Saturday, July 9, 2016

Iran-Conference on Crisis in the Middle East, Prospects and Solutions

Ex-White House official: Iran regime cannot be considered moderate while it contributes to terrorism
Marc Ginsberg: The next US president has an enormous challenge to face. The collapse of the European project will give further incentive to Iran and its allies to undermine our interests in the region. The US was mistaken to take the regime change option off the table
Crowley: There is no one in Washington, D.C. who supports the status quo in Iran. Whatever change in Iran has to happen within Iran, but has a very difficult dynamics.The US will try to encourage change where it can, but we have to be realistic. I believe that if Iran opens up to the outside world, the Iranian regime is experiencing tremendous pressure from the Iranian people.
Ginsberg: I don’t think the US should get involved in every change
Ginsberg: If the US policy is to affect as President Obama indicated, the present regime, then there would be no one in the gov’t to encourage any change. I think the problem with the Obama Administration is that they are willing to give the keys to Tehran and leave.I think we should not stop at any opportunity to encourage change.

Vidal Quadras: There is not only one threat in the Middle East, there are two lethal threats that have to be dealt with simultaneously.The forces of change inside Iran must be encouraged for democratic change in the country
Conference on Crisis in the Middle East, Prospects and Solutions
Amb. Blackwell: Let’s work together for a free Iran

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