... We shall not hesitate in producing and storing any weapon me might need and using them at the time necessary to defend ourselves.”

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US expands sanctions on Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps
APA, Oct. 31, 2017 - The US Treasury Department has announced the expansion of sanctions on Iran's Revolutionary Guards, which were imposed on October 13 over IRGC allegedly 'supporting terrorism,' a claim strongly denied by Tehran.
The sanctions affect the Revolutionary Guard's Aerospace Force Self Suffiency Jihad Organization, Air Force, Al-Ghadir Missile Command, and the Research and Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organization, according to the Treasury's press release
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Approved Legislation to Sanction Clerical Regime for Its Ballistic Missile, a Necessary Step to Confront Terrorism
Approved Legislation to Sanction Clerical Regime for Its Ballistic Missile, a Necessary Step to Confront Terrorism
Resistance welcomes the approval of legislation by the U.S. House of Representatives to impose further sanctions against the clerical regime and its senior officials for production and proliferation of ballistic missiles and views it as a necessary step vis-a vis the regime’s belligerent and terrorist policies.
The mullahs’ missile program, that is totally controlled by the IRGC, has no objective but to pursue the mullahs’ further belligerence and meddling in the region. The clerical regime has devoted a significant budget to this program while the majority of the Iranian people live below the poverty line. This program is solely for the regime’s survival and is against the prime interests of the Iranian people.

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High-Ranking House Democrat: No Shortage of Reasons to Sanction Iran Regime                A senior House Democrat has declared that new US sanctions on Iran would bring the Regime to its knees and bring them back to the negotiating table.Brad Sherman, a Representative from California, was speaking at a counter terrorism event organised by the Hudson Institute on Monday, when he said that “maximum sanctions" on Iran could bring the Regime “begging” to the US.                                     Read more

Finding a Better Strategy Must Address Iran's Dark Human Rights Record Too
While President Donald Trump's intention to not certify the Iran nuclear agreement is on the minds of many Iranians, it's not their only worry.
Countless Iranians, especially religious and ethnic minorities, wonder when they will see their imprisoned relatives, when they will get some form of justice for the cousin who was hanged, or the uncle whose limbs were cut off as punishment. They wonder when they will be able not just to live without fear of nuclear war, but also without fear of being lashed by the vice police.
Five Days After the U.S. New Policy, Khamenei Appears at the Scene
announcement of the US administration’s new policy against the clerical regime and the terrorist designation of the Revolutionary Guards. With a ridiculous claim that "we do not want to waste our time ... by responding to the president of the United States," he tried to conceal his fear and that of his regime from the US new policy. However, he warned the regime's officials that "we should not be ignorant of the enemy's plot and conspiracy, because there are issues whose importance is no than war." He accused “some of the officials” of the regime of “negligence” and "under the influence of the West", saying they would "be traitors to the country" if they mean what they say.
Five Days After the U.S. New Policy, Khamenei Appears at the Scene

IRGC Terror Tag Aids Iran's People and the World
Articulating a new policy on Iran, President Trump made some refreshingly poignant statements about the ruling dictatorship. No previous American president has used such blunt terms to distinguish between the Iranian people and an illegitimate regime, or to describe the multi-faceted threat that the clerical regime poses to the region and the world. The timely recognition of the Iranian people’s search for democracy is a new pillar of his new strategy.
Lord Carlile: Designation of IRGC is a welcome step, but Iran policy should focus on Tehran's human rights abuses
Lord Carlile: Designation of IRGC is a welcome step, but Iran policy should focus on Tehran's human rights abuses
I welcome the decision by the U.S. Treasury last week to designate the entire Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organisation pursuant to the global terrorism Executive Order (E.O.) 13224.
The UK, as well as the EU, should now join this effort and designate the IRGC in support of a coherent Western strategy to push back against the Iranian regime’s malign activities in the Middle East and domestic repression. This is particularly justified in light of a reported cyberattack by Iran on the UK Parliament that hit f MPs this summer.
This designation is an important step in denying financial and material support for the IRGC, a brutal paramilitary force tasked with crushing popular dissent at home and exporting terrorism and fundamentalism abroad.
For the last three decades, the IRGC has grown threateningly in the Iranian economy, controlling the lion’s share of vital sectors of the country’s economy to the detriment of the private sector.
German Committee for Solidarity for Free Iran: The IRGC Is a Corrupt and Terrorist Force of Khamenei
he German Committee for Solidarity for Free Iran, composed of representatives of federal and state parliaments, and political figures and human rights defenders in Germany, chaired by Otto Bernhart, announced in a statement their support for the new US strategy and rejecting appeasement policy toward the Iranian regime:
“We have always demanded that the issue of preventing nuclear weapons from this regime should not be separated from the aggressive behavior of the Iranian regime and the Revolutionary Guards (including the Quds Force and its militias) in the region, and in particular the human rights situation in Iran.”
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Iran Regime's Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Must Be Totally Dismantled
The following by Frank Gaffney, Jr. the president of the Center for Security Policy (CSP), and a columnist for The Washington Times appeared on ‘News Max’ on October click here to read

