Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Iran-another suspicious deaths of political prisoners in prison in Ahwaz under Rouhani watch

Mohammad Hamadi
On Friday, November 27, Mr. Mohammad Hamadi, a 35-year-old political prisoner and father of a child, suspiciously lost his life in prison in Ahwaz after languishing seven years in prison. This Arab Ahwazi compatriot was in complete health. According to eye witnesses he was already dead when transferred to Molla Sani Infirmary near Ahwaz that is controlled by the revolutionary guards. The Iranian regime announced that this political prisoner had died of a brain stroke.

Quoting from Hammadi relatives, Karim said that the body of the prisoner now is held in the hospital morgue in Ahwaz and their anguished families are about to receive the body of their son.
One of the medical staff of Shiban clinic in response to the families of the prisoners said that Mohammad had died before reaching the clinic. After transferring the body of Mohammed Hamadi to Hospital,
one of his relatives after observing the dead body, claimed that he found choking bruises on his neck.
Prison terms of Mohammad Hammadi were mostly served in infamous Sepidar prison, but few months ago he was transferred to another prison between Weiss and Molasani divisions, 25 km away of Ahwaz city, known as Shiban prison (vocational training centers in Ahwaz).
One of Mohammad's relative said that he had enjoyed good health and did not suffer from any physical illness but on Friday morning the family of Mohammad received phone contact from prison authorities informing them the situation of their son is deteriorating and to visit Mohammad they can come to Molasani clinic.
The family of Mohammad Hammadi visited the clinic Mollasani, which is affiliated to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, where surprisingly they were told that their son had died due to stroke.
Murdering and Execution Are The Iran's Last Resort To Liquidating Ahwazi Prisoners. The death of the political activist of Ahwaz "Mohammed Odeh Hammadi" coincides with the days of the death of the great poet of Ahwaz, Star Sayahi (Abu Srour) who was killed in jail. Iranian security authorities resorted to using such methods to get rid of a lot of Ahwazi political activists, in particular of whom Ghaban Abideaua and Mohammed Cheldawi and others, some of whom under torture and some of them under mysterious and suspicious circumstances.
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