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worldwide Solidarity With Striking Political Prisoners in Gohardasht prison in Iran

Amrican teacher in the U.S. raising awareness on the human rights
Marc Nelson in an  interview support Iranian political pirisoners
If only we had more people like Marc Nelson in this world!
Watch his interview:

German Iran Committee Expresses Solidarity With Iranian Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike

German Iran Committee Expresses Solidarity With Iranian Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike
representatives of federal and state parliaments, lawyers and human Rights activists, expresses its solidarity with the demands of Iranian political prisoners on hunger strike in Gohardasht Prison.
A statement by the Chair of this Committee, Otto Bernhard, addressing the prisoners, said: "The regime in Tehran has ruthlessly trampled all international standards of imprisonment. It has shown no respect for the values of the international community. We will invariably support you and appreciate the international supporters and politicians who have been taking measures against the deteriorating conditions you are in. We are confident that many members of the European Parliament and the national parliaments in the EU support us as well. ”
The German Committee in Solidarity with Free Iran added, "Along with you, we demand an investigation into the 1988 massacre of political prisoners by an impartial international body to prosecute the perpetrators of the crime.”
“Your struggle against the appalling conditions and the methods of punishment is a heroic act and it has spurred our solidarity.”
Women in Germany, Switzerland stand with Iranian political prisoners
In a letter sponsored by Professor Rita Süssmuth, a number of German MPs urged the European Union to intervene to save the lives of Iranian political prisoners in Gohardasht Prison.
German Dignitaries Call on EU to Support of Iranian Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike
German Dignitaries Call on EU to Support of Iranian Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike
A group of German MPs and former government officials called on EU to intervene to save the lives of Iranian political prisoners who are on a prolonged hunger strike in Gohardasht Prison.
Former President of the Bundestag, Professor Rita Süssmuth wrote a letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel expressing concern about the deteriorating health of over 20 Iranian political prisoners who continue their hunger strike that began over 4 weeks ago.
UN expert fears for health of hunger-striking Iran prisoners
GENEVA (AP) - A U.N. human rights expert is urging Iran's government to engage in "good faith dialogue" to help resolve a prolonged hunger strike by prisoners whose medical conditions are reportedly worsening.
Asma Jahangir, the independent special rapporteur on Iran mandated by the Human Rights Council, says she is "deeply alarmed" by reports about the deteriorating medical conditions of the prisoners, who have faced torture and ill-treatment.
The U.N. human rights office says the prisoners are protesting their treatment and transfer to a high-security section of Rajai-Shahr prison in Karaj, west of Tehran.
The statement said 53 prisoners were transferred in recent weeks without notice or explanation, and they reportedly have been deprived of adequate medical care and faced other mistreatment. It didn't indicate how many prisoners were on the hunger strike.

Italian Committee Admires Iranian Political Prisoners' Fight Against Harassment and Torture
In an open letter to over 20 Iranian political prisoners on hunger strike in Gohardasht Prison, the Italian Parliamentary and Citizens’ Committee for a Free Iran condemned the crimes of Tehran’s regime and expressed admiration for the prisoners’ commitment to non-violent struggle and self-sacrifice in the face of torture and harassment by the regime.    Read more
Italian Human Rights Group Join Intl. Campaign in Support of Iran Political Prisoners' Demands
Press Release by Hands Off Cain, August 27, 2017
IRAN: Hands Off Cain calls on Italian Government to listen to the demands of political prisoners who are on hunger strike in Karaj prison protesting inhumane conditions.
ROME – 27 August: Hands off Cain joins the international campaign supporting demands of the political prisoners in Raja'i Shahr prison in Karaj. The prisoners began a hunger strike 27 days ago and call on the Italian government to act so that their human rights are respected.
Amnesty international-Iran-Gohardasht Prison-Mass hunger strike by political prisoners in protest at inhumane conditions
More than a dozen political prisoners, including prisoners of conscience, have gone on hunger strike in protest at the cruel, inhuman and degrading conditions they have been forced to endure at a maximum-security prison in Karaj, Alborz province, Amnesty International said today.
Political prisoners at Raja’i Shahr prison were recently transferred to a newly opened area where conditions have been described as suffocating. They are held in cells with windows covered by metal sheets, and deprived of access to clean drinking water, food and sufficient beds. They are also barred from having in-person family visits and denied access to telephones, which are usually available in other parts of the prison.
“The fact that detention conditions have become so poor that desperate prisoners feel they are forced to go on hunger strike to demand the most basic standards of human dignity is disgraceful and highlights the urgent need for reforms to Iran’s cruel prison system,” said Magdalena Mughrabi, Deputy Middle East and North Africa Director for Amnesty International.
“The Iranian authorities must urgently ensure that adequate food, drinking water, medicine, health care and sanitation are available to all prisoners in Raja’i Shahr prison.”
 Iranians Stage Hunger Strike and Rallies in Different Cities of the World in Solidarity With Striking Political Prisoners