The following statement was issued by Struan Stevenson, the president of EIFA:
EIFA Welcomes US Government's New Strategy Towards Iran and the Blacklisting of IRGC

The link of the full text of Maryam Rajavi’s message to the conference at the Italian Senate defending the resistance for Iran's freedom is indispensable to the fight against the main enemy of global peace and security
Trump decertifying Iran could be sign of solidarity with Iranian people
The Trump administration has opted to not certify Iran’s compliance with the JCPOA, setting in motion the exit from the deal by the United States. The U.S. Congress now has 60 days to decide if they are going to reinstitute the sanctions on Iran or not. President Trump has indicated that he has a two-stage approach, either Congress will reinstitute the sanctions or he will act and remove the United States from the deal.
The international community seems divided regarding the United States leaving the 2015 nuclear agreement. Previous administrations had been willing to work with Iran, ignoring human rights violations to achieve a supposed change of heart by the regime in terms of its nuclear proliferation. Yet, Iran’s leaders have not allowed inspections of its military sites, calling into question whether or not they were keeping to the limits of the agreement.
The Trump administration has signaled a real change in U.S. policy, which is having an impact throughout the region. No matter where individual countries have stood on the issue of Iran’s influence, it is clear that previous U.S. policy has directly or indirectly supported the Iranian regime, at the cost of the Iranian people.
However, there has been an increased pressure from this administration regarding the human rights abuses and the oppression of the Iranian people. President Trump himself has said that he is with the Iranian people and argued that Iran has violated the spirit of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). The Trump administration has also argued that the JCPOA is against U.S. national security interests.
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Don't let Iran take international policy hostage
What the Trump administration must to do after announcement of the new US strategy on Iran
On Friday, US President Donald Trump decertified [VIDEO]the Iran nuclear deal, citing Iran's violation of the 'spirit' of the deal, thereby initiating the process by which Congress can vote to re-impose suspended sanctions within 60 days. #The President supplemented the decertification with outlining a broad new strategy toward the Iranian regime, targeting not only its nuclear ambitions but also its regional threats, “particularly its support for terrorism and militants.” He announced the designation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist entity.
Spirit of the deal
Many defenders of the JCPOA reject Trump’s references to the deal’s spirit.
But this position ignores the fact that there were indeed broader intentions behind the nuclear agreement – intentions that the president is required to consider when reporting to Congress on the status of the deal.
Congressional ratification of that deal was contingent upon the president not only periodically verifying Iranian compliance but also affirming that the ongoing suspension of sanctions is in the vital national security interest of the #United States. And this is not just something that the US arbitrarily added to the multilateral agreement; it is an extension of the language used in the preamble of the JCPOA, which states that the signatories “anticipate that full implementation of this JCPOA will positively contribute to regional and international peace and security.
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Are Iranian people aligned with US national interests?
Is a good article to read published on Al Arabiya ,18 October 2017

Why US Sanctions on IRGC Are Good for the Iranian People and the International Community
Why US Sanctions on IRGC Are Good for the Iranian People and the International Community
 Dr. Majid Rafizadeh, a political scientist and Iran expert, wrote an op-ed for Arab News explaining why Trump’s decision to impose new sanctions on the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) for their support of terrorism is a good thing for the international community and the ordinary Iranian.
Rafizadeh, who is also president of the International American Council, wrote: “It is a historic development. In one of the most critical moves since the establishment of the Iranian regime in 1979, President Donald Trump has instructed the US Treasury Department to impose new sanctions on the IRGC because of its support for terrorism. This stops just short of designating the IRGC a terrorist organization, but it will nevertheless have significant and serious legal, political and economic implications on companies, governments and individuals who deal with the Iranian regime.”
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Maryam Rajavi welcomes the US policy against the clerical regime and its crimes against the Iranian people
The Opposition Welcomes Trump’s and US Policy
Dr. Majid Rafizadeh,
President Trump delivered a crucial speech today. He disavowed the nuclear agreement and denounced the Islamic Republic and the Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). He stated “As I have said many times, the Iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into,” He added that “multiple violations of the agreement,” have occurred since the nuclear deal was reached. He stated that Iran has “failed to meet our expectations in its operations of advanced centrifuges,” as well as “intimidated” IAEA’s inspectors.

