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George Sabra:Iran Regime Is Main Source of Massacre of Syrian People

At the time that Russians plan to create four safe zones in Syria, George Sabra member of the High Syrian opposition Negotiating Commission in an interview with Sky News TV about the possible role of Iran as a guarantor and retainer of these secure areas explained: Secure areas needs buffer forces. If we must rely on Iranian regime’s troops as buffer force, this will be totally rejected by militant groups. The High Syrian opposition Negotiating Commission added: Iranian regime and its factional militia groups in Syria are the main front in slaughtering Syrians and we would in no way accept them to play a buffer force in Syrian conflict.
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Syrian Opposition: We Reject Any Agreement With an Iran Regime Role in It
The Syrian opposition declared on Thursday May 5 its rejection of any deal in which the Iranian regime has a role or is considered as a guarantor state.“The Iranian regime is the killer of Syrian people”, said Osama Abu Zaid, spokesman for the Syrian opposition delegation in talks held in Kazakh capital Astana to settle the Syrian conflicts.
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George Sabra: The Iran Regime Is the True Partner of Assad

George Sabra The member of the High Negotiations Committee in current talks held in Geneva, George Sabra in an interview with Simay Azadi (INTV/satellite TV of the Iranian resistance) on Thursday, March 2nd warned about Iran's meddling in Syria and the whole region; stating that the Iran regime is the true partner of Assad in committing all sorts of crimes.

Salem al-Meslet, the Syrian opposition chief negotiator

Syrian Chief Negotiator on Iran's Support for Terrorism

Salem al-Meslet, the Syrian opposition chief negotiator in the Geneva talks, condemned Iran’s terrorist meddling in Syria and actions against the Iranian people.
United Nations investigators said on Wednesday that the Syrian Air Force deliberately bombed a humanitarian aid convoy near Aleppo in September

GENEVA, The New York Times, March 1, 2017 — First the Syrian air force dropped barrel bombs from helicopters on a United Nations humanitarian aid convoy, then fired rockets from jets, then strafed survivors with machine guns, United Nations investigators said Wednesday in a report that found government forces not only had committed the attack in September but had done so deliberately, a war crime.

Syrian opposition slams regime’s unity govt proposals

By Mohamed Sheikh Yusuf and Mohamed Misto 

GENEVA, AA, Feb. 28, 2017 - Chief negotiator says opposition will respond this week to proposals put forth by UN special envoy
The head of the opposition delegation at Syria peace talks in Geneva, Nasr al-Hariri, said that regime proposals for establishing a national unity government during a sought-for transition period did not have any international reference.

UN: Russia and China’s abusive use of veto “shameful”

Just take a look at the title of news, and fill ashamed, when you hear horrible news from Aleppo that the Iran Regime's Militias and Hezbollah Stop the Operation of Civilians Transfer in Aleppo innocent people are trapped in winter, stuck under the rubble with no roof  and shelter. injured without medicine.And worse that  the Iran Fascism Regime's President Congratulates Bashar Assad on Massacre of People of Aleppo! and Claims Unity While Killing Innocent Women and Children in Aleppo
May be you are not going to believe that Iran regime is using children in military maneuvers
but this is true they did it 8 years in Iran-Iraq war.
Just recently President of the religious fascism ruling Iran, in a gathering of a number of regime paid agents and mercenaries, called for continuation of killing people of Aleppo and criticized that some "Islamic states" had expressed concerns about the success "of the people and the army" of Syria, saying some "Islamic governments are concerned about the fate of the terrorists and want their safe exit from Aleppo" (State-run media - December 17, 2016).

I wondered Why did Iran regime publish images of their general Qasem Soleimani in Aleppo?

I've been very happy and proud when i'd heard about #CivilMarchForAleppo today is the third day.I'm going to support it by informing the news of it
If you want to have more information there is a report on DW:

Solidarity march readies for Berlin-Aleppo trek 

From there we walk South-East for appox. 20 km to Teupitz (Brandenburg). There we will finish our march on the market of Teupitz .

