Sunday, July 19, 2015

Iran- NTV light aflame in the darkness of Iran enchained by the fundamentalist mullahs

Iran NTV is the first source that reveals thenuclear secret sites and deception of Iran’s ruling mullahs.
It is also the only valid source on the violations of #human rights in #Iran and the #Iranian Resistance’s activities and news.
#Iran NTV is the only independent Iranian satellite television that is supported by individuals even from Iran.
Iran NTV staff are volunteers.
Now there is another #fundraising marathon for Iran NTV beginning on July 24, 2015.
People from Iran and all over the world will be calling and contacting to express their support and confidence in Iran NTV.
The Iranian regime fears broadcasts by Iran NTV so much that it spends millions of dollars to jam its waves. It further punishes those who contribute to Iran NTV with death sentences, just as it did in the case of Gholamreza Khosravi whose only crime was giving financial contribution to Iran NTV.
Gholamreza Khosravi was executed in JUN 1,2014but his path and his cause have been undertaken by those who want to see Iran free.  Let us participate in the marathon to raise funds for Iran NTV and keep its light aflame in the darkness of Iran enchained by the fundamentalist mullahs and once again a strong slap in the face to the rotten regime of Iran and Iranian Supreme Leader and support the Iranian resistance TV

Anger raged is coming
A sung by chorale of (national liberation army of Iran)- nlai- Camp liberty
أغنية الغضب الساطع
كورال واوركستر الجيش التحرير الوطني الايراني- ميلاد الحكيم و پيمان
الغضب الساطع آت و جيش العاصفه آت
لكي يبزغ فجرخالد
ايها الشرق الیجلس في الدم
فانت افتح بعزیمتک دروب الفجر
نذبح باسم دین تقاتل المجرمین و العالم والمجنون ماذا انتظرون؟
لن نفقد الامان فی الطریق النجات و الخلاص
مصنع التاريخ بقوه الاراده و الاصرار
والفجر القادم والشمس المشرق ات و الرد الاخير آت سفير الصبح آت

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