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Political prisoners’ Silent death in Iran jail- full report of the latest condition of Political prisoners

 Iran Political prisoners’on hanger strike

Health condition of Iran political prisoners deteriorates

The health of several Iranian political prisoners who have been denied medical treatment despite suffering from various illnesses has deteriorated, according to local reports.

Political prisoner Hadi Qaemi, who is a relative of members of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI or MEK) is suffering from various ailments including high blood pressure and prostate cancer in Ward 7 of Tehran's notorious Evin Prison

In Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison, is in poor health. He is suffering from physical weakness and a severe drop in blood pressure. prisoner Amir Amirgholi in poor health after 17 days of hunger strike
Mr. Amirgholi has gone on hunger strike in protest to being held in the dangerous prisoners’ ward instead of the ward for political prisoners.

M. Arab political prisoners in Hall 12, paragraph 4 Rajai Shahr prison hypotension and in a state of unconsciousness has been transferred to the prison infirmary on friday April 22,2016
Previously he had been on hunger strike tried to accompany and support two political prisoners Irag Hatami and Farid Azmoudeh who are also were on hunger strike

Urgent Appeal for Iranian Teacher on Hunger Strike

Wednesday April 20 , 2016 He is in Evrin prison, to  protest against his imprisonment sentence of 14 years. He warned that the responsibility for any "mishaps that during or after the hunger strike" for he comes, he will be those who are the "justice" are ignored

Prisoner of conscience Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, who has been on dry and wet hunger strikes since March 26, 2016 to protest being denied crucial medical treatment, is in critical condition, but has vowed to continue until his situation changes.

Omid Kokabee’s Life Endangered by Years of Denied MedicalCare in Iran Prison

Ailing political prisoner shown support from ex-Tehran University chancellor

NCRI - Iranian physicist and political prisoner Omid Kokabee who underwent surgery last week to remove his cancerous right kidney has been given moral support by the former chancellor of the University of Tehran.

Mr. Kokabee, 34, and his relatives had repeatedly warned about his various problematic health conditions, but the mullahs' regime systematically ignored their warnings in the past five years that he has been behind bars.
omid Kokabee, the young physicist who has been imprisoned in Iran for over 5 years for his refusal to work on military research, underwent surgery on April 20, 2016 to completely remove his right kidney, which was in an advanced stage of cancer.

Plot against the life of political prisoner Ali Moezzi0

The Iranian Resistance calls on all international human rights organizations especially the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to life and arbitrary detentions, and the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran to act urgently to address the situation of political prisoner Mr. Ali Moezzi, who is at risk of physical elimination, and it demands the formation of an international fact-finding mission to investigate the clerical regime's medieval prisons and the deteriorating conditions of prisoners, especially

At least 40 women are imprisoned on political, ideological and security charges in a number of prisons in Iran.
However, this figure must be considered minimum, as the Iranian regime conceals most of the information about political detainees held in secret prisons.
Under the mullahs' rule in Iran, women are supposed to stay home and therefore, having any kind of political or civil rights activity is considered a serious crime for women and evokes greater retaliation by the government.
Prison conditions are also very poor and inhumane. As such, many of imprisoned women have developed various illnesses. Some of them have children but are deprived of visiting them.
A number of prisoners and prison conditions have been briefly reviewed in this pamphlet.

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