Iran playing major role in Aleppo carnage, new report says

Despite regimes Conspiracy,Iranian people Condemns the Crimes of the Iranian Regime in Aleppo:

On 16th December 2016, the fans of Foolad Khuzestan B F.C chanted slogans against the dictator Assad in support of Syrians and the people of Aleppo during the football match.
To support the people of Aleppo, the audience held placards on which were written:"Aleppo is falling down." and "we are with Aleppo." The fans also chanted the slogan of "death to Assad" and” Assad must leave Syria."
international demonstrations in support of the Syrian people and revolution has continued with companionship and active participation of the supporters of the PMOI and Iranian Resistance

Syrian Opposition and the Iranian Resistance Held a Joint Demonstration in Paris

Ex-Italian FM Giulio Terzi: Aleppo Tragedy Is a Stark Reminder of the Price of Western Neglect

A girl who is not your mother, your sister or your wife… A girl who is not important for you…
When you read this message, know that I am gone, pure and innocent.
I am one of the daughters of Aleppo. I will be raped in a short time from now…
There are no more guns, no men to defend us from the barbarians who are called the Motherland's Army.
I am going to commit suicide… And it is not important for me if you say that I will burn in fire...!


The presence of Qasem Soleimani in Aleppo is the main cause of disruptions since he carries out terrorist

Dear world open your eyes see whats going on every day!! The biggest catastrophe of this era. Holocaust in Aleppo!!!!!!!!!yet the silent is the only response!!!!!

I'm going to share some Twitts and articles, the story of fallen lives, and humanity as well
I believe with  each dying soul in Syira, one of the humanity Leaves falls down.
soon there will be noting left!! I think,this is the most catastrophe ever!!!!!!!

Aleppo girl Bana Alabed describes the night house was bombed

Seven-year Bana symbolizes the resistant city of Aleppo

I'm sure most of you have known Bana a 7-year-old girl from Eastern Aleppo.
Now she has become a lightning rod for pro-regime and pro-Kremlin trolls after tweeting about life under the bombs in Aleppo

Girl who announced Aleppo

Civilians including women and children shot on the spot in Aleppo

Aleppo girl whose tweets captured world attention evacuated


Bana Alabed ‏@AlabedBana  Dec 13
My name is Bana, I'm 7 years old. I am talking to the world now live from East #Aleppo. This is my last moment to either live or die. - Bana
Bana Alabed ‏@AlabedBana  Dec 12
My dad is injured now. I am crying.-Bana Aleppo

Their house was destroyed, so the moved to another and  it was targeted also, she has passed the difficult and very horrible conditions. Now Fatemah and Bana spoke to the cameras about their evacuation and their widely-distributed Twitter account.
BEIRUT (AP) December 19, 2016
Bana simply said:I miss my home, my school and friends. In an interview she added: I'm very sad....

Aleppo was destroyed but the impact of 5 years struggle remain forever
Bana  Alabed

these are some article about here and her family

The US art teacher sketching Syria's civil war

A Child's Innocence and the Dogs of War 

Marc Nelson-Artist and teacher has dedicate his art for her story

Fatemeh Alabed

Two report from CNN:
Aleppo family says goodbye on Twitter

Aleppo girl, 7, tweets: 'Pray for us. Goodbye'

How a 7-year-old Aleppo girl on Twitter became our era’s Anne Frank

Finding Bana – Proving the Existence of a 7-Year-Old Girl in Eastern Aleppo

Wall Street Journal:Time is running out in eastern Aleppo. By the end of the year, thousands may die.

Salem Abualnaser
Maryam Rajavi

Paris, 26 Nov 2016 ‘Syrian people are not alone
Rob Roberts is a UK-born journalist living in Paris he wort a good article and report about Call for Justice; gathering
The President-elect of the Iran resistance has reasserted her support and solidarity of the Syrian opposition’s struggle to end Assad’s bloodshed saying that the ‘Syrian people are not alone.
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Speech of Maryam Rajavi the solution for Syria


Solidarity with Syrian Revolution at the NCRI office, in the presence of Syrian Opposition officials 11 June 2016 Posted in Activitie

Maryam Rajavi: Inaction in the face of great tragedy of the century in Aleppo blemishes the international community

Maryam Rajavi meets with George Sabra, deputy chair of the negotiating team of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces13 May 2016

Iran IRGC commanding Aleppo killings from “Fort Behuth” southeast of the city + PHOTO

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