Saturday, April 8, 2017



The policy of silence and inaction vis-à-vis the attack on Ashraf consequently paved the clerical regime's way for more aggressions in the region, waging war on other countries and violating their national sovereignty.

If Khomeini had not established his theocratic rule in Iran under the banner of Shiism, the world would have never experienced the phenomena of Daesh and Sunni Caliphate which were the immediate byproducts of the religious fascism innovated and initiated by Khomeini.

The reality is that most of the disasters engulfing and devastating the Middle East today were originally caused by Western governments and especially the United States' concessions to the clerical regime in Iran.

Imagine if this time's reaction and response --to the chemical attack by Assad's regime and the slaughter of defenseless people and innocent children-- had taken place four years ago. Wouldn't the situation in the region --with 11 million Syrian refugees and millions of homeless people-- be completely different today?

Indeed, if there was not a four-year delay in responding to the chemical attacks, would the Revolutionary Guards Corps be able to fuel and expand its war and destruction in Syria? How could the number of deaths in Syria exceed half a million?

This is why the Syrian people and dissidents have welcomed the missile attack on Assad's chemical centers and airbases. In contrast, the clerical regime has strongly condemned it. They tried to deny that there was any chemical attack by Bashar Assad. But if the religious dictatorship in Tehran was not involved in this inhuman crime, or had it not encouraged the Syrian dictator to carry out the attack, why would it need to conceal it?

This is the reason we declare: After years of appeasement of the Iranian and Syrian regimes, which had no outcome but more war crimes and more crimes against humanity, the disabling of the chemical centers, bases, and the machinery of war and repression in Syria must be completed by expelling the Iranian regime and its mercenary forces from Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

This is the reason we declare: Eviction of the godfather and main state-sponsor of terrorism in today's world is the requisite to global and regional peace and tranquility and the uprooting of fundamentalism and terrorism.
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