Maryam Rajavi welcomes the US policy against the clerical regime and its crimes against the Iranian people
Maryam Rajavi welcomes the US policy against the clerical regime and its crimes against the Iranian people
Designation of IRGC, the main instrument of suppression, export of terrorism and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, as a terrorist entity is a long overdue, necessary step towards establishment of peace
It is imperative that the National Council of Resistance of Iran be recognized to rectify the past disastrous policy vis-a-vis the people of Iran and Resistance
Maryam Rajavi welcomes the US policy against the clerical regime and its crimes against the Iranian people
Trump decertifies Iran nuclear deal, slaps sanctions on IRGC in broadside at ‘radical regime’
By F. Mahmoudi
News Blaze, July 23, 2017 - Nearly two decades of terrorism caused by Islamic fundamentalism has endangered world security.
In today’s societies and in the age of contemporary human consciousness and technology, instead of humanitarian movements and justice, why does an anti-humanist brutality in the name of Islam exist that has plunged the world into insecurity?
There is no doubt the continuous policy of various countries exist to support dictatorial regimes by suppressing and marginalizing national and advanced movements. Islamic fundamentalism emulates a wave of hatred and pessimism of colonialist policies that have led to economic, political and cultural backwardness in Muslim countries.
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NCRI Foreign Affairs Committee Member: Today's Sanctions Has to Be Complimented by Blacklisting IRGC.
Shahin Gobadi, a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran comments on the designation of 18 entities and individuals affiliated with the Iranian regime for their role in exporting terrorism and in the drive to proliferate ballistic missiles and underscores that todays’ measure has to be complimented by designating the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist entity.                                                Read more

Welcoming Sanctions Imposed on Entities and Individuals Affiliated With the Clerical Regime 
Call for designating the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist entity and expelling it from the region
The Iranian resistance welcomes the designation of 18 entities and individuals affiliated with the Iranian regime for their role in exporting terrorism and in the drive to proliferate ballistic missiles. The sanctions are a necessary measure in confronting the mullahs’ dictatorship as the main source of regional crises and instability. Today’s actions need to be complemented by designating the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist entity and its expulsion from the Middle East region.
The IRGC serves as the guarantee to preserve the entirety of the religious fascism ruling Iran and is the main entity responsible for domestic suppression, the export of terrorism and extremism, and obtaining weapons of mass destruction, namely nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.
A majority of the people of Iran and of the region demand the designation of the IRGC as a Foreign Terrorist Organization and its expulsion in particular from Syria and Iraq. Such a designation is a prerequisite to ending conflict and crisis in the Middle East.
Two years after the nuclear agreement between the Iranian regime and world powers, known as JCPOA, there is no doubt that the concessions provided to the clerical regime have only emboldened it in continuing its suppressive policies at home, intensifying its meddling in the region and pursuing the expansion of ballistic missiles in defiance of the UN Security Council resolutions. In the meantime, there has been no improvement in the Iranian people’s welfare in the past two years. The unfrozen assets have been used for repression at home and the massacre of the people of Iraq, Syrian, and Yemen.
A firm approach is the only correct policy vis-a vis a regime, which is the world’s most active state sponsor of terrorism and extremism. The major gathering of the Iranian resistance on July 1st demonstrated the aspirations of the Iranian people to overthrow the illegitimate theocracy ruling Iran.
July 18, 2017

Hundreds of EU parliamentarians condemn human rights abuses in Iran and Call for Blacklisting IRGC