In Solidarity with the striking political prisoners in Gohardasht Prison, freedom-loving Iranians and supporters of the Iranian Resistance staged demonstrations and rallies in various cities of the world, including in Los Angeles (USA), Berlin and Hamburg (Germany), London (UK), Stockholm and Gothenburg (Sweden), Oslo (Norway), Copenhagen, Aarhus (Denmark), The Hague (Netherlands), Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver (Canada).

The rally of the Resistance supporters in Los Angeles was held in front of the Federal Building on Saturday, August 19th. In this rally, where the members of the National Council of Resistance were participating, Mr. Filabi and Amir Aram delivered their speeches, and the statement issued by a group of former political prisoners in solidarity with the striking prisoners was announced.

In Berlin, on Aug. 26, freedom-loving Iranians protested against the Brandenburg Gate. The protesters, some of whom were on hunger strike, called on human rights defenders and freedom-loving people to defend prisoners in Gohardasht Prison. Participating Iranian communities asked the German government in their statement not to keep silent before this injustice and take steps to prevent the crimes committed by the mullahs’ regime.

“The Tehran dictatorship is weak engulfed with crises. It is hated by the people and wants to hide this weakness by showing power in the face of defenseless of political prisoners,” said Leo Dautzenburg, a former member board of directors of the Christian Democratic Presidency in the German Federal Assembly.

The participants called on the German government and the European Union to convene a United Nations investigation commission on the massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in 2008, and to prosecute and punish those responsible for this massive crime. The demonstration of mass executions performed by a number of young people greatly influenced the participants in the rally.

Resistance supporters in Hamburg showed their support for striking prisoners by staging a one-day hunger strike. In this rally, the statement by the German Committee in Solidarity with Free Iran was read in solidarity with the striking prisoners of Gohardasht.

In the protest rally of Resistance supporters in Oslo, Mr. Parviz Khazaie, the representative of the National Council for Resistance in Nordic countries, expressed support and solidarity of the Iranian Resistance with the striking political prisoners.

In Canada, supporters of the Iranian Resistance in Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver announced a one-day hunger strike. They respected the prisoners’ persistence by holding torches and the prisoners’ pictures.

In the Hague (Netherlands), freedom-loving Iranians went on hunger strike in solidarity with the striking prisoners in a rally staged on Saturday. They hanged the prisoners’ pictures from their neck.

In London, the freedom-loving Iranians, while presenting images of striking prisoners, organized a book-desk to expose the intensified pressure and repression against prisoners.

In Stockholm (Sweden), freedom loving Iranians held an exhibition in support of the Justice-Seeking Movement and political prisoners, and went on hunger strike. An exhibition was also held in Gothenburg in support of striking prisoners. Supporters of Resistance in the cities of Malmö and Bruce in Sweden and Copenhagen and Aarhus in Denmark organized protest rallies and photo exhibitions in solidarity with striking prisoners.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 28, 2017

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