Dr. Majid Rafizadeh,
Huffington Post, 26 June 2017 - Hundreds of members of the European Parliament have strongly condemned human rights violations by the Iranian government. According to Amnesty International, “Iran alone accounted for 55% of all recorded executions” in the world in 2016. They also called for the blacklisting of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) involved in multiple regional conflicts.
The list of 265 parliamentarians represents a wide array of political tendencies and groups and comes as popular resentment builds toward the ruling clerics’ political establishment in the context of a renewed focus on the 1988 massacre of thousands of political dissidents
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Information on Four of the Most Important Iranian Regime's Missile CentersIncluding One Linked to the Nuclear Program, was Revealed
A dozen of hitherto-unknown centers involved in various aspects of production, testing and launching of ballistic missiles will be exposed.
The U.S. Representative Office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran held a press conference to reveal information on key centers for production, testing and launching ballistic missiles by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).
The NCRI US has identified 27 other missile centers of the regime associated with Aerospace Force, including the #IRGC missile command HQ
Panj Peleh Kermanshah missile site was used for launching missiles to #Syria last Sunday

Understanding The Threats Of Iran
The interview with Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chairman of the NCRI Foreign

Forbes-Sources inside Iran report accelerating effort by Tehran to enhance ballistic missile program with many new sites 

Terrorist Training Camps in Iran: How Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Trains Foreign Fighters to Export Terrorism 
by Ncri- U S Representative Office (Author)

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The book details how Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps trains foreign fighters in 15 various camps in Iran to export terrorism. The IRGC has created a large directorate within its extraterritorial arm, the Quds Force, in order to expand its training of foreign mercenaries as part of the strategy to step up its meddling abroad

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Maryam Rajavi: The ultimate solution to the regional crisis lies in the overthrow of the 

May 22, 2017-- Mrs. Maryam Rajavi , the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, welcomed the positions adopted by the Arab Islamic American Summit vis-à-vis the Iranian regime's conduct, which has undermined peace and stability in the Middle East region and the world. She emphasized in particular the statement regarding the need to confront the clerical regime's export of terrorism and fundamentalism, its ballistic missile program, its interference in the internal affairs of other countries, as well as its destructive regional and international role. She described the stances as indispensable to ending terrorism, war, and bloodshed, and restoring peace and tranquility.
Mrs. Rajavi reiterated that the censure of the clerical regime's actions and crimes must be pursued and realized through practical measures, specifically by severing ties with the ruling theocracy, expelling it from international organizations, designating the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as well as other military, paramilitary and security forces affiliated with the regime as terrorist organizations, and expelling them from the region.
What is the solution for Iran?
AmericanThinker-May 3, 2017-By Shahriar Kia

IRGC's 38 Year Record: War, Crackdown, Exporting Terrorism & Fundamentalist, and Advancing the Nuclear Weapons Drive

IRGC terrorist designation & eviction from the region is needed for Middle East peace and tranquility

On April 22nd marking the 38th founding anniversary of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), General Mohammad Bagheri, chairman of Iran’s armed forces command, said the IRGC “acted as the ‘security shield’ of the Iranian nation and all the Muslim people through their presence in Syria and Iraq.”“The country would have been lost if not for the IRGC,” he emphasized.In the fundamentalist culture ruling over Iran, the words country, Iranian nation and Muslim people mean nothing but an inhumane and anti-Iranian state of the mullahs’ rule.“The IRGC is the element that should rally the people under the flag of Islam,” according to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in his remarks on April 30th as he
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President Trump should blacklist Iran's Revolutionary Guard to reduce the risk of war

by Alireza Jafarzadeh-Washington Examiner, Apr 24, 2017  
n late March, multiple reports indicated that the Iranian regime was escalating its intrusion into Yemen, where Iran-backed Shiite rebels control the capital and much of the north and west of the country. Tehran has consistently denied its role, but there is a history of Iranian enhancement of the capabilities of the Houthi, whose exploits include missile attacks deep into Saudi Arabia and attempted strikes on U.S. Navy vessels.

Arizona Official Congress Passed a Resolution to List the IRGC as a Terrorist Group

At the meeting held in the Arizona Congress, the Chair of the Democrats in Arizona House of Representatives, Rebecca Rios introduced the resolution and stated that the IRGC has been exporting terrorism and destabilizing the Middle East for more than 30 years. After that, the text of the resolution was read

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It’s time to name and sanction Iran’s terrorists

By John Bolton 
New York Post, April 16, 2017 - When US Tomahawk missiles struck Syria’s Shayrat air base in retaliation for the Assad regime’s barbaric chemical-weapons attack on rebel-held territory, Pentagon officials stressed their efforts to avoid hitting Russian military personnel located nearby.
What the briefers didn’t say was that units from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps were also present at Shayrat, having been buttressing Bashar al-Assad long before significant Russian involvement